Autumn Joy

What’s your autumn joy?

Everyone’s idea of what the autumn season brings is very different.

To some, it’s pumpkin lattes and cozy warm sweaters. For others, it’s fair time and apple picking. For me, it’s just the beginning of the decorating season.

So, bring on your autumn joy and let the decorating begin.

Let’s say goodbye to summer and decorate with the warm colors of fall and create an entrance-making your guest feel cozy even before they enter your home.

The perfect outdoor look for most is the cornstalk framed door with decorative mum planters and lots of pumpkins and gourds. We can add to that by thinking outside the box a little and using things in different ways.

For example:

  • Let’s use those empty summer urns and create a pumpkin stack, add some ivy or faux leaves.
  • Take those macramé hangers and instead of putting pots in them put pumpkins or mums in them. They’re stunning hanging from the front of your house!
  • Create a custom container or have us do it for you using colorful houseplants, such as croton with all your fall favorites and mum buddies.

Now that you’ve lead your guest inside, here are of few of the Van Wilgen employees’ favorite choices to help you decorate:

  • Ceramic pumpkins
  • Fall wreaths
  • Festive seasonal pillows
  • Gorgeous glass pumpkins (that light up)
  • Scarecrows
  • Flags
  • And plenty of autumn swags and flowers to create the perfect décor to warm your home and your heart.

Autumn Joy = All of these things.

Let us help you create your own personal autumn joy.