What’s New at Van Wilgen’s

LovePop Greeting Cards

Beautifully crafted greeting cards that really pop! These laser-cut pop-up cards create a lasting impression no matter the occasion. The cards open, revealing a beautiful 3-d paper sculpture that conveniently folds flat for mailing. Wow your friends and family with a pop-up bird, flower or butterfly (just to name a few). They’re sure to love it!

Lightweight Containers

This year our team really searched high and low for new and unique containers. We know that lightweight versatile options are important to our customers. From modern farmhouse style to faux birch pots, and plenty of styles in between there is so much to decorate with this year!


Faux Succulents

We  believe everyone has a green thumb. However, some of us have spaces and conditions that make it difficult to grow some of our favorite plants. Our retail store now carries some vividly realistic faux succulents. Perfect for a bathroom with low light or even an office.

New Acacia Wood Barrel Planters

Just in and we love them! Perfect for a front stoop or entryway.

  •  3  different high quality barrel planters, accented with metal bands that hold the barrel together and make the design very solid
  • Made of  acacia wood characterized by distinct natural markings – the wood is treated with natural oil which will age the barrel to a golden brown
  • Acacia wood is 1.5x the hardness of oak, making these barrels extremely durable and capable to be used indoors and outdoors
  • Drainage holes

Proven Winners Gardeners Idea book

Each year our friends at Proven Winners put out and idea book complete with landscape and container ideas for a broad range of styles and spaces. Click the link and take a peak! It’s a new year, why not try some fresh ideas in your garden!


Terrarium Kit

Terrariums are a great way to get into gardening. Our kit gives you the choice of an Orb or a Jar. Need advice or help with plant selection? Someone in our greenhouse is always here to help!


Stone Ducks for the garden

Handcrafted outdoor decorative ducks. Made from natural materials and perfect to dress up you doorstep year round.

Beautiful Holiday Pots have arrived!

The best smelling soy candle ever!

Rhode Island Christmas tree growers Bedrock Tree Farms has made and adorable and amazingly scented candle. Handmade from ground fir needles, poured into a lovely modern galvanized pail and finished with a cotton wick. Crazy long burn times and they come in two different sizes. it’s a win /win!

Venus Flytraps and Pitcher plants

Bug biting plants are back! Fun to watch and easy to grow.

Little Goblin Orange Winterberry

Chase away the winter blues with something colorful!

Little Goblin Orange winterberry holly lights up the darkest season with dozens of extra-large, bright orange berries. Smaller habit makes it much more landscape-friendly than other winterberry hollies – Little Goblin Orange is just 3-4′ tall and wide. In order to get fruit, you will need to plant Little Goblin Guy winterberry holly as a pollinator -Plant the male within 50′ of the female varieties to ensure a heavy berry set.

‘Electra Shock’ Echibeckia



Unique blooms with petals that resemble a spider mum. Long bloom time from summer through fall offers borders, containers or rock gardens a long lasting yellow/brown color combination. An cross between two popular perennials offering the appearance of Rudbeckia with the hardiness of Echinacea.

Van Wilgen Grown Cool Weather Veggies

Now is the time to plant cool weather crops! Billy has Broccoli, Kale and Lettuce available in our greenhouse ~ Let’s get planting!

Little Lemon Dwarf Golden Rod

Loads of lemon yellow panicles cover this new compact goldenrod. This early bloomer adds early color in the garden, makes a great container plant and attracts butterflies. She likes full sun, grows to 12-18″ tall and wide and has a long bloom time that goes well into fall.

Sunstruck Heliposis

Huge, bright golden yellow, daisy like flowers have sunny gold centers and contrast nicely variegated  silver and green foliage. Compact habit, with blooms from mid through late season. Provides a nice splash of color during the heat of the summer. Looks beautiful in an arrangement.

Angels Trumpets Brugmansia

For high drama in your garden Brugmansia is the perfect choice. Other wise known as Angel’s Trumpets, she has woody stemmed bushes with pendulous flowers that hang like bells.  The blooms can reach  at least 6-10” long, wow! The growth rate is rapid, so plenty of water and fertilizer are necessary to keep these plants vigorous and blooming. This exotic beauty is easy to overwinter and propegate so she will be around for years if you like.

Van Wilgen Grown Cut Flowers are back!

Giant Hydrangeas!

Want an instant flowering landscape? We now have Giant 7 gallon Hydrangea, available:

Rythmic Blues, BoBo , Tough Stuff, Little Quick Fire

Handcrafted Paper Cards

Quilling Cards, intricate and beautiful. Worthy of being framed too! Quilling ( paper curling ) is a handcraft native to Vietnam. We think there is a perfect one just for you!

Venice Blue Veronica

Early blooming, the countless shorter spires with larger rich violet-blue blossoms sparkle against the toothed, glossy bright-green textured foliage. Like Venice, breathtaking and unforgettable!

Commonly called Sawtoothed Veronica, Venice Blue with its compact, mounding habit is carefree and tidy. May have a late summer to fall rebloom if plants are trimmed back after first flowering in Spring.

