Welcome to the Perennials Department! Perennials are important to every garden because of their vast uses, along with the great fact that they come back year after year. Fragrance, pollinator capability, ground cover, soil stabilization, and a full range of color palettes are just a few of the characteristics that make them great for your garden. The team at Van Wilgen’s researches all perennials to make sure only the very best are brought in to help create the dream garden for each customer’s needs and desires. We also grow our own line of perennials right here on the property. These are plants are tried and true as great plants that are well adapted to our growing region. We take pride in working with each customer individually to help them find the exact plants that would be perfect for their garden.

Please note, below is a sample of some of our favorite perennials that we carry throughout the year, and not a representation of current inventory. To find out what’s in stock, pay us a visit or give us a call. We’re here to help.

Blueberries 2’-6’ x 3’-5’ depending on variety

Blueberries are more of a woody shrub but we sell this in our perennial area because that is where we sell all of our fruits.  I will say that blueberries are probably one of the most underrated plant in the landscape.  Blueberries have one of the best fall colors of any shrub I have ever seen, the twigs in winter are bright and stick out in a gloomy landscape, it flowers and of course has delicious edible berries.  A 4 for 4 on all season interest.  Be sure to check out collection of Brazelberries, there are several varieties of dwarf growing, high yielding blueberries.  Brazelberries Blueberries were created by the same people who create the varieties of commercially grown Blueberries across the world.

‘Tuscan Sun’ False Sunflower: 18-24” x 18-24”

This Proven Winners introduction has been on our radar for about a year.  After planting one in our trial garden to make sure it is the real thing, we were very impressed.  A garden friendly form topping out at half the height of other Heliopsis makes this an awesome plant.  Tuscan Sun has a super long bloom time all through the summer and fall and our friends the butterflies will love this plant as much as we do.  Give it a sunny well drained spot and sit back and enjoy.

Joe Pye Weed 5-6’ x 3-5’

Multitudes of butterflies flock to this native plant with its huge flowers.  If you can resist the urge to not cut the flowers, its seed heads will extend the plants showiness deep into the fall and winter.  One of our favorite varieties and the easiest to manage is ‘Gateway’ because it is a bit more behaved, compact and bushier than other varieties.  A striking plant when in bloom that is enhanced by its dark red stems.  This is a must for any naturalizing project especially near a pond.

Montauk Daisy: 2-3’ x 3-5’

This plant takes some patience as it doesn’t bloom until September but when it blooms it is spectacular and worth the wait.  Named after the town in Long Island where it thrives on its sandy shores, hence a well-drained soil is crucial for its success.  Deer tend to leave this drought tolerant, late season performer alone, for the best looking plant and the heaviest bloom, cut your Montauk Daisies back to 6” tall in early spring then strongly prune again on the 4th of July.

Rudbeckia ‘Goldstrum’ 20-24” x 30-36”

What a classic fall perennial.  Black eyed Susan is a very prolific bloomer that is covered in bright yellow daisy looking flowers.  Be careful not to overhead water this plant too much, it much prefers to be watered at the base of the plant rather than getting the foliage wet.  This plant is a great hummingbird and bird attractor.

Sweet Autumn Clematis: 20+ feet with out pruning

We were on a walk the other day and there was an arbor in full show with this fall blooming vine.  It reminds me of many College campuses throughout the north east.  It is always in full bloom when the students are coming back to school and parents are visiting.  This clematis is gorgeous when engulfed in tiny 1” flowers that are pure white and lightly fragrant.  This vine has a big bang for your buck, it grows extremely fast but do not hesitate to prune aggressively as this vine will flower on new growth.  Awesome pollinator plant!

