We always do our best to let you know what’s new, and when you can expect to see the plants you’ve been looking for. To make it a little easier this year, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most asked about plants, and when you might be able to get them here at the Garden Center. Keep in mind that most of these plants are very weather and temperature-dependent, so sometimes a shipment may have to be delayed.

Don’t see the plant you’re looking for? Just give us a call. We’re always here to help!

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Spring is here! There’s no better time to get outside and get your hands in the dirt!

Now is the ideal time to plant some cool weather vegetables and herbs. Go time is when you can work the ground and the daytime temperature is approximately 40 degrees during the day.

Early spring cold hearty vegetables:

Early spring cold hearty herbs:

As spring slowly turns into summer it is now time to think about planting your summer vegetables.

While there’s no set time as to when to plant these, here are a few rules of thumb to follow:

Your plant will just sit there and not grow at all until the soil temperature warms up. And by chance, the plant gets hits with colder temps you can risk losing the plant altogether or at the very least cut your yield in half.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to lose any of those delicious summer vegetables.

Summer vegetables:

Don’t forget to feed your plants all summer long as they will be feeding you!

Spring has officially sprung! As you start to spend more time outside, you’re bound to notice your plants waking up and pushing out fresh new growth for the season, which leaves many of us wondering, “should I be pruning that right now?” We’ve rounded up some of our most asked about plants to put to rest the age-old question; to prune or not to prune?


Hydrangeas are a tricky set and one we get asked about most often. Your panicle hydrangeas can be cut back as much as 50 percent right now, but your traditional hydrangeas should be left alone. Don’t prune them now but rather tackle them at the end of the season to make sure you get the flowering you want. Wait until they flush through growth in the spring and then do your pruning and deadheading after that.

Dogwood & Crabapple Trees

The same goes for plants like dogwoods and crabapple trees. If you have a broken branch or some other minor trim to make, you can do that at any time and it won’t impact the plant, but you’ll want to save your serious pruning for later.

Flowering Shrubs

For your spring and summer flowering shrubs, like lilacs, rhododendrons, and azaleas, you’ll want to wait for them to start to bloom before pruning.


It’s still a little too early for evergreens and hedges. If you sheer them back now and we get a cold snap, you could damage the plant.

For larger evergreens, like white pines, the timing for pruning needs to be very specific. Wait until you see them flushing out new growth – what we call “candles” – to take on the task. You can pinch off the candles completely for a heavier sheer or cut them in half for a more subtle look.


With all pruning, the amount to trim depends on the size of the plant, but as a good rule of thumb, you want to prune it back by about one-third. There are some plants that are the exception to this, such as the summer flowering butterfly bush, which you can be very aggressive with and cut down to about a foot and allow it to flush back and regrow.

The goal of pruning is to leave the plant looking as natural as possible. If you do over prune, don’t panic! Plants are more resilient than you might think.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help!

Want to stay on top of spring gardening tasks? Be sure to check out our Spring Checklist.

More than ever, it’s time to stay grounded.
We see you out there — counting the days on the calendar. Sitting in the sun whenever you can. Joining every garden group on social media. You even started a new Pinterest board.
You can’t wait for “all of this” to end — to be out… free… doing something real… and being anything but virtual. We know you’re ready, so we’re ready.
While this may be Spring 2021, it’s also Spring 101 for VanWilgen’s. Not only are we getting back to basics, covering the “101” of gardening all year, we’re also celebrating year 101 of our multi-generational farm and garden center. 2020 stepped on our milestone anniversary, but like you, we’re dealing with it and claiming a ‘re-do” — making the most of the year ahead.
So, together, let’s stay grounded.
Now Arriving: Van Wilgen’s branded Mulch
We’re excited to share that thanks to the popularity of our own bagged soil, we’ve developed Van Wilgen’s bagged mulch. Working with local providers and nearby packaging facilities, we were there to see our bags come off the line and we’re ready to put them in your trunk, hatchback, or truck bed. As with all Van Wilgen’s products this mulch not only has our name, it has our commitment to quality.
Ready. Set. Grow!
Based on the ringing phone, it’s going to be a busy spring in our yard… and yours. To help you get a jump on the season, we jumped in early. Our greenhouses are full, our pallets are stacked high and the team you know and love are all here — smiling under their masks. Because the supply chain can still be unpredictable, we encourage you to get supplies, pots, and materials early. Connect with us by email or social media, to be the first to know as new products arrive.
Most importantly, stay safe. Soon, we will all be sharing real smiles, hugs, and closer than six feet. Until that wonderful time arrives, stay grounded.


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