Van Wilgen’s Solution Center is the place to come for all your plant and lawn care health needs. From fruit to flowers, we have all the essentials to keep your plants thriving. Your lawn isn’t green enough? We have just the fertilizer for that! Your Hibiscus is getting eaten by some insect? We have just the control for that! Your roses are coated with powdery mildew? We have just the fungicide for that! You don’t know what is going on with your plant? We will work together to figure it out! At the Solution Center we offer a wide variety of Organic and Conventional products to satisfy all of our customers.

The Solution Center wants to keep you in the know. Look for Stacey’s Tips on our website and e-news for additional insights and suggestions. For the Stacey Tip Logolatest buzz, you can also find me on our Van Wilgen’s videos.

Come see us at the Van Wilgen’s Solution Center. We would love to help!

“Come see me at the Van Wilgen’s Solution Center. I love to help customers solve lawn & garden dilemmas. Some people refer to me as the “Bug Lady”. I don’t mind. Bring me any insect or disease problem and we will work together to find the solution. Want the greenest lawn on the block? I can develop a lawn care program just for you.

It gives me such joy to work with my Van Wilgen’s “family” to bring you garden success. I basically grew up stacey tips art 1in the green industry. I come from a family of pest, lawn, and tree care professionals. I am an accredited

nursery professional who has worn many uniforms, crawled in many buggy crawlspaces, treated many trees, and worked on many golf courses. Green is in my v

Don’t forget to check out “Stacey’s Tips”. Thanks a bunch!”

Stacey Pope, Lawn & Garden Specialist,, 203-488-2110 x139• CANP certified