How long will my mums last?

Posted on September 29th, 2017

Everyone knows chrysanthemums as the classic autumn annual, but people often wonder just how long they will last, and when all those buds are going to open. The answers to these questions depend heavily on temperature and the intensity and duration of sun exposure, but we can narrow down a window where you should have a nice display of fall color from your mums! Chrysanthemums do best in a full day’s worth of direct sun, but will tolerate down to a part shade setting, and they prefer cooler days. When chrysanthemums have  more buds then flowers it takes cooler nights an sunny days to help them open to their full on bloom. How long that takes depends on how nice Mother Nature is too us. When in color, under optimum conditions they will bloom for 4-6 weeks. We have early, mid, and late season bloomers; if timed correctly, your early blooming mums will provide color August to September, the mid-season bloomers from September to mid-October, and the late season bloomers will finish the season off from mid-October to the first frost.