Perennial Plumbago: 12” x18”

This hardy plumbago has it going on. The new foliage is a very cool dark green with bronzy shades, the flower is one of the truest blues in nature and the fall color is out of this world. This deer resistant, slow spreading ground cover spreads by underground roots but won’t aggressively take over the garden. The Latin name is pretty fun to say too; say Ceratos

Red October Big Blue Stem: 6’ x 2’

This deer resistant grass emerges dark green in spring with bright red tips which offers great early season interest. As the name implies the real showiness doesn’t start until the first frost, which in our area, is usually in October. Once the chill sets in, this grass has scarlet red plumes and blades that will grab anyone’s attention while swaying i

Standing Ovation Little Blue Stem: 3’-4’ x 12-18”

Billy and Ryan saw this grass while visiting one of our biggest plant suppliers. There was shipping rack getting ready to be loaded on a truck and this grass caught their eye so much they held up the truck getting loaded. This native little bluestem is a must have in the garden. It has sturdy upright stems that make it a great choice for small areas. As things begin to wind down in the fall, this grass really begins to put on a show. The blue green foliage will start to turn a bright red color that look amazing when planted in a mass grouping. The seed heads on this grass are great for songbirds.

Maiden Grass: 6-8’x 4-6’

Classic looking ornamental grass has an attractive clumping habit comprised of very fine-textured blades. The silvery green turn to a bronze color after the first frost. Looks great in mass plantings if you have the room. Excellent choice for attracting wildlife. You can cut your grass back in late march to early April so you can enjoy the plumes all winter.

Adagio Dwarf Maiden Grass: 5’ x 3’

Our grower, Billy, says this is nicest compact Maiden grass there is. You can skip over any of the other dwarf maiden grasses as this is the one to have. This finely textured grass has narrow blades that are silver-gray in color and the plumes emerge pink then turn white. Plumes start to appear in late August to early Septem

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass: 30” x 30”

What a show this little guy puts on for the fall season. Cliché or not but great things come in small packages; there is a lot of plume power for its size. This compact grass looks fantastic when planted in mass, adds winter interest to the garden and is great at attracting birds.

ANEMONEY X HYBRID “Honorine Jobert” 2 – 4’ TALL X 24 – 30” WIDE

Throughout the summer the fall blooming Anemoney forms a beautiful mound of glossy green foliage about 12 inches tall.  As the days shorten and the temperatures start to cool off, the tall dark  stems begin to reach up  above the  emerald green foliage with bright white delicate flowers that seem to float on air.  Autumn Windflower, as the plant is commonly called should be planted in evenly moist well drained soil but never soggy.  Full sun to partial shade is ideal.  Combine with fall asters and mums for a stunning end of season display.

Toad Lily 24 – 36” TALL X 30’ WIDE

Looking for something unusual?  The charming Toad Lily is one of the last perennials to bloom in the fall garden but it is well worth the wait.  Much more beautiful than it’s name implies this little gem sports thick waxy orchid like flowers of white or yellow with hundreds of dark purple spots.  It prefers moist but well drained soil and a partially shaded location.  It looks great in a woodland setting or something a bit more tropical too.   Be sure to plant this one in an area you will pass thru late in the season to enjoy its autumn beauty late into fall.

Monks Hood or Wolf Bane 2 – 4’ TALL X 12 – 24” WIDE

Commonly called Monkshood or Wolf’s bane this tall and sturdy, handsome plant has a long history of cultivation.  It is not difficult to grow but does not like to be moved once established.  So choose your site in advance.  It prefers moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.  Choose from deeply saturated shades of blue or purple as well as yellow or white. It looks elegant at the back of a border when grown in full sun.  Despite its height it rarely needs staking.  When planted in partial shade it may become a bit more leggy. Aconitum is deer and rabbit resistant. All parts of the plant are poisonous, so it is not recommended for yards with pets or children. But if you have the right spot for this fall beauty you will be rewarded with a long burst of stunning color on a strong sturdy plant.

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ 24” Tall x 24’’ Wide

This plant is commonly referred to as Blue Fortune Hyssop. This is an excellent summer blooming perennial to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden. The leaves of the plant have a peppermint scent when crushed. This plant prefers to grow in sun to part sun and will bloom from summer through early fall. This is definitely a must have perennial if you are trying to create a pollinator or wildlife garden.

Asclepias tuberosa 24” Tall x 24’’ Wide

If your goal is to attract butterflies to your garden and in particular the monarch butterfly; a great place to start is with the Butterfly Weed. This essential host plant is a great source of nectar and also a food source for the monarch butterfly. The plant comes with either an attractive yellow or orange flower color. It tends to prefer wet soils but will still grow in dry conditions. The bloom time for this plant is summer through early fall.

