The Season is Upon Us

Posted on November 18th, 2019

The season is upon us.  The time for families to find the perfect Christmas tree.  If you’re like me, memories of what seemed like endless searching at multiple tree farms springs to mind.  And of course, once the search ended, then the real work would begin, as we would hike over hills of trees and made our way back to civilization. Most years I would drag the tree back myself.  In some lucky instances I would have a cart.  Once we made it back to the car, I would then be charged with tying the tree to the roof, making sure it wouldn’t fly off during the long drive home on the highway.

However here at Van Wilgen’s, we take the hassle out of your families Christmas tree search.  In our more than 16 acres of trees you’ll find our team circling the fields, ready to help.  Once you find the perfect tree we will tag it and help cut it down if need be. It then goes on our trailers for a ride, as it gets bundled up and dropped to our pick up area where staff will gladly tie it to your roof.

Enjoy your Van Wilgen Grown Tree and Merry Christmas!