Aronia Low Mound Shrub

Low-growing groundcover shrub, providing beauty from spring through frost.

Low Scape Mound aronia is a tough, tolerant, tidy little mound of glossy green foliage. In spring, it’s covered in hundreds of dainty white flowers, and in autumn, the leaves turn brilliant red to contrast with dark purple-black fruit. The unique low-growing, mound-shaped habit of this new variety makes it perfect for mass planting as a ground cover or edging plant. Best of all, it thrives almost anywhere: cold climates and hot ones, wet soils and dry ones, sun and part shade. This native shrub will gracefully handle just about any landscape challenge you can throw at it!

Top three reasons to grow Low Scape Mound aronia:
– Low-growing, mounded habit, perfect for edging and groundcover
– Tolerates a wide range of growing conditions
– White flowers in spring; Dark purple fruit and brilliant red foliage in fall.

Mother’s Day Pot Covers

Gift giving just got a little easier! Self watering pot covers and pretty patterns. Perfect for Mom.

Paul’s Metal Petals

Hand crafted and made from recycled steel and flatware. These unique garden and home pieces  bring a bit of whimsy wherever you put them! Made by Paul Boyam, a metal artist right here in the USA.

Succulent and Cement Planters

Easy and oh so pretty. We love the  variety of succulents mixed with handmade ceramic planters. Perfect for that sunny spot in your home.

Scarlet Fire Kousa  Dogwood

  • Deepest pink flower bracts of any kousa Dogwood
  • Superb small specimen
  • Great fall foliage and fruit
  • Attracts birds
  • Deer and rabbit resistant

Be dazzled by the the huge, deep, dark fuschia-pink flower bracts that will light up the rounded small tree in June. Bred at Rutgers University, this precocious tree grows quickly and blooms as a very young tree showing off brilliant color almost right away in the landscape. Superb burgundy fall foliage color and large, bird attracting fruit add to its glory.

Dwarf Avondale Rudbud Tree

One of the most profuse flowering of all redbuds. Very showy dark rose-purple flowers literally cover the stems of this small, sturdy branched tree in spring. Glossy, green, heart-shaped leaves fill the tree as the blooms fade. A thrilling spring specimen that easily fits into smaller landscapes and is well-adapted to containers.

Likes full to part sun

Reaches 10-12 ft tall

Beautiful Specimen

Rockin Double Red Raspberry Bush

Big, juicy, high quality fruit will be available in early summer and again in fall on this exciting selection that will rock your edible garden! Much larger fruit and more productive than varities currently on the market, ‘Rockin’ Double’ will provide tons of easy to harvest red berries for fresh eating while also keeping as well as any other Raspberry you can grow!

Thrives in full sun. Feed yearly with an organic fertilizer. Stems can be cut back hard in the late winter since all fruit appears on new growth.

Summer Flowering Bulbs are in!

Canna, Dahlia, Gladiola and more have arrived. It’s too early to plant them but it’s never to early to plan. If your working on ‘what to plant’ in the veggie garden, seed potatoes, onion sets and asparagus have arrived as well.

What’s your hardiness zone?

Don’t we all wonder what that is? Our friends at Prides Corner Farms added a handy Plant hardiness zone feature to their website- you can find that at this link Prides Corner Farms

High 5!

New houseplants always make us smile and Starfish sansevieria is sure to please! They almost look like a succulent but are actually in the snake plant family. They are easy to care for, need only low light and are air purifiers. Starfish has  a shallow root system and is best kept somewhat potbound. It has thick rhizomes that store water for a long time.  Always err on the side of LESS WATER with this plant.

Bonsai Trees and Kits

Two ways to have fun with Bonsai! Potted junipers with mini ornaments or  DIY your own! We have a complete Kit to grow your own Dwarf Bonsai Tree from seed! Our Bonsai Seed Kits are perfect for kiddos or any individual who wants to get their hands dirty, learn the craft of Bonsai, and experience  growing  trees from seed. The seeds in our Dwarf Bonsai Seed Kit will germinate and continue to grow for many years and can be passed down from generation to generation.


New Patio Pots

Everyone should come home to a beautifully decorated home. At Van Wilgen’s  we here to make that easy with cute decorative pots. This holiday season enjoy the fresh smell of evergreens in your home.

Mr. Bird Birdhouses

Cute Overload! Mr Bird hand crafted bird seed gifts, houses and seed blocks. Perfect for the bird watcher in your life, wood houses are covered with seed and irresistible to our feathered friends!


Handmade Wild Woolies


Sustainable felt nesting birdhouses and bird ornaments! Made from 100% natural wool. Thoughtfully hby Fair Trade artisans. Made with renewable and recyclable material. Eco-friendly dyes.  Wild Woolie Birdhouses are functional birdhouses or nesting/roosting pocket outdoors, or as indoor decor. We think they would like adorable in a kids room or in a nursery. These handmade cuties also come in a mini zip pouch perfect for a stocking stuffer!