Astilbe ‘Bridal Veil’ 12-36” Tall x 36’’ Wide

One great way to develop color in shade is by planting Astilbe in your garden. This shade loving perennial is deer resistant and definitely a show stopper during the summer months. It has amazing pure white blooms that rise above its lush green foliage. This is a great choice for a mass planting in a woodland garden.

Astilbe ‘Chocolate Shogun’ 24” Tall x 24” Wide

The newest addition to the Astilbe family at the garden center is called Chocolate Shogun. It starts out with a mound of dark almost black foliage that will stand out when planted near traditional colored Astilbe plants. It will bloom with pale pink flowers in summer that stand out against the dark foliage. Just like the other Astilbes, Chocolate Shogun is deer resistant and grows great from part sun to full shade.

Carex morrowii ‘Ice Dance’ 12” Tall x 24-36” Wide

This sedge grass is our most popular shade grass at the garden center. It grows in partial sun to shade and prefers to be in wet soil. It will spread over time forming a carpet but will not overtake the garden. This plant is great in a woodland garden as a border plant and also does extremely well in water gardens.

Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ 18-24” Tall x 24-30” Wide

This plant is commonly referred to as thread leaf tickseed. This is a great choice for any full sun garden. It is loaded with buds that provide a show of yellow daisy like flowers during midsummer. It continues to provide new buds making this an ever blooming perennial. Moonbeam is drought tolerant and deer resistant and is recommended to be planted in a grouping or mass for a dramatic effect.

Crocosmia Lucifer 24” Tall x 24” Wide

This is a stunning plant in the landscape due to its wide foliage and intense red flowers. The flowers will bloom in midsummer lasting between 4-6 weeks. This is a great plant for attracting hummingbirds to the garden. The flowers can also be used in floral cutting arrangements. They provide the best show when planted in masses and clumps in a perennial border garden.

Echinacea PowWow Wildberry 16 -20” Tall x 12-18” Wide

This compact coneflower packs a quite a punch in the garden. It has deep purple blooms that will not fade and will rebloom throughout the summer and into early fall. This is an easy perennial to grow and once established requires hardly any maintenance. It is a great pollinator plant and also makes a great choice for a border planting and can also be used as a cutting flower.

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit 16 -20” Tall x 12-18” Wide

This cone flower is an exciting perennial and one of my favorite summer blooming perennials. It has a multicolor strain which allow the blooms to range in color from red, pink, or yellow depending on the plant. It grows well in full sun to part sun and blooms continually through the summer months.It is also deer resistant making it a great choice, if you are challenged with deer problems.

Eupatorium ‘Baby Joe’ 30-48” Tall x 18-24” Wide

This is a dwarf version of the commonly known Joe-Pie Weed. For many people, the original version is too big and towering for their garden but there is a solution. This smaller version is a great butterfly attracting perennial that is also deer resistant. It blooms in midsummer with these showy magenta purple umbrella like flowers. This plant thrives in full sun and likes ample moisture.

Helenium ‘Mardi Gras’ 36” Tall x 30” Wide

The plant is commonly known as Helen’s flower and is a great summer performer. It grows to be 36” tall when in full bloom. It has multicolored blooms that are orange and red in color. It begins to bloom in late June and will last for 6-8 weeks. Helenium is native to North America making it a great choice for a native or pollinator garden.

Hemerocallis ‘Going Bananas’ 18-24” Tall x 18-24” Wide

This reblooming daylily is a must have in any garden. It has a mounding habit that produces bright yellow slightly fragrant flowers in late spring to early summer. It continues to bloom throughout the summer living up to its name of going bananas with multiple blooms. It is also salt tolerant making it a great choice for a seashore planting.

Heuchera Dolce Blackberry Ice 12” Tall x 24” Wide

This is one of our best-selling coral bells and it is pretty to see why that is. It has purple leafs with a striking silver netted color on the top. It does have a small yellow flower, but this plant is known mostly for its dramatic foliage. It grows in part sun to shade and is deer resistant making it an obvious choice for a woodland garden.

