What’s New at Van Wilgen’s?

Glass Jellyfish Wind Chimes

Beautiful art that’s also music to your ears! These whimsical glass jelly fish wind chimes are hand crafted and simply stunning for everyone to see (or hear). Hang one up in your garden for some extra pizzazz!

Sloggers Footwear

The popular gardening footwear everyone loves! Sloggers are great for those messy jobs where a waterproof finish is a must. Grab yourself a pair to tackle all of your dirty projects. Now available in fun new patterns!

Stylish Watering Cans

Watering cans that are just as beautiful as the plants you’re watering! Available in a variety of shapes, finishes and colors, these stylish watering cans will make watering your plants a breeze.

Amaryllis Bulbs are here!

Just in time for the holidays, Amaryllis bulbs make a great gift. They’re easy to grow and come in a variety of stunning colors that add an inviting tropical accent to any home. Typically the bulbs will bloom after about 8-11 weeks.


Getting Creative with Funky Pumpkins & Decorative Squash

We know this time of year is meant for apple cider, pumpkins, Mums, and getting creative! Whether you like decorating your front steps, tabletop displays or just getting crafty with your kids, we are confident we have something for you!   This year why not try something new?   Our team searched for something we haven’t seen or carried before, and this year we found Orangemon! A brightly marbled mini pumpkin that’s a funky little addition to our large haul of specialty pumpkins and gourds. Stop by, pick out your favorites and try something new!

squash 2




Fun and Festive Luminary

Fall decorating (in our opinion) is the perfect way to ease yourself from steamy summer into the cool crisp days of autumn. Funky pumpkins, purple grasses, and the bold texture of cabbage and kale. We just love the beauty of Fall! My personal favorite is adding small pieces to your gardens that you can reuse year after year. Why not welcome Fall’s arrival  with a ceramic luminary for  your garden, walkway or doorsteps?  Van Wilgen’s has an artful take on jack-o’-lanterns, owls, witches and much more. Easy to care for, can take a candle or bundle up some white lights for brighter glow. Which style is your favorite?


Bulbs are here! Just in time for fall planting, get your Daffodils, Allium, Hyacinth, Tulips, Snow Drops, Irises and Crocuses. Come spring, your garden will be full of fresh color!

A few things to think about when planting.  To make a great impact plant larger bulbs in groups of 12 and smaller bulbs in groups of 50 or more. Keep in mind their blooming time. You will want to enjoy a succession of color all spring.  Limited for space? You can plant in the same hole. Start with alliums or tulips, then hyacinths or miniature daffodils, followed by small bulbs like crocuses or grape hyacinths. Bulbs are easy to plant.  Pick a sunny spot (remember you can plant under deciduous trees), loosen the dirt, plant point side up, put in a handful of bulb tone or bone meal and water.  Done!  An easy rule of thumb on the depth of the hole is height of bulb x 2.5”.

LovePop Greeting Cards

Beautifully crafted greeting cards that really pop! These laser-cut pop-up cards create a lasting impression no matter the occasion. The cards open, revealing a beautiful 3-d paper sculpture that conveniently folds flat for mailing. Wow your friends and family with a pop-up bird, flower or butterfly (just to name a few). They’re sure to love it!

Lightweight Containers

This year our team really searched high and low for new and unique containers. We know that lightweight versatile options are important to our customers. From modern farmhouse style to faux birch pots, and plenty of styles in between there is so much to decorate with this year!


Faux Succulents

We  believe everyone has a green thumb. However, some of us have spaces and conditions that make it difficult to grow some of our favorite plants. Our retail store now carries some vividly realistic faux succulents. Perfect for a bathroom with low light or even an office.




New Acacia Wood Barrel Planters


Just in and we love them! Perfect for a front stoop or entryway.

  •  3  different high quality barrel planters, accented with metal bands that hold the barrel together and make the design very solid
  • Made of  acacia wood characterized by distinct natural markings – the wood is treated with natural oil which will age the barrel to a golden brown
  • Acacia wood is 1.5x the hardness of oak, making these barrels extremely durable and capable to be used indoors and outdoors
  • Drainage holes

Terrarium Kit

Terrariums are a great way to get into gardening. Our kit gives you the choice of an Orb or a Jar. Need advice or help with plant selection? Someone in our greenhouse is always here to help!







