What’s New at Van Wilgen’s?

Mr. Bird

Just in time for the holidays! Mr. Bird birdseed houses make the perfect gift for the bird lover in your life. Birds can snack on the seeds, which over time reveal a functional wooden birdhouse!

Glass Jellyfish Wind Chimes

Beautiful art that’s also music to your ears! These whimsical glass jelly fish wind chimes are hand crafted and simply stunning for everyone to see (or hear). Hang one up in your garden for some extra pizzazz!


Sloggers Footwear

The popular gardening footwear everyone loves! Sloggers are great for those messy jobs where a waterproof finish is a must. Grab yourself a pair to tackle all of your dirty projects. Now available in fun new patterns!


Stylish Watering Cans

Watering cans that are just as beautiful as the plants you’re watering! Available in a variety of shapes, finishes and colors, these stylish watering cans will make watering your plants a breeze.


Succulent and Cement Planters

Easy and oh so pretty. We love the  variety of succulents mixed with handmade ceramic planters. Perfect for that sunny spot in your home.


 Van Wilgen’s Organic Root Boost

When it comes to planting, Strong roots = Strong plant

Root Boost web

All of us here at Van Wilgen’s work hard to ensure that our customers are successful gardeners. Van Wilgen’s Organic Root Boost helps you lay the groundwork for strong plants with  Beneficial MicroOrganisms®.  It never burns and is scent free. These MicroOrganisms®  create an extensive fibrous root system that dramatically increases your plants ability to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. Strong roots help protect your plants from disease, pests and drought. For the best plants on your block along side Van Wilgen’s Slow Release Fertilizer or Van Wilgen’s Organic Fish and Seaweed.


Decorative Pot Covers

We just made gift giving a whole lot easier! New decorative pot covers have arrived at all Van Wilgen’s locations. These self watering plastic covers come in a variety of styles, perfect for every occasion. Just pop a 4″ plant into these cute containers and you have an instant gift. We even offer a window sill herb covers to spruce up your kitchen garden.

These self watering pots are simple to use and take the guess work out of watering. Once you have chosen your plant and pot cover simply insert the watering stick into the bottom of your pot. Next, fill your pot cover with water, you will notice a clear level gauge along the side to tell you how much water to add. The watering stick acts like a wick drawing moisture into your plants root system. It’s that easy! Stop in and pick out your cover.

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watering pot