Hosta Autumn Frost 12-16” Tall x 20-24” Wide

This hosta is a winner in the garden. It is considered shorter in size and looks great in the front of a woodland border garden. Its produces a blue leaf with showy yellow margins. The margins will turn to a creamy white in the heat of the summer. It produces a light lavender flower in the middle of the summer but this plant is definitely known more for its striking foliage.

Hosta ‘Island Breeze’ 12” Tall x 18” Wide

This small hosta is a great shade performer. It really has showy variegated leaves. It has wide margins with yellow leaves surrounded by a green margin. It shoots up reddish stems with dark lavender flowers that is quite showy in the landscape. It really stands out against a dark coral bell in a woodland or shady garden. Heuchera ‘Blackberry Ice’ is a great companion plant to this great hosta.

Ligularia ‘The Rocket’ 36-48” Tall x 36-48” Wide

If you looking to add some unique color to your shade garden, big leaf golden ray is a great choice. It forms a nicely round upright mound. It has large triangular leaves that are jagged on the edges that really stand out. During July and August, it has spires of yellow flowers that stunning and eye catching. It is deer resistant and also a great butterfly pollinator for a shady garden.

Perovskia atriplicifolia 36-48” Tall x 24-36” Wide

This plant is commonly known as Russian Sage. This has always been a staple in a summer blooming perennial garden. It produces a light fragrance when brushed against or crushed. It has silver foliage with 12” spires of lavender colored flowers. The flowers are great pollinators for butterflies and has excellent resistance to deer and rabbits. The Russian Sage will bloom from midsummer straight through early fall.

Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Rocketman’ 24-36” Tall x 24” Wide

For some people with smaller spaces the original Russian sage will get too tall in the landscape. Therefore, Rocketman will be the solution to small gardening spaces. This sage will reach a maximum height of 36” and has very sturdy stems keeping it quite upright in the garden. This plant also has spires of purple flowers and has excellent resistance to deer.

Phlox Volcano Pink 18-24” Tall x 12-16” Wide

This garden phlox is one our top performing and best-selling phlox. The volcano series is a short upright phlox. While in general, garden phlox are susceptible to powdery mildew, the volcano series has shown extremely high resistance to this pesky disease. It has pink flowers with white centers that bloom in late June and last until mid-September. It also has a sweet fragrance making it a great choice for a foundation planting or border garden.

Platycodon grandifloras ‘Sentimental Blue’ 6-8” Tall x 18” Wide

If you are looking for a short perennial that blooms all summer, then we highly recommend this stunning balloon flower.It blooms for the majority of the summer producing large purple/blue flowers that look like hot air balloons that cover the entire plant. It is a great pollinator plant that does well when planted in a mass in a border garden or rock garden.>

Schizacyrium scoparium ‘Standing Ovation’ 36-48” Tall x 12-18” Wide

This native little bluestem is a must have in the garden. It has sturdy upright stems that make it a great choice for small areas. As things begin to wind down in the fall, this grass really begins to put on a show. The blue green foliage will start to turn a bright red color that look amazing when planted in a mass grouping. The seed heads on this grass are a great pollinator for butterflies and songbirds.

Achillea ‘Moonshine’ 18-24” Tall x 18-24” Wide

This perennial is commonly known as Moonshine Yarrow. It grows extremely well in sunny dry soils and is tolerant to zone 3. It has bright yellow flower heads with silvery foliage. The long blooming flowers are an excellent source of butterfly pollinators and also makes for a great cut flower.

Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip 4” Tall x 18” Wide

The perennial is commonly known as Bugle Weed. This makes for a great shade groundcover. It has variegated leaves of pink, white, and green. It has blooms of dark blue color in May. This color choice adds a lot of appeal for any shady garden.This plant is also an excellent choice for a spiller in a shady container.

Artemisia schimidtiana ‘Nana’ 6-12” Tall x 12-18” Wide

This perennial is commonly known as Silvermound Artemisia. This plant is a great choice for any sunny and dry border or cottage garden. The silvery leaves are very aromatic and looks stunning when planted in mass groups. It can be cut back for a second surge of growth in midsummer due to its fast growth habit.

Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’ 18” Tall x 15-24” Wide

Tickseed is a great summertime perennial because of its profuse blooms of yellow color. This plant likes to be planted in a well drained sunny location. It creates a tight mound of foliage. It can be deadheaded for a second round of blooms later in summer. If you struggle with deer, this is definitely a great choice due to its deer resistance.

Coreopsis ‘Lil Bang’ Daybreak’

The perennial lives up to its name providing a bang of color to the landscape. This plant is deer resistant and like to be planted in a well drained soil. It is also deer resistant and looks great in a border or mass planting. The flowers have a red center with bright yellow edges. It can be deadheaded and will encourage a second bloom of flowers. This is definitely a must have in your garden.

Digitalis purpurea ‘Camelot Series’ 40-48” Tall x 24” Wide

This perennial is commonly called foxglove. I think it is a great perennial in any hummingbird garden. It has a long a spike of cone shaped flowers that come in either rose, lavender, or cream color. This plant likes to be planted in a sunny location and is hardy to zone 4. Its upright habit really makes it stand out in the garden as a thriller plant.

Geranium ‘Rozanne’ 10-12” Tall x 18-24”Wide

When people think of geraniums, most people think of the annual zonal geranium. The Rozanne perennial geranium is one of our best selling perennial plants due to its outstanding garden performance. It prefers to be printed in the sun but can handle some shade. The flowers are a pinkish/purple and can have a second bloom if deadheaded. It has a spreading habit making it a great choice for a foundation or border planting.

Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ 24-30” Tall x 18-24” Wide

This is a great perennial for multiple reasons. It has lush growth in the early spring that is followed by amazing orange blooms in the late spring early summer. This plant likes to planted in a well drained soil with full sun or partial sun. Unlike other geum varieties, Totally Tangerine has multiple blooms making it a great choice for your summer garden.

Hemerocallis Stella De Oro 12” Tall x 12” Wide

Our most popular Daylily for a variety of reasons. This daylily forms a neat clump that is 12” tall and grows the flower stalks grows to 18” Tall. These should be planted in full sun to part shade and require occasional watering. It is a true reblooming daylily making it a long bloomer that is also a great butterfly pollinator. They work well in a foundation planting and also look great in a mass when they are in full bloom.

Hosta ‘Minuteman’ 18” Tall x 30” Wide

One of our best selling Hostas is the Minuteman Hosta. This plant grows in part to full shade. It has a dark green center with white margins which really helps it to pop in your shade garden. As with all Hostas, it is critical to make sure that the garden is deer free because it will be one of the first plants that the deer will want to graze on.

Lamium ‘Purple Dragon’ 4-6” Tall x 15-18” Wide

If you’re looking for a great shade ground cover that won’t be invasive, Purple dragon is a great choice for your garden. The leaves are mostly silver color and it will produce clusters of purple flowers in midsummer. It has a thick dense mound that will fill in nicely between other plants and has the ability to be cut back based on how you want it to look in the garden.

Lavandula x intermedia ‘Phenomenal’ 24-36” Tall x 20-24” Wide

This is our best selling lavender because it lives up to its name of being simply phenomenal! It is best to plant it in a full sun well drained soil. It has excellent winter hardiness unlike some of the earlier varieties of lavender. It has stunning blooms of purple blooms in midsummer and the foliage is highly aromatic. This plant does extremely well in rock gardens and foundation plantings.

Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Becky’ 36” Tall x 36” Wide

The perennial is commonly known as Becky Shasta Daisy. This is a staple in the landscape. It should be planted in a well drained soil and likes full sun or slight shade. It will bloom early summer and bloom again in late summer if it’s deadheaded. Becky will spread nicely in the garden and look great as a mass planting. This is great perennial and the white flowers are stunning when in full bloom.

Leucanthemum x ‘Snow Cap’ 12-15” Tall x 18-24” Wide

For some people the standard Shasta Daisy is too tall, making Snow Cap a great choice for them. Snowcap has a maximum height of 12-15” and creates a perfect ball of flowers when in full bloom. Due to its compact dense habit, it holds up to wind and rain with less broken stems than the Becky Shasta Daisy. This plant also makes a great choice for a foundation or cutting garden.

