Are you looking for the perfect houseplant for that perfect spot in your home, or office? Then a visit to our glasshouse is a must!  Whether your home has low light, indirect light, or a high light situation, we have a great selection of plants in all shapes and sizes. Something for everyone including the little gardeners in your family. We work really hard to keep new and interesting plants coming in on a regular basis, if you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask a VW team member and we will do our best to locate it for you.

Houseplants not only brighten your home…they also help purify the air of toxins and can add a zen type of atmosphere to your busy life. Why not try indoor gardening and bring a little life indoors.

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Please note, below is a sample of some of our favorite houseplants that we carry throughout the year, and not a representation of current inventory. To find out what’s in stock, pay us a visit or give us a call. We’re here to help.

ZZ Plant

Tough as nails. This plant can take it all. It is at the top of the list for us. Great for someone who is a forgetful waterer, it has a unique look with very dark green shiny foliage. It can handle some pretty low light spots up to a bright indirect light spot.

Dracena Jade Jewel and Lemon Surprise

These plants were brought to the U.S. by a Dutch breeder. These plants take the ordinary look and feel of the Dracena plants and adds a “spin”. When you look over the top of the plant the leaves are all twisted and look like the plant is spinning. These are a pretty tough plant that can handle low light and likes to go dry between waterings.


They speak for themselves! There is nothing more amazing than an orchid in the house. They catch a bad rap of being “difficult to care for” but at VW we have a different opinion. We have the advice to keep your orchid blooming for months. We love to give them as gifts because we know they last so long. Don’t tell your florist but you can get an orchid that way outlasts your bouquet for the same price. Long days of indirect bright light, water once a week and don’t believe the hype, don’t use ice cubes. Use and orchid pot with a saucer so the water will evaporate and create humidity for the plant, they love humid climates. Pet Safe!

Chocolate Orchids

This is a dendrobium orchid, they look different from orchids you see most commonly around. They are called Monkey Face orchids or Sherry Baby orchids. The only thing you need to know is they smell just like Chocolate! Pet Safe!


Easy to care for, these little cuties are great for desk tops, windowsills, terrariums, dish gardens and beyond. They love bright light and do not require much water. Our favorite is the hawthornia and echeveria succulents, they are proven to be super tough and last forever! Pet Safe!

Snake Plant

There are SO many different shapes and sizes. Called Mother in-law’s tongue, maybe because how tough they are? Joking aside, there are some great new color options that are more interesting and appealing than the one you may remember at your grandmother’s house. Requires little water, indirect light and that’s about it.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The people have spoken, this is by far one of our customer’s favorites. Ours too! They have huge, dark green, shiny leaves that are stunning. The bark is very interesting to look at as well. We carry some that look like a tree and some that look like a bush. Put this in a bright indirect spot and be sure to water thoroughly and you will have a have Ficus.

African Violet

By far one of the most popular flowering houseplants because of its beautiful colorful blooms. Makes a great gift! Pair your African violet with one of our self-watering pots and it will make your life much easier. Violet do not like to be watered from the top, they prefer to soak up water from underneath. Pet Safe!

Terrarium Plants

There is such a wide assortment of these little 2” cuties. You can always find a spot for a few of these little guys. Put them in little pots or use them in a terrarium they add a little life to your desk, window sill or table. Pick from ferns, palms, foliage and more.

Birdsnest Fern

We carry a few different styles of Birdsnest fern, the most popular being Victoria. These can get relatively large over their life. All ferns like a consistently moist soil but not sitting in water and they prefer indirect light. Besides these 2 tips, they are super easy to care for. Pet safe!

Crocodile Fern

We think this fern is SO cool. They leaf shape and size resemble the birdsnest fern but it is not as upright or uniform. The leaves have crazy texture that look JUST like crocodile skin. Funky plant! Pet Safe!

Lemon Button Fern

Great plant for the bathroom. Perfect in a nice pot on your table or counter as well. Lemon Button Fern has a lot of little leaves that resemble buttons. Very easy to care for, just make sure it stays moist and loves humidity, maybe that’s why it always ends up in the bathroom. Pet Safe

Crispy Wave Fern

This is a compact fern that look a birdsnest but has a curly leaf edge. It is more of an upright grower. Keep it moist but not sitting in water. A great air purifier. Pet Safe!

Maidenhair Fern

Delicate and soft. This is an upright fern with lots of small dainty leaves. This fern is graceful and elegant which make a great center piece or focal plant. Like all ferns, keep moist but not sitting in water. Great Air Purifier!

Spider Plant

Old time favorite. You probably remember seeing it at your grandmothers next to the snake plant but there is a reason! This is an easy to care for houseplant that creates “pups” that people often break off and share. Get one today so you can share with your friends. These are on the top of the list for Air purification as well. Pet Safe!


