Curbside Pickup

For your convenience, we offer curbside pickup. How does it work?

  • Give us a call at (203)-488-2110 and we’ll take your order over the phone.
  • You tell us what day you’d like to pick up your order.
  • When you pull in, pull to the right, and park in the designated  curbside spots.
  • Give us a call to let us know you arrived, and what vehicle you’re driving.
  • We’ll deliver your order to you!

Delivery Services

Getting a large order, and can’t fit it all in your car? Need a large amount of bulk material, but don’t have a truck?  We offer plant and bulk material delivery.

You can expect us to:

  •  Arrive at the assigned time
  • Place the order as close as possible to where it is most convenient for you, within reason.
  • Plant material can be delivered throughout the state, fees are dependent on your zip code. Please note, one delivery charge includes as much as we can fit on one truck, delivered to your site.  With your plants in mind, sometimes we need to send multiple trucks resulting in additional delivery charges.
  • Bulk material will be dumped in the driveway or somewhere close to the driveway to prevent disturbances of your lawn, soil, and other unforeseen underground obstacles.

Bulk material can be ordered online, or ordered over the phone at (203)-488-2110. Give us a call, we’re here to help!

Plant Installation Services

Our goal is simple, fulfilling your landscape dreams.  There are many reason to landscape your property and every project has a purpose.  Our designers and install teams are here to help you put your touch on your neighborhood.  They’re dedicated to providing you with a rewarding and successful gardening experience that you can enjoy for years to come. Our professional installers live up to the Van Wilgen way of doing things; it’s the little extras that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Van Wilgen’s Installations Include:

  • Delivery
  • Arrival within our assigned time window
  • Automatic two year warranty on all trees, shrubs, and roses as well as a 1 year warranty on perennials.
  • Planting bed creation
  • Removal of sod
  • Addition of topsoil
  • Amending the soil with Van Wilgen’s Premium Planting Mix
  • Plant list chosen and placed with the “right plant in the right place” mentality.
  • Plants installed to our “Van Wilgen’s best practice” benchmark
  • Finishing touches
  • Clean bed edge
  •  Apply Van Wilgen’s Jump Start Root Stimulator
  •  Apply Van Wilgen’s Slow Release Fertilizer
  •  Install thick layer of a quality bark mulch of your choice
  •   Application of Preen to prevent weeds
  •   Watering in your new planting
  • Van Wilgen’s Premium Planting Mix and Van Wilgen’s Jump Start
  • Customer will be provided with flags by Van Wilgen’s to facilitate both Call Before You Dig service as well as our installation service.

Call Before You Dig service (customer must mark planting sites with flags that Van Wilgen’s provides you.  This confirms CBYD is marking the specific project area.  Remember, it’s the law.)

Save your back.  There are many plants that we offer that are difficult to manage without the proper tools.  We can help you out.  Our professional install team can plant anything from a small perennial to a large specimen tree. Give us a call at (203)-488-2110 to order your plants. We’re here to help!

Design Bar Services

At Van Wilgen’s we are committed to assisting you with your home landscaping needs. Our team of designers
works one on one with customers to provide a personalized plan so you will love what you see when you pull in the driveway.  Listening and making your vision a reality is our number one goal.  We accomplish this by utilizing trees, shrubs, perennials, roses, and annuals to create a sustainable outdoor living space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.  With our years of experience and accrued plant knowledge it’s our mission to give you the yard of your dreams.

Our team will help you pick out the best plants for your spot. We feel that masterplans can be overwhelming. We like to simplify and focus on making small areas perfect.  Bring us a few pictures and some measurements of your space and we’ll give you a simple sketch, and walk you through the garden center to compile plant list, all within a half hour.  Let us show you how proud your garden can make you feel.

Visit our Design Bar anytime, we have a team of designers working everyday. No appointment necessary, we’re here to help!

Custom Container Services

The greenhouse at Van Wilgen’s has happily been tending to the needs of all of our gardeners, from the first timers to the pros.  We are excited to introduce our brand new potting bench and Custom Container Design area.  Container gardening is one of the most rewarding and fun ways to garden.  We can help put together knock out combinations that will make everyone jealous.

Right around the bend from our koi pond, the custom container design area is here to work with you and obtain you vision.  Bring your own pots or pick something from our collection.  We can plant in anything you can think of.  Plants are our passion and we love to share our passion with you.  Need inspiration?  We can offer fresh ideas and helpful tips to keep your container combinations thriving.

No container should ever go unfilled!  Decorate your home or business for every season; explore our selection of early spring, spring, summer, fall, winter-tough container plants, as well as our assortment of cut greens for holiday interest!

Pick up your order, or have it delivered. We look forward to helping you create unique custom container plantings to thrive all season long!  Contact us by phone at (203)-488-2110 or stop by to get started!

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