Malva slyvestris ‘Zebrina’ 24-48” Tall x 18-24” Wide

This perennial is commonly known as Mallow Hollyhock. It has a narrow but upright habit. When in full bloom it is covered in pink and white flowers making a stunning display in any sunny garden. This perennial is also a great choice for a butterfly pollinator garden. It also holds up great to the summer heat and drought.

Nepeta ‘Purrsian Blue’ 18” Tall x 24” Wide

This is one of my favorite catmints. This newer variety keeps its compact habit and does not flop like some of the older varieties of catmint. It is best to plant in full sun in a well drained soil. This perennial will bloom all summer long making it a great pollinator for bees and hummingbirds. It also has a nice fragrance to it making it a great choice for foundation and border plantings.

Salvia nemerosa ‘Caradonna’ 18” Tall x 18-24”

Salvia’s are quite popular at the garden center. They are aromatic and also display vibrant purple flowers. This is a great pollinator plant and is also very salt tolerant making it a great choice for seaside gardens. It has spikes of violet purple flowers starting in June and can be deadheaded for a second bloom. Also Caradonna has purple stems which provides interesting color even when the plant is not in bloom.

Salvia x slyvestris Marcus 8-10” Tall x 12” Wide

This meadow sage is a more compact form of the traditional form. It will reach a height of 8-10” in the garden. It also had a thicker flower head which is quite striking when planted in a mass planting. They are drought tolerant, salt tolerant, and also long blooming. The blooms are great pollinators for hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.

Silene 'Rolly's Favorite'    12” Tall x 12” Wide

A great spring blooming, mounded perennial for the front border. It is long blooming and very floriferous with soft pink flowers and a white center. Shear back after initial flush for an extended bloom period from late spring to early summer. It is a perfect choice for a fertile rock garden.

Scabiosa columbaria ‘Butterfly Blue’ 20-24” Tall x 20-24” Wide

This perennial commonly known as Blue pincushion flower is long blooming and a great pollinator plant. This plant is also a great plant for a cut flower. It is a relatively easy growing perennial making it a great choice for the beginner gardener. It performs well when planted in a mass planting, foundation, or border planting.

Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’ 4-6” Tall x 24-36” Wide

This groundcover is named after the Michigan Nurseryman, Ralph Shugert. This is a great ground cover for a shady area. The dark green leaves have a white border to them and produce and attractive purple flower in the spring. This perennial is very winter hardy and is a great choice for planting under trees or in an area where grass can’t grow from low sunlight.

Aquilegia flatabella ‘Ministar’ 8” Tall by 12” Wide

An interesting twist on the traditional Columbine perennial. I really like this plant because of the fact that it grows well in part shade and is also deer resistant. The flowers are blue and are a good pollinator source for wildlife. While the traditional Columbine can grow tall this variety is a dwarf version growing to only 8” making it a great choice for border gardens.

Dianthus ‘Passion’ 12” Tall by 12” Wide

As the name suggests this carnation has an intense double flower with deep red color. These flowers are great spring pollinators and also can be used as a cutting flower that can be enjoyed indoors. They grow extremely well in a dry sunny location. After the flowers have passed, they can be deadheaded leaving the attractive silvery green foliage. They make a nice clump and can be enjoyed the remainder of the season.

Doronicum orientale ‘Little Leo’ 12” Tall by 12” Tall

This is a great spring perennial to get everyone in the mood for summer. The flowers are small and compact with a deep yellow color. They look like small daisy flowers. This plant will grow in full sun but also take light shade. A welcomed addition to any border or foundation planting.

Heuchera micrantha ‘Palace Purple’ 12” Tall x 18” Wide

This plant is commonly known as coral bells. It is a staple in any shade garden because of its unique foliage color, evergreen foliage, and deer resistance. This variety has a dark color and creates a nice border effect when planted in a large group. It has a small white flower that blooms in midsummer but this plant is used mainly for its foliage.