Classic looking houseplant. Spathiphyllum has been around forever but we have some new varieties that are packed with flower power. We carry some petite and some massive varieties. Keep very wet, these plants soak up water, also feed once a month with a fertilizer that has iron to keep the leaves dark green. Close to the top of the list of best air purifiers.

Areca Palm

This is on the top of the list for air purifies. This is a frilly and wispy palm that like indirect light. Great focal plant for the corner of the room. Pet Safe!


Awesome air purifier! These trailing plants have a variety of different leaf colors and shapes. Marble Queen is on the most popular but Silver Queen is a new variety that we are beginning to fall in love with. Let these guys dry out between watering and put in indirect light.


This plant is in the succulent family. They have dark green foliage and flower. The flowers are very bright and cheery against the dark green foliage. We often have these is a small 2” pot that are very cheery and in flower. Dry between watering and bright light.

Alocasia ‘Polly’

Ryan’s favorite. It’s a very showy plant that contrasts well against other green plants. The leaves are dark almost black with silver stripping. Very stunning. Keep moist.

Venus Fly Trap

Every kid wants one! These carnivorous little guys really do eat insects for breakfast. These plants are a little finicky. For success they prefer to be sitting in water like in a bog, their natural habitat. For best results water with distilled water. Pet Safe!

Pitcher Plant

These are really COOL! We love when these come in. The pitchers are very cool looking, make sure to fill them 1/3 of the way with distilled water. They use the pitches to attract insects and lure them in, all the tiny hairs push them into the water and the plant absorbs nutrients from the insects. Pet Safe!


Got a sun burn? This is also called the medicine plant. There are many medicinal properties to Aloe, not to mention it is a cool looking plant. Also in the succulent family so let it dry between watering and put it in bright light.

Schefelera arboricola

This is an easy to care for plant that totes dark green foliage. It has small leaves and can come in bush form or tree form. If you have a tight spot you can easily control the size by pruning. Bright light and water thoroughly once a week. These plants also benefit from being fed with a fertilizer with iron.

Bromeliad cryptanthus

These are neat little flowering bromeliads. There are SO many different types of bromeliads but this is one of our favorites. This is a tough plant! Treat it like and air plant. Mist it once a week. Pet Safe!

Air Plants

There are so many different types of air plants it is almost overwhelming. We have been learning a lot about these plants and are brining you some of the coolest varieties. Fun and interesting, use your imagination, you can use these plants anywhere your mind thinks of. Mist a couple of times a week, do not plant in soil. Use in moss for short durations. The nice thing about air plants is even when they are past they still look cool. Pet Safe!


Old time favorite. Jades are in the succulent family so they do not need much water and would prefer bright light. The way the plant grows and the leaves are arranged almost looks like a cloud.

Rex Begonia

The leaves on these begonias are amazing. They all have different designs and swirls of color. They are sometimes called fancy leaf or painted leaf ferns because of their showy leaf. Make sure to keep evenly moist and not over watered. Avoid getting water on the leaves.

Neanthe Bella Palm

This plant can survive in varying light situations but avoid direct sun. We have these palms in 2” little pots for terrariums and all the way up to larger sizes. They can top out around 3-4’ but it will take quite some time to get there. This palm requires very little care so it makes for a perfect plant for offices, businesses and for the novice home houseplant grower. Pet Safe!

Crown of Thorns

Crown of thorns is in the cactus family, as you can probably guess from its name and if you’ve seen one you know why it got its name. The stems of this plant stores water just like a cactus stores water so it can go a while between watering. Make sure it is in a bright sunny spot. It does flower as well.

Lucky Bamboo

It is said to bring good luck and fortune. Makes a good gift. For best results make sure the stalk is covered with water between ½ and ¾ of the overall length and do not plant in soil. It is on the list for being a good air purifier and is nontoxic to pets.


We offer a selection of Juniper Bonsai. We often have the starts available and sometimes have larger more mature specimens.

Money Tree

Money doesn’t grow on trees! Money trees often have multiple trucks that are braided together which symbolizes locking in the luck or money. These plants prefer indirect light and will tolerate low light. Another plant that thrives in high humidity places like a bathroom. Pet Safe


Chinese Evergreen comes in a wide range of leaf shape and variations. It is similar to dieffenbachia but a much tougher leaf and plant. It is revered for its easy care and used in offices and places with medium light. Aglao’s can go quite a while without water and bounce right back

Benjamin Ficus

One of our customer’s favorites, this is the plant you think of when you think of houseplants. These plants do not like to be moved around. They can be finicky if they are disturbed. Once they find their home, they are happy for ever. Water thoroughly once a week and put in indirect bright light.


Green or Variegated leaf, Ivy is a staple houseplant. Easy to care for and adaptable to a wide range of light situations makes it a great little houseplant. Think about using ivy in a container with other houseplants to have a trailing effect. If it starts getting to long, give it a haircut.