Prairie Blues Little Bluestem Grass

Cool gray-blue foliage and strong upright stems make ‘Prairie Blues’ an excellent choice for sunny gardens. In the fall, cool weather turns the cool blue foliage of ‘Prairie Blues’ a striking rosy-orange color that lights up the landscape, in fact, the foliage is so colorful, some even use it for dried flower arrangements! ‘Prairie Blues’ is easy to grow needing little or no maintenance to thrive and it’s an excellent choice for sunny, dry, well-drained soils since it is drought tolerant. It is also deer resistant.

Miniature works of Art

New to our North Branford store are Chive ceramic flowers and succulents!  All painstakingly hand-made,  like a live flower in nature and  no two are alike. As plant people we are delighted that all of the details are exquisite and they really are miniature works of art!

Use them for tabletop decorations, paperweights, or tuck them into a plant arrangement for extra color and texture. We especially love using them to create a pretty wall art installation. Each flower has a notched  keyhole out on the back of them so that you can get creative and make your own design! Visit us today to see all the designs!

Plant Spotlight!

Modern Bridal

Air plants and succulents have been long time favorites for us plant nerds. So it’s safe to say that we are over the moon that they have caught on in recent years. Did you know that air plants, and succulents have become the new darlings of weddings?  That’s right, these easy low maintenance houseplants are now found on top of gorgeous cakes and in bouquet’s.  So simple, elegant and even affordable alternatives to traditional flowers. We have been genuinely pleased to be a part of many special celebrations. Have you used houseplants at your wedding, or shower? We would love to see, what creative ways you have used houseplants,  share with us on instagram or facebook ( link at the bottom of the page ). We would love to see what you created. Need help crafting a special event of your own,  Stacey has some great tips in the video below or stop in and see us, we would love to help.

Pearl Glam Callicarpa

Don’t settle for a beautyberry that only struts its stuff in autumn – demand one that does more. Pearl Glam callicarpa is showy starting in spring, with dark purple foliage from the get-go. Late summer brings white flowers that yield violet-purple berries by the hundreds. Upright habit makes this a space-saver compared to more conventional beautyberry varieties, too.
– dark purple foliage from spring to frost
– dozens of orchid-colored berries in fall
– upright, space-saving habit

Height: 48-60″

Spread: 36-48″

Fun and Festive Luminary

Fall decorating (in our opinion) is the perfect way to ease yourself from steamy summer into the cool crisp days of autumn. Funky pumpkins, purple grasses, and the bold texture of cabbage and kale. We just love the beauty of Fall! My personal favorite is adding small pieces to your gardens that you can reuse year after year. Why not welcome Fall’s arrival  with a ceramic luminary for  your garden, walkway or doorsteps?  Van Wilgen’s has an artful take on jack-o’-lanterns, owls, witches and much more. Easy to care for, can take a candle or bundle up some white lights for brighter glow. Which style is your favorite?



Gem Box  Dwarf Inkberry Holly

This cool new dwarf evergreen looks more like a boxwood than an inkberry, and has certainly caught our eye. The perfect little plant for a low growing,  low maintenance hedge. A dense, ball-shaped plant, Gem Box ilex has small, dainty, dark green leaves with attractive red tips during the spring flush. It maintains good branching right to the ground so it never looks bare-legged . It’s great as a small evergreen hedge or used in containers as a thriller. Gem Box has lovely small berries that bluebirds seems to love and deer do not! Perfect easy care plant for that sun to part sun space.

Garden Height: 

 24 – 36 Inches



 24 – 36 Inches



 24 – 36 Inches

Velveteeny Purple Smokebush

This little mini has caught the eye of all the nursery yard staff! Velveteeny’ has silky smooth, deep burgundy foliage with large feathery plumes of dove gray to pink blooms as it’s big brother ‘Royal Purple’, but in a petit, dwarf form. ‘Velveteeny’ is as versatile as it is exquisite, with its compact, rounded shape and brilliant color a dazzling addition to any sunny landscape. We think it would be great in a container too!

  • Feathery plumes of gray to pink flowers in summer
  • Silky burgundy foliage
  • Easy to maintain dwarf, rounded form
  • Drought tolerant

Height 3-4 ft

Spread 3-4 ft

Tour Van Wilgen’s Display Gardens

At Van Wilgen’s we want you to be a successful gardener. Sometimes just looking at a plant in a pot just doesn’t cut it. That’s why we created several display gardens throughout the farm so you can see what plants look like in the landscape. From ornamental trees, to hydrangea’s of all varieties, we try to show you what a year or two’s growth can look like in your yard. Next time you visit, ask us about our display gardens. If you have a question regarding a specific variety and if we have it planted on the property just let us know.


Fresh Cut Flowers : Van Wilgen Grown

Who doesn’t love fresh cut flowers in summertime?

At Van Wilgen’s, there is no shortage of flowers. Our North Branford store is now sharing them! Beautiful Hydrangeas, Buddleia, Zinnia, Marigolds and more. Fresh cut from our fields and display gardens. Grown just for you. Want to dress up your tabletop, grab a jar full of summer blooms today.