Iris pallida ‘Variegata’ 40” Tall by 36” Wide

This plant is known as a tall bearded iris. It is a great choice because of its unique foliage. The leaves are green with a yellow stripe in the middle. It has blueish flowers that are extremely fragrant when in full bloom; enhancing the sensory experience. It is a great choice for pollinator and border gardens. This is a springtime favorite among the gardeners at the garden center.

Myosotis sylvatica 6” Tall x 18” Wide

This plant is known as Forget-Me-Nots and the name is definitely fitting because of the fact that the blue flowers in early spring are definitely a memorable experience. This plant works extremely well in rock gardens and border plantings and will naturalize over time. It also is a great pollinator plant for butterflies. It grows well in full sun in part shade. You definitely will know that spring is here when your forget-me-nots are blooming in the garden.

Phlox subulata ‘Emerald Blue’ 6” Tall by 18” Wide

We get many requests for plants that grow well in rock crevices and that will spread over rock walls. I really like this perennial known as Mountain Pinks. It has evergreen foliage that is known for spreading at a fast rate. In April, the plant is covered with intense lavender blue flowers. When in full bloom, it really gives us the feeling that spring is in full swing.

Primula ‘Balerina Red’ 7” Tall by 12” Wide

This primrose is dynamite for any garden because it can be used in various applications. It is a densely covered with double red flowers. It grows in full sun as well as shady locations and is very deer resistant. The fragrant flowers can be used in containers or do well as a cut flower as well. Since it is loaded in buds, this primrose has a long bloom period.

Sedum ‘Lime Zinger’ 6” Tall x 18” Wide

If you’re looking for a great groundcover for a sunny dry area, Lime Zinger will make a great choice for your garden. It produces a dense mound of green foliage in spring and will last all season. In the late summer, the entire plant will bloom in clusters of pink flowers lasting through fall. The profuse flowering is eye catching and draws attention to the entire garden. This plant works well in rock gardens, xeriscape gardens, and containers.

Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’ 6” Tall by 18”Wide

Creeping Speedwell is another excellent choice for rock walls and rock gardens. The growth habit is very horizontal in nature making a great plant for a creeping ground cover. In April it is covered with blue flowers making it an attractive choice in your garden or landscape. It is also great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds due to the shape of its flowers. After it is done blooming, we definitely recommend cutting it back to encourage a second flush of growth.

Viola ‘Etain’ 6” Tall by 6” Wide

When it comes to spring classics, Violas are right at the top of the list. Commonly known as Tufted Pansy, it prefers a part shade growing environment. It is short and compact in growth habit, but has these stunning flowers that creamy yellow with a purple border. This plant will bloom heavily from mid spring all the way until the heat of the summer kicks in. I really like to plant this in woodland gardens as well as shady containers.

Phlox divaricata “Blue Moon” 12-18” high by 18” wide

“Blue Moon” brings beautiful purplish-blue flowers to the shady, spring garden. Plant it along your walkways so you can enjoy the sweet fragrance. The blooms appear in May and last into June and “Blue Moon flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. A fragrant perennial for the spring, woodland garden!

Pulmonaria “Raspberry Splash” 12” high by 18” wide

The attractive, spotted leaves of Lungworts emerge early in April and blooms follow in late April and last thru May. “Raspberry Splash” is loaded with blooms that begin as raspberry pink and mellow to purplish lavender. The leaves are soft green with silver spots and remain fresh throughout the summer into fall, making “Raspberry Splash” a great companion plant to Hostas and ferns. Give them a shady location with average moisture. Also very deer resistant.

Armeria maritima ‘Splendens’ Height: 6” Width: 12”

What a terrific low mounded plant for edging or mass planting especially suited to our shoreline gardens! Just cut back old flowers to produce an extended season of red pompon like blooms. Armeria is exceptionally attractive when used as a massed groundcover.

Viola ‘Blackout’ Height: 12” Width: 10”

If you are looking for a dark, almost pure black flower then look no further than this Viola! ‘Blackout’ is a standout along woodland borders. This Viola stays compact in the summer heat and is an extremely low maintenance plant that lends itself to the novice and advanced gardener alike. Just cut back if the plant declines in midsummer to promote a fall rebloom.