Cedar Mulch

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Cedar Mulch is a naturally aromatic material, so it helps to repel many types of insects. Most insects don’t like living in cedar mulch because of its fragrance.  And, due to the naturally light color of Cedar Mulch, it helps control the air temperature around plants. (This mulch is not colored using dye.)




• You will receive a call from us within 48 hours of placing an order to schedule the date and time of your delivery.

• Van Wilgen’s always prefers to drop bulk material on an asphalt driveway or other reasonably hard surface in order to avoid damage to your lawn. In scenarios where this may not be possible or ideal, we ask our customers to sign our Bulk Waiver. Signed copies can be emailed to install@vanwilgens.com

• Need a small quantity to finish off a project? Our NEW Van Wilgen’s bagged mulch is a perfect match.


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