Firefly Solar Lanterns

Light up your outdoor parties, cookouts or camping trips with this Firefly solar lantern, Built with an impact resistant plastic top and flexible silicone bulb, this light is ready for any application. Perfect for kids and families. Charge it up via the sun or the included USB adapter and use any of four settings to light up your life.

  • Flexible silicone outer bulb
  • Impact resistant plastic top
  • Charges via the sun or included USB adapter
  • 4 light settings
  • Waterproof
  • Top handle for holding or hanging
  • Dimensions: 4.05 in. x 4.05 in. x 5.19 in.
  • Weight: 6 oz.




Tri – Color Butterfly Bush

An explosion of color erupts in the summer landscape with this combination of bright pink, claret purple and pure white flower spikes. Tri-Color  consists of three different varieties of the Lo & Behold Buddleia series that produces a lovely patio ready butterfly bush that is repeat blooming from early summer to fall,  fragrant, and  one of the best butterfly attractants.  Prune back to new growth in spring.



Flamingo Kolorscape Rose!

We could not resist a Flamingo Rose, what could be more perfect for Pink Week! Compact, mounded rose has stunning flower power, glossy green foliage and a bloom cycle that will continue from mid-spring until the first hard frost. Long-lasting hot pink blooms of medium size with 20-25 petals. A self-cleaning rose that is very heat tolerant and has exceptional resistance to black spot.

Pistachio Hydrangea!

How about this for a mix…red, purple, bronze and green all in varying degrees on each flower? It’s a kaleidoscope of varying colors this is made all the more impressive by this selection’s ability to rebloom and to bloom onld and new wood. You’ll be wowed by ‘Pistachio’ for all these outstanding traits but the one you might like best is its carefree nature. Pistachio Hydrangea has a dense rounded form, and is fast becoming a staff favorite!

Ready Made Metal & Rope Patio Containers


Love cottage style? Then our new metal and rope patio containers are perfect for you then! We found these containers and knew they would be great for butterfly attracting annuals, kitchen herb gardens and even patio veggie gardens. Pick one up to deck out your patio this summer!

Cool Tree Alert!

We are over the moon for ‘Alley Cat’ Redbud! Tiny magenta flowers cover the branches before the foliage emerges, giving an explosion of early spring color. Creamy variegated foliage makes this native tree a show stopping centerpiece in your landscape. Alley Cat’ is drought tolerant once established, easy to care for, and is perfect for dry shade. Reddish bronze foliage in fall offers stunning fall color. Alley Cat likes to be planted in full sun to part shade. Be sure to feed yearly with an organic fertilizer and prune in late winter to remove dead branches.


Endless Summer Kiosks are filling up !

Endless Summer® is the world’s first and best-selling collection of reblooming hydrangea. These mop head hydrangeas flower in the summer  and are among some of our most popular plants in the nursery.  Endless Summer blooms continuously on old growth and new growth. Endless Summer collection consists of four distinctly different varieties that will fill your garden with endless possibilities all summer long.

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels

True oak, Whiskey Barrels are now available at our North Branford location. The perfect addition your container garden.


Mandevilla has a few new colors!

If you stop by our North Branford store, a walk through Tropical Paradise does not disappoint.  Our greenhouse is filled to the brim with flowering tropicals!  You can smell the scent of the Gardenias all the way outside in our perennial department! This year we have added a few new made villa’s with colors that we haven’t seen before. A bright sunshine yellow and a soft apricot would be beautiful to adorn your porch or patio!



Bushel and Berry

Bushel and Berry is a unique collection of compact ornamental and self-pollinating berry plants for your garden. Simply put these are plants that are easy to grow, exceptionally beautiful and delicious. They have  lovely ornamental qualities and amazing fruit, these are berry plants that belong front and center in decorative patio containers and in the landscape.

A perfect solution for those of us with limited space, or just prefer a berry bush that is low maintenance. At Van Wilgen’s we are offering selections in Raspberries and Blueberries. Here a just two of our favorites:

Raspberry Shortcake,  dwarf and rounded, this thornless beauty tops off at only 3′ in height while producing a boatload of sweet tasting mid season red Raspberries in June and July. While it does spread like other Raspberries in the ground, it is perfectly suited for growing in a container on a deck so that you can pick delicious fruit at your leisure. Gone are the Raspberries that take over the landscape!

Blueberry Glaze is unlike any other blueberry variety. With its small stature and incredibly glossy, dark green leaves, Blueberry Glaze is reminiscent of a boxwood and can easily be sheared as such. The white with pink spring flowers beautifully contrast the deep foliage color. Small, little dark (almost black) berries present in little bundles mid-summer. The small berries have intense flavor much like the flavor of wild blueberries. With their deep flesh color, these berries pack a healthful punch with their antioxidant-rich qualities.

