Solution Center

Van Wilgen’s Solution Center is the place to come for all your lawn and plant care health needs. From fruit to flowers, we have all the essentials to keep your plants thriving. Your lawn isn’t green enough? We have just the fertilizer for that! Your Hibiscus is getting eaten by some insect? We have just the control for that! Your roses are coated with powdery mildew? We have just the fungicide for that! You don’t know what is going on with your plant? We will work together to figure it out! At the Solution Center, we offer a wide variety of Organic and Conventional products to satisfy all of our customers.

What Type of Grass Seed Do I Need?

Want to make your neighbors green with envy when they spot your beautiful, lush lawn? Our Van Wilgen’s Premium Grass Seed comes in eight unique blends meant to cover any type of lawn condition.

  • Special Mix Full sun to part shade. Blends well with existing grass.
  • Kentucky Blue Grass Full, full sun. Golfer’s delight!
  • Perennial Rye Blend Sun to part sun. Quickest to germinate.
  • Under Tree Shade Mix Deep Shade. Perfect where nothing else grows.
  • Heat and Drought Mix Full sun to part shade. Best suited for the summer heat!
  • Tall Fescue Blend Sun to part shade. Can handle wear and tear. 
  • Shade Mix  Light shade. Can tolerate 3-5 hours of sun.
  • Seashore Mix Sun and shade. Tolerates salt and drought.

How Much Grass Seed Do I Need?

Seeding a New Lawn

  • 1 lb = 100 square feet
  • 3 lb = 300 square feet
  • 10 lb = 1,000 square feet
  • 25 lb = 2,500 square feet
  • 50 lb = 5,000 square feet

Filling in an Existing Lawn

  • 1 lb = 200 square feet
  • 3 lb = 600 square feet
  • 10 lb = 2,000 square feet
  • 25 lb = 5,000 square feet
  • 50 lb = 10,000 square feet