Stone Ducks for the garden

Handcrafted outdoor decorative ducks. Made from natural materials and perfect to dress up you doorstep year round.


Venus Flytraps and Pitcher plants

Bug biting plants are back! Fun to watch and easy to grow.


Handcrafted Paper Cards

Quilling Cards, intricate and beautiful. Worthy of being framed too! Quilling ( paper curling ) is a handcraft native to Vietnam. We think there is a perfect one just for you!


 Paul’s Metal Petals

Hand crafted and made from recycled steel and flatware. These unique garden and home pieces  bring a bit of whimsy wherever you put them! Made by Paul Boyam, a metal artist right here in the USA.


Succulent and Cement Planters

Easy and oh so pretty. We love the  variety of succulents mixed with handmade ceramic planters. Perfect for that sunny spot in your home.


High 5!

New houseplants always make us smile and Starfish sansevieria is sure to please! They almost look like a succulent but are actually in the snake plant family. They are easy to care for, need only low light and are air purifiers. Starfish has  a shallow root system and is best kept somewhat potbound. It has thick rhizomes that store water for a long time.  Always err on the side of LESS WATER with this plant.


Mr. Bird Birdhouses

Cute Overload! Mr Bird hand crafted bird seed gifts, houses and seed blocks. Perfect for the bird watcher in your life, wood houses are covered with seed and irresistible to our feathered friends!

Modern Bridal

Air plants and succulents have been long time favorites for us plant nerds. So it’s safe to say that we are over the moon that they have caught on in recent years. Did you know that air plants, and succulents have become the new darlings of weddings?  That’s right, these easy low maintenance houseplants are now found on top of gorgeous cakes and in bouquet’s.  So simple, elegant and even affordable alternatives to traditional flowers. We have been genuinely pleased to be a part of many special celebrations. Have you used houseplants at your wedding, or shower? We would love to see, what creative ways you have used houseplants,  share with us on instagram or facebook ( link at the bottom of the page ). We would love to see what you created. Need help crafting a special event of your own,  Stacey has some great tips in the video below or stop in and see us, we would love to help.




Tour Van Wilgen’s Display Gardens

At Van Wilgen’s we want you to be a successful gardener. Sometimes just looking at a plant in a pot just doesn’t cut it. That’s why we created several display gardens throughout the farm so you can see what plants look like in the landscape. From ornamental trees, to hydrangea’s of all varieties, we try to show you what a year or two’s growth can look like in your yard. Next time you visit, ask us about our display gardens. If you have a question regarding a specific variety and if we have it planted on the property just let us know.

Fresh Cut Flowers : Van Wilgen Grown

Who doesn’t love fresh cut flowers in summertime?

At Van Wilgen’s, there is no shortage of flowers. Our North Branford store is now sharing them! Beautiful Hydrangeas, Buddleia, Zinnia, Marigolds and more. Fresh cut from our fields and display gardens. Grown just for you. Want to dress up your tabletop, grab a jar full of summer blooms today.




Pistachio Hydrangea!

How about this for a mix…red, purple, bronze and green all in varying degrees on each flower? It’s a kaleidoscope of varying colors this is made all the more impressive by this selection’s ability to rebloom and to bloom onld and new wood. You’ll be wowed by ‘Pistachio’ for all these outstanding traits but the one you might like best is its carefree nature. Pistachio Hydrangea has a dense rounded form, and is fast becoming a staff favorite!

Ready Made Metal & Rope Patio Containers

Love cottage style? Then our new metal and rope patio containers are perfect for you then! We found these containers and knew they would be great for butterfly attracting annuals, kitchen herb gardens and even patio veggie gardens. Pick one up to deck out your patio this summer!


Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels

True oak, Whiskey Barrels are now available at our North Branford location. The perfect addition your container garden.



Bird in Hand Collection

Our store manager Elaine searches everywhere to bring our customers new bird houses every year. This years find does not disappoint! These beautifully hand-crafted bird houses and feeders are all hand made with reclaimed & recycled wood material.  Each piece of The Bird in Hand Collection has individual characteristics and irregularities and no two pieces are the same. The finishes are earth friendly traditional stains and they are all made in the USA.  Find your birds a new home and feeder in our North Branford store.

Van Wilgen’s Lightweight Potlite Pottery

Versatile and lightweight planters that can be used in a variety of contemporary or traditional settings, indoors or out. They’re portable, frost resistant, and UV resistant.