They’re are many reasons why we think these plants are so great, with their compact size,  fresh berries are perfect for decorative containers – bringing color, beauty, fruit and fun to your outdoor living spaces. We love to place them into patio pots to create an intimate space for any event –and as an added benefit,  informal healthy snacking for your kids! We can’t forget about the decorative benefit these beauties bring.  These plants offer a rainbow of color, from red to peach to purple to emerald green, providing a perfect palate to mix with your flowering perennials, shrubs, and annuals.

The uses for the berries are endless and the rewards are plentiful. These are just great plants that will provide you year-round beauty and bumper crops of amazing summer fruit.



Bird in Hand Collection

Our store manager Elaine searches everywhere to bring our customers new bird houses every year. This years find does not disappoint! These beautifully hand-crafted bird houses and feeders are all hand made with reclaimed & recycled wood material.  Each piece of The Bird in Hand Collection has individual characteristics and irregularities and no two pieces are the same. The finishes are earth friendly traditional stains and they are all made in the USA.  Find your birds a new home and feeder in our North Branford store.



Soilution by Sweet Peet


Each year we review  new products in search of what is the very best for our gardeners. This year we have added a great new soil enhancer brought to us by our friends at Sweet Peet, called Soilution.

Add a bag of Soilution to your flower & veggie gardens. There are so many nutrients in Soilution that your plants will thrive. The new organic buzzword is Biochar. This type of carbon is an extra treat for your garden soil, making it a growing powerhouse!

Formulated from the finest organic compost, enviromentally harvested from oceans, farms and forest.

Includes :

Biochar Carbon

Worm Casting

Sphagnum Peat

Pro-biotic (MycoApply)

Ecto & Endo



Blood Meal

Aged Bark Fines

Dolomitic Lime





Van Wilgen’s Lightweight Potlite Pottery

Versatile and lightweight planters that can be used in a variety of contemporary or traditional settings, indoors or Potlite tag in outdoors.


Frost Resistant

UV Resistant


Fiberglass & Clay Composite


We have a pot for any indoor or outdoor setting. Whether your style is clean contemporary, or traditional shapes we have just the pot to brighten your porch, patio, or deck. Van Wilgen’s Potlite Pots come in natural colors and a variety of textures.  Crafted from a lightweight fiber material, these planters are sturdy, but relieve you of the burden of real stone and clay, which are too heavy for many  projects. For even more convenience the line is frost & UV proof. Included in the collection are Urns, squares, rectangular and round planters of all shapes and sizes.  We are confident we have one that’s just right for you!


Spanish Pottery

Bold color and intricate beautiful patterns. Something new in our Pottery collection! We know the smaller pots stand out as perfect herb gardens for your kitchen or deck.


Our larger pieces will be perfect for your tropicals. Picture a beautiful yellow or red Hibiscus in one these patterns. Stop by our greenhouse today as we unpack more boxes there will be more color and patterns to explore.


Seed Sprouting

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, you can always count on sprouts to give you a bounty of healthy, fresh food all year long right from your kitchen counter! Growing your own indoor sprout “garden”  is super easy and fun. All you need is seeds and water, we like the ease of using a seed sprouter, like the one below by Botanical Interests. But you can also make your own at home with a jar and a screen lid.  Sprouts a great for us kitchen gardeners who like to have freshly grown food right at our finger tips. For an easy sprout salad recipe click to our recipe page and let us know what you think!

Pantone 2017 Color of the Year….Greenery!!


It’s no secret that at Van Wilgen’s that our favorite color is GREEN!

Whatever the shade, whether warm or cool, the color green contains an inherent connection to the natural world and helps us feel grounded and relaxed. So we were of course in agreement with Pantone that Greenery is the best choice for 2017 color of the year! Pantone is a company responsible for the widely used Pantone Color Matching System, which helps standardize the many color used in the print world and other industries. Each year, Pantone chooses a color of the year, which forecasts (and sets) color trends in a wide range of industries, from print, to web design to fashion. This year, Pantone’s choice is a shade they’ve called Greenery. Take a peek at the swatch we think it looks like your favorite indoor plant!

According to Pantone ” Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.

We couldn’t agree more. GO GREEN!

Florasol Plant Mister

florasol sprayerairplant webThis is our new favorite ultra fine mist sprayer. A simple and super handy tool for the indoor gardener. The reason we love this new sprayer for our houseplants is that it generates a delicate, aerosol-like mist without the use of propellants. This is the perfect tool when you have delicate plants or flowers ( like airplants ) that need thorough yet gentle watering, feeding or treatments. With multiple pulls on this sprayer, you get a continuous spray with little or no dripping.  This handy sprayer actually makes air plants even easier to care for!

Stop by our North Branford store and glasshouse to learn more about sprayers and houseplant care.


Poinsettia Wraps

Poin wrappoin wrap 3poin wrap 2


Everyday our team in the greenhouse works hard to make sure our poinsettias are well cared for so we can provide you with the healthiest plant possible.  Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. After that we sleeve your plants in paper so that they don’t get chilly in the car on the way home. This year we have added the option to add a festive wrap to the bottom of your pot! We have 5 different colors to choose from and each comes with a gold bow. These add a nice touch for gift giving and as a bonus the wraps are water resistant and will help keep your holiday table neat and dry! To make them even better they are made from Eco -Friendly plastic film. So, they are recyclable!



