Mulch, Stone, Hay & Sand

Did you think you can love dirt so much?  We do!  So much so, that we put our name on it.  Van Wilgen’s Soils are our pride and joy.  We worked with our soil vendor of 30+ years to create the best possible formulations for you.  Every item we carry in our bulk yard, we try to carry in bags so that if you need a small amount of product, we have it available in easy to use bags.

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Van Wilgen's Premium Topsoil

The word premium doesn’t do this topsoil justice. Van Wilgen’s Premium Topsoil was specifically formulated to improve both the texture of sandy soil and the structure of heavy clay soil. Van Wilgen’s Premium Topsoil is ideal for amending native topsoil and may also be used to raise the level of your soil or to fill in low spots.  Perfectly balanced for top dressing or patching when seeding you lawn.

Van Wilgen's Natural & Organic Potting Mix

Van Wilgen’s Natural and Organic Potting Mix is ideal for window boxes, containers, raised beds, garden plots or any garden. This mix will help you grow a great harvest of natural and organic annuals, herbs or vegetables for your family and friends.

Van Wilgen's Premium Planting Mix

Van Wilgen’s Premium Planting Mix is a necessity for planting or transplanting: trees, shrubs, perennials, roses, vegetables, fruit trees or any outdoor plantings. Peat Moss and compost, specially formulated to improve aeration and water retention properties needed to create a healthy root system.  We know this stuff is great.  So much so when you purchase Planting Mix and Jumpstart Starter fertilizer we will double your warranty on Trees, Shrubs and Roses as well as provide a one year warranty on all perennials. Remember when planting in the ground, use the purple bag!

Van Wilgen's Premium Container Mix

Van Wilgen’s Container Mix is here for the forgetful waterer.  This soil is ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes, or any containers with your favorite flowers. Specially formulated with a starter fertilizer and water holding polymer, Van Wilgen’s Premium Container Mix helps reduce watering frequency for moisture loving plants.  Combine with Van Wilgen’s Slow Release Fertilizer for the best containers!

Van Wilgen's Professional Potting Mix

Van Wilgen’s Professional Potting Mix has been customized for potting new containers as well as repotting existing plants:  Use Professional Potting Mix for your annuals, vegetables, houseplants or any indoor or outdoor container. Combine with our Van Wilgen’s Slow Release Fertilizer for the best plants.

Van Wilgen’s Natural and Organic Potting Mix is ideal for elevated garden beds, garden plots or any container.  Van Wilgen’s Natural and Organic soil is ideal for growing safe and healthy herbs or vegetables for your family and friends.  Keep it Organic with Van Wilgen’s Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch is a naturally aromatic material, so it helps to repel many types of insects. Most insects don’t like living in cedar mulch because of its fragrance. And, due to the naturally light color of Cedar Mulch, it helps control the air temperature around plants.

Hemlock Mulch

New to our lineup of mulch. We were sold on its ability to hold its beautiful brown/reddish color for a very long time. This is 100% pure Hemlock Tree Bark Mulch. A unique and beautiful looking mulch. Hemlock is one of our highest quality mulches.

Red Cedar Mulch

Red Colored Cedar Mulch is shredded cedar bark, with a touch of environmentally friendly red colorant to enhance landscaping areas. The auburn-red color turns gray by the second year. It decomposes slowly, remaining effective for 5 years.

Black Mulch

For those who prefer a lower profile mulch color for their landscaping needs, Black Colored Mulch will enhance the bright colors of your flowers and plants.

Pine Bark Mulch

Our most popular much, Pine Bark is one of the best mulch types to use on slopes and it breaks down relatively slowly. Mulching is great to reduce weeds, add organic material to your soil and retain moisture for your plants.

Pine Bark Nuggets

Pine Bark Nuggets are large chunks of pine bark which makes it break down much slower than shredded mulches. The largest size bark nugget we carry, the large it is, longer it will last. Decay and insect resistant.

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

Smaller version of the regular nuggets. Dense top mulch that is decay and insect resistant. Last a long time in the garden.

Sweet Peet

100% organic premium mulch for flower and vegetable gardens. During its formulation, Sweet Peet® goes through a thermal stage where weeds and weed seeds are destroyed, preventing contamination in your garden.  Sweet Peet Work with your soil to maintain your soils pH sweet spot. Best mulch on Earth!

Premium Compost

An ideal blend of ingredients including shrimp and seaweed compost to help your garden become beautiful and lush.

Peat Moss

100% natural, lightweight and organic soil conditioner.

Sunshine Mix 4 w/ Mycorrhizae


All Purpose Sand

All purpose landscape sand.

White Marble Chips

large and extra large

Barn Red Stone 3/4


Deleware Blend 3/4 or 3" (medium or large)


Small Deleware Blend 3/8"


Ocean Pebbles 3/4


Drainage Rock 3/4


Patio Base Course (3/4 Process)


Patio Base Fine (stone dust)




Mainely Mulch

Mainely Mulch is as clean chemical free product. This product is great to prevent the use of herbicides which is not suitable for organic gardening. Virtually weed free mulch that reduces the likelihood of contributing weed seed.  Much easier to spread than salt hay.