We have a pot for any indoor or outdoor setting. Whether your style is clean contemporary, or traditional shapes we have just the pot to brighten your porch, patio, or deck. Van Wilgen’s Potlite Pots come in natural colors and a variety of textures.  Crafted from a lightweight fiber material, these planters are sturdy, but relieve you of the burden of real stone and clay, which are too heavy for many  projects. For even more convenience the line is frost & UV proof. Included in the collection are Urns, squares, rectangular and round planters of all shapes and sizes.  We are confident we have one that’s just right for you!




Orchid Pots : Plastic pots in 3 sizes for repotting

You spoke, and we listened! Clear plastic orchid pots are here!

Repotting your orchid is a regular and important part of their health and beauty. Clear plastic orchid pots are our favorite in part because you can easily see what’s going on with the roots and moisture content.

These new pots have multiple drainage holes,  which are critical for orchids because you want to avoid roots standing in water or sopping wet media; airy environments are what orchids love. We now carry plastic orchid pots in 3 sizes, so you can still fit them in your favorite decorative pot!

Orchid PotOrchid sm

Garden Sundials

Rome IndustriesSundials are the oldest known instruments for telling time, and also a lovely decorative addition to the garden.

The markings found on the flat surface of a sundial represent each hour of daylight. As the sun moves across the sky from east to west, the vertical rod at the center of the dial casts a shadow across this flat surface. The position of the shadow on the hour markings tells you the current time of day. In order to tell time as accurately as possible, a horizontal sundial should be placed on a completely flat surface or on a pedestal.


 Van Wilgen’s Organic Root Boost

When it comes to planting, Strong roots = Strong plant

Root Boost web

All of us here at Van Wilgen’s work hard to ensure that our customers are successful gardeners. Van Wilgen’s Organic Root Boost helps you lay the groundwork for strong plants with  Beneficial MicroOrganisms®.  It never burns and is scent free. These MicroOrganisms®  create an extensive fibrous root system that dramatically increases your plants ability to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. Strong roots help protect your plants from disease, pests and drought. For the best plants on your block along side Van Wilgen’s Slow Release Fertilizer or Van Wilgen’s Organic Fish and Seaweed.

Ingredients so good, we put our name on it!


Alpine Dish Gardens

If you stroll through our perennials section at Van Wilgen’s in North Branford, you might notice a large selection of alpine plants. These little beauties are perfect for those gardeners with rock challenged yards. Some of us however,  just love the look of alpines. If you would like to take home your own outdoor alpine garden, we have variety, handmade- just for you! Planted in our lightweight pottery, these miniature landscapes are perfect for that sunny and dry spot on your porch or patio. Each container hosts a mini specimen shrub, they are low maintenance and easy to care for.  These can remain outdoors year round, just mulch into your landscape for extra care in winter. Have questions? Let us know, we’re here to help!


American Beauties Native Plants, Bringing Life to your Garden.


The American Beauties program is dedicated to promoting native plants to bring life to your garden. Native plant experts have teamed up with wildlife experts to bring you collections of plants that are guaranteed to bring life to your garden. Bird Garden, Butterfly Garden, Dry Shade and Moist Sun.


Why choose native plants? Native Plants are low maintenance, they require less water, fertilizer and work; they are also susceptible to pest and diseases. They also attract desirable wildlife, like songbirds, butterflies and other beneficials. You can feed your birds the natural way! And the most important thing is they contribute to a healthy Ecosystem. If you can provide food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young, you can create a Certified Wildlife Habitat in your own backyard! Visit our Americans Beauties Display in our Nursery yard in North Branford.

Decorative Pot Covers

We just made gift giving a whole lot easier! New decorative pot covers have arrived at all Van Wilgen’s locations. These self watering plastic covers come in a variety of styles, perfect for every occasion. Just pop a 4″ plant into these cute containers and you have an instant gift. We even offer a window sill herb covers to spruce up your kitchen garden.

These self watering pots are simple to use and take the guess work out of watering. Once you have chosen your plant and pot cover simply insert the watering stick into the bottom of your pot. Next, fill your pot cover with water, you will notice a clear level gauge along the side to tell you how much water to add. The watering stick acts like a wick drawing moisture into your plants root system. It’s that easy! Stop in and pick out your cover.

IMG_1151 2
watering pot