Kandy Kane Kalanchoe


IMG_3130Kalanchoe is one of the prettiest of the succulents family. It’s dark foliage topped with tiny flowers bring a pop of color to desktops and windowsills everywhere you go.  Kalachoe can be found in many colors from orange to yellow to pink. The new Kandy Kane Kalanchoe is a real treat this time of year. White varigated foliage and tiny red flowers are perfect as a holiday gift for co-workers and friends alike.

Kalanchoes are easy to grow, need warm temperatures and minimum care. Kalanchoe is very sensitive to cold and it takes only a few hours of near 40 F for the plant to die. This plant loves and needs plenty of light to grow, if light is adequate its leaves will develop a beautiful reddish outline. During summer do not allow direct sunlight because its leaves who contain lots of water will get sun-burned. Direct sunlight from fall till early spring will not harm your plant.

When your flowers start to die back, cut them off and let the plant rest. Soon you will notice new buds and your plant will bloom again. This change in blooming and resting cycles will go on throughout the year!



Waxz Amaryllis


IMG_3104Super fun and easy, Waxz  Amaryllis needs no planting and no watering!  A coiled wire embedded in the wax coating on the bottom of the bulb makes it freestanding. Place the bulb on any flat surface, and have fun with decorating! Whether you like a modern glass vase, or  prefer  to surround  your Amaryllis with natural holiday greens the choice is yours. Shoots will begin to emerge from the bulb. In about four to six weeks the stunning red flowers will begin to bloom. No watering, fertilizing or staking required. You can expect one or two flower stalks, each with up to four blooms. EnjoyScreen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.27.27 AM







holiday pot cover

Poinsettia Kits and Self Watering Holiday Pot Covers

We just made gift giving a whole lot easier! New holiday pot covers have arrived at all Van Wilgen’s locations. These self watering plastic covers come in 3 styles, perfect to dress up a teacher gift! Just pop a 4″ poinsettia into these cute containers and you have an instant gift.

These self watering pots are simple to use and take the guess work out of watering. Once you have chosen your Poinsettia and pot cover simply insert the watering stick into the bottom of your pot. Next, fill your pot cover with water, you will notice a clear level gauge along the side to tell you how much water to add. The watering stick acts like a wick drawing moisture into your plants root system. It’s that easy! Stop in and pick out your cover!


Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.27.27 AM bulb

It’s time to plant your Amaryllis bulbs!

We know many of our gardeners love to have flowering Amaryllis at Christmastime. A variety of bulbs have arrived in our retails store in North Branford!

A few quick tips for planting:

Planting Period: October until the end of April.

Flowering Period:  Late December until the end of June.

Flowering time is 7-10 weeks.

Larger bulbs produce more flowers.

Always store un-planted bulbs in a cool place.

Plant the bulb, or place the potted bulb in a warm place with direct light since heat is necessary for the development of the stems. Water sparingly until the stem appears, then, as the bud and leaves appear, gradually water more.  At this point, the stem will grow rapidly and flowers will develop after it has reached full growth.

Getting Creative with Funky Pumpkins & Decorative Squash

squash 2orangemonsquash








We know this time of year is meant for apple cider, pumpkins, Mums, and getting creative! Whether you like decorating your front steps, tabletop displays or just getting crafty with your kids, we are confident we have something for you!   This year why not try something new?   Our team searched for something we haven’t seen or carried before, and this year we found Orangemon! A brightly marbled mini pumpkin that’s a funky little addition to our large haul of specialty pumpkins and gourds. Stop by, pick out your favorites and try something new!


NEW! Mini Shrubs for Fall Containers!

Mini Shrubs for FallLast fall, we went out on a limb and started carrying heather in our annual department. We couldn’t resist the urge to add these heathers to our fall containers. Calluna vulgaris, commonly called heather, is a hardy flowering shrub perfect for that sunny-dry spot in your garden. We work with a grower who offers small 4″ pots of heather in full bloom for the fall season. Anyone decorating for fall should consider how fantastic heather is for a filler in your container mixes! It’s a hardy evergreen shrub when planted in the ground; however when planted in a pot, it may not last until next spring.  Heather will hold its color for the whole fall season, and also provide winter interest to add texture to your winter displays! Since you guys were just as enthused as we were by these great little fillers, we’ve decided to try out a few more varieties of heather. With colors ranging from pinks, purples, reds, and whites, there are even more great plant pairings with heather this fall. It’s been an exciting new venture for us in the greenhouse to coordinate with Jason; with his advice we’ve picked out all the best heather varieties.  We’ve also added some gold mop cypress, a bright yellow pop for fall interest, as well as some dwarf alberta spruces, which would be great thrillers in any container planting to take you right into the Christmas season! A few less common, but equally as exciting, new additions to our fall container plant line-up include American Wintergreen, a great spiller with festive red berries for fall and winter interest, as well as Goshiki False Holly, which has thrilling and filling potential, with creamy-golden variegated foliage.


