Cool Crops, Can You Dig It?

One of the most commonly asked questions as it warms up early in the spring is, “What can I put out in my veggie garden?” The answer is not always as clear-cut as you’d think! For your tomatoes and peppers, we always stick to our May 15th rule; however, there are tons of veggies we ckaleall cold crops, or as I like to say, “Cool crops”!
These guys are available as early as the beginning of March and can be
planted in your vegetable garden or containers as early as mid-April. Our Van Wilgen Grown selection of cool crops includes favorites like broccoli cabbage and kale, arugula, and many other lettuces, as well as a few cold-tolerant herbs, like parsley, sage, lavender, rosemary, and the list goes on! As usual, all of our herbs and veggies are organically grown and potted in our biodegradable coco-fiber pots.
Come visit us and we’ll be glad to help you along with your really “cool” herbs and veggies! Don’t forget… there are two cool seasons for your cold crops! Experiment in the spring to find your favorites, and come back for round two in the fall!