Easy Lawn Care Tips

Posted on June 1st, 2020

With everyone stuck at home this season, we’ve been seeing everyone turning their attention to their outdoor spaces. Lots of gardens are going in, containers are being planted, and lawns are getting LOTS of TLC. With lawn care comes lots of questions about how to get the best lawn on the block. We want you to know, we’re here to help! We have some easy tips on how to have one of the best summer lawns on the block:

For the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, use Milorganite Espoma Summer Revitalizer or Fast Acting Iron. We love them all! All three products can be used even in the heat of summer without burning the lawn. The iron in these products gives amazing, deep green color to our summer lawns. Get your first application down in June to get a head start on the greening process.

Small patch seeding only! Don’t take on big seeding projects this time of the year. If you do, you’ll have to water so much you won’t have time to enjoy your super green lawn. Only do small, manageable, bare patches of seeding.

Keep the lawn mowed as high as you can tolerate. Never let that mower dip below 3 inches. The higher the lawn is, the less chance of burn out in the summer heat.

You are either all in or all out. Meaning if you’re going to water in the summer months, commit to it. Sparse amounts of water won’t do! If you’re only going to give your lawn a sprinkling of water, then it’s better not to bother at all. Just let it go dormant and take a little summer rest.

Don’t forget those grubs. Consider a GrubEx application in early July to take care of those new, hungry grubs that’ll try and damage your new summer lawn.