Pick our brains for pairing tips, these mini sized shrubs are awesome to compliment classic fall mums, or create a unique and one of a kind fall display.  These fun sized shrubs will make the fall decorating fresh and fun.

Spring Bulbs are IN!


A few things to think about when planting.  To make a great impact plant larger bulbs in groups of 12 and smaller bulbs in groups of 50 or more. Keep in mind their blooming time. You will want to enjoy a succession of color all spring.  Limited for space? You can plant in the same hole. Start with alliums or tulips, then hyacinths or miniature daffodils, followed by small bulbs like crocuses or grape hyacinths. Bulbs are easy to plant.  Pick a sunny spot (remember you can plant under deciduous trees), loosen the dirt, plant point side up, put in a handful of bulb tone or bone meal and water.  Done!  An easy rule of thumb on the depth of the hole is height of bulb x 2.5”.

Remember to pair them with perennials or annuals to disguise the leaves as they die back. It is important to let this happen because this stores the energy for next year’s blooms.  A few minutes of time in the fall, creates a lot of spring beauty.


Outdoor Furniture, or indoor if you like!

Furn Web At Van Wilgen’s we know how hard you work on your yard and garden. Isn’t it time you took a break and enjoyed all that hard work?

At Van Wilgen’s we can make that happen for you, we now feature full sets and individual pieces of  indoor/outdoor furniture. Made from durable faux wicker in  2 styles with weather resistant cushions. For a little more coziness we have 30 different styles of throw pillows, also made with weather resistant fabric, we are confident we have just the one you like! If you purchase a full set, we would be happy to deliver it to you, for free! So if your interested in taking a break and putting your feet up by the fire, stop by our North Branford store and see what we have have in store for you!



full set















Orchid Pots : Plastic pots in 3 sizes for repotting.

Orchid Pot Orchid sm

Our customers spoke, and we listened! Clear plastic orchid pots are here!

Repotting your orchid is a regular and important part of their health and beauty. Clear plastic orchid pots are our favorite in part because you can easily see what’s going on with the roots and moisture content.

These new pots have multiple drainage holes,  which are critical for orchids because you want to avoid roots standing in water or sopping wet media; airy environments are what orchids love. We now carry plastic orchid pots in 3 sizes, so you can still fit them in your favorite decorative pot!


Garden Sundials

Rome Industries Sundials are the oldest known instruments for telling time, and also a lovely decorative addition to the garden.

The markings found on the flat surface of a sundial represent each hour of daylight. As the sun moves across the sky from east to west, the vertical rod at the center of the dial casts a shadow across this flat surface. The position of the shadow on the hour markings tells you the current time of day. In order to tell time as accurately as possible, a horizontal sundial should be placed on a completely flat surface or on a pedestal.

Many of us here at the garden center simply enjoy them as an artistic addition to our garden, as an accent in our outdoor living space. We have a variety of styles and materials. We are confident there is one just perfect for you.




Speckle and Splash Solar Wasp Catcher

New this year in our North Branford Store!

Form and function come together with these wasp catchers. These lovely glowing glass catchers are designed as a safe and non-toxic way to control wasps and yellow jackets. The wasp catchers also have a small solar powered light inside so they will illuminate beautifully at night. The tops include a solar panel. They come in colorful blue and green designs. You can hang these or place them on an outdoor table.





Dr Earth Supernatural Lawn Fertilizer

Dr Earth lawn FertThis organic fertilizer feeds turf naturally and promotes an  ultra-green and vibrant lawn anytime of the year. Super Natural is great for all new & established, warm & cool season lawns. Great for assisting seedlings and sod to become established anytime of the year. Easy to apply with a hose end bottle. It even has kelp to enhance much needed moisture in this very hot weather. Make sure to spray your turf thoroughly until the grass blades are dripping wet. Please spray early in the morning or after 4:00 PM to avoid any grass blades from burning.


People and Pet safe. You can’t get any more organic that this!



Van Wilgen’s Organic Root Boost

Root Boost web

When is comes to planting, Strong roots = Strong plants.

All of us here at Van Wilgen’s work hard to ensure that our customers are successful gardeners. Van Wilgen’s Organic Root Boost helps you lay the groundwork for strong plants with  Beneficial MicroOrganisms®.  It never burns and is scent free. These MicroOrganisms®  create an extensive fibrous root system that dramatically increases your plants ability to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. Strong roots help protect your plants from disease, pests and drought. For the best plants on your block along side Van Wilgen’s Slow Release Fertilizer or Van Wilgen’s Organic Fish and Seaweed.

Ingredients so good, we put our name on it!


Alpine Dish Gardens

IMG_1639   IMG_1641


If you stroll through our perennials section at Van Wilgen’s in North Branford, you might notice a large selection of alpine plants. These little beauties are perfect for those gardeners with rock challenged yards. Some of us however,  just love the look of alpines. If you would like to take home your own outdoor alpine garden, we have variety, handmade- just for you! Planted in our lightweight pottery, these miniature landscapes are perfect for that sunny and dry spot on your porch or patio. Each container hosts a mini specimen shrub, they are low maintenance and easy to care for.  These can remain outdoors year round, just mulch into your landscape for extra care in winter. Have questions? Let us know, we’re here to help!


Lightweight Fountains, from a Connecticut Company

IMG_1597The soft splash of a fountain brings life and motion to the backyard. It attracts more birds than still water alone, and its soothing sound track transforms your space into a peaceful retreat.

At Van Wilgen’s it’s important to us that we support local Connecticut Business’s. This year we have partnered with Tom’s Home & Garden in IMG_1600Wilton, CT and grown our collection of lightweight fountains.



These water features come in a variety of styles, one for everyone’s taste. Why not add sound to your garden this year?


American Beauties Native Plants, Bringing Life to your Garden.

FullSizeRender-2The American Beauties program is dedicated to promoting native plants to bring life to your garden. Native plant experts have teamed up with wildlife experts to bring you collections of plants that are guaranteed to bring life to your garden. Bird Garden, Butterfly Garden, Dry Shade and Moist Sun.

Why choose native plants? Native Plants are low maintenance, they require less water, fertilizer andgraphic-pollinators work; they are also susceptible to pest and diseases. They also attract desirable wildlife, like songbirds, butterflies and other beneficials. You can feed your birds the natural way! And the most important thing is they contribute to a healthy Ecosystem. If you can provide food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young, you can create a Certified Wildlife Habitat in your own backyard! Visit our Americans Beauties Display in our Nursery yard in North Branford.


Organic Bug Repellents

At Van Wilgen’s it’s important that we bring you many options not only for plants, but for products too! This year our retail store in North Branford has a nice offering of bug repellents. Bug sootherAnd of course, we have an organic option available for our VW families. New this year is Bug Soother an all natural bug repellent that actually WORKS. Gnats, no see ums, mosquitoes and other bugs will not be a problem this year. This repellent is a blend of vanilla and fresh lemony scents that smells great, but bugs hate. It leaves no oily residue like other products. DEET free and safe for children and pets. Bug Soother is proudly made in America, a family owned business based in Iowa.

Natural bug repellantAnother great option to keep the bugs away, is Nantucket Spider, a natural deet free insect repellent. This local company offers sprays for both kids and adults that are gentle to your skin, hair, and clothes.  Made with a unique blend of essential oils, but isn’t greasy, each bottle is topped with a fine mist trigger sprayer so you will be sure to get excellent coverage. You can apply this repellent wherever you need it—including your hair, clothing and gear. Nantucket Spider works great, smells great, and is gentle on our environment. You will love this stuff. Your kids will too!





Van Wilgen’s Potlite Planters

Versatile and lightweight planters that can be used in a variety of contemporary or traditional settings, indoors or Potlite tag in weboutdoors.

  • Portable
  • Frost Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Fiberglass & Clay Composite


We have a pot for any indoor or outdoor setting. Whether your style is clean contemporary, or traditional shapes we have just the pot to brighten your porch, patio, or deck. Van Wilgen’s Potlite Pots come in natural colors and a variety of textures.  Crafted from a lightweight fiber material, these planters are sturdy, but relieve you of the burden of real stone and clay, which are too heavy for many  projects. For even more convenience the line is frost & UV proof. Included in the collection are Urns, squares, rectangular and round planters of all shapes and sizes.  We are confident we have one that’s just right for you!


Group for web



IMG_1151 2


We just made gift giving a whole lot easier! New decorative pot covers have arrived at all Van Wilgen’s locations. These self watering plastic covers come in a variety of styles, perfect for every occasion. Just pop a 4″ plant into these cute containers and you have an instant gift. We even offer a window sill herb covers to spruce up your kitchen watering potgarden.


These self watering pots are simple to use and take the guess work out of watering. Once you have chosen your plant and pot cover simply insert the watering stick into the bottom of your pot. Next, fill your pot cover with water, you will notice a clear level gauge along the side to tell you how much water to add. The watering stick acts like a wick drawing moisture into your plants root system. It’s that easy! Stop in and pick out your cover!





Spring is almost here! At Van Wilgen’s we strive to bring you something fresh and new with each season! After a long (ok, not so long) winter we are ready to get back out in the yard and dig in the dirt. Here are a few of favorite (new) things  in our store, that Elaine has hand picked  just for you.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.14.55 AM

soji solar lantern single

Save energy and add a touch of illumination to your garden, walkway or patio with our selection of decorative solar garden lights. These glowing garden accents will brighten your nighttime landscape. We have a variety of colorful Soji hanging lanterns, you can create a Japanese garden in any outdoor setting.  If you are looking for something eco-friendly, we carry  beautiful, Lumispheres  handmade  from sustainably harvested materials. For those looking for something whimsical, colored hanging bottles and jars filled with solar ‘fireflies’ .

Whatever your garden ‘style’ is, solar lights add warmth and personality. Stop in and see what accent light will add that special touch to your outdoor space.


lumispheres solor lantern