Policy & Philosophy

Policy & Philosophy

This is not going to be like the last 10 seconds of a car commercial where they spit out a ton of restrictions and asterisks that you can’t understand.  Since we have to go over the technical stuff, here it is, except we try to keep it simple.  Sign up if you are not a Garden Club Member, we can keep track of all your purchases so you never need a receipt.  Email us pictures so we can help guide you and finally patience is not inaction… sometimes it take time for plants to establish or react to our suggested treatment.

Policy & Philosophy

Plants are living things and we understand that living things are sometimes unpredictable.  It is our mission to stock the best plant material and give you the best advice to increase your opportunity for success when growing. We are here to help you choose the right plant for your conditions, and dramatically reduce the chances of loss. We will assist you with water requirements, soil amendments, and proper planting practices for guaranteed success. We always recommend the use of Van Wilgen’s Planting Mix along with either Van Wilgen’s JumpStart or Van Wilgen’s RootBoost when planting to get your plants established quickly and healthy. 

We have worked with some of our most trusted providers to create custom formulations that we believe in so strongly, we put our name on them.  The results from these products are so trusted we will extend your warranty with proof of purchase. If you are purchasing trees, shrubs, perennials, or roses and have our Success Kit on your receipt we will extend the warranty on those purchases for 2 years.

Our intentions are always with your success in mind. We know this sounds like a “would you like the protection plan?” kind of gimmick, however, that’s the furthest from the truth. We know for a fact that your plants will benefit greatly from our Van Wilgen’s success kit, and we want to help you achieve the most beautiful and healthy results in your garden. 

Let us do it for you!  All plants installed by the Van Wilgen’s install team include the use of our Van Wilgen’s Planting Mix and starter fertilizer.  What does this mean?  Any plants installed by us are automatically guaranteed for 2 years.  We will deliver your plants directly to your property, all we need is an address.  If for some reason your purchase does not survive, we will return to your property and replace your plant at no cost to you. If we delivered your plant and for some reason, it does not make the journey, we will deliver your replacement plant to your property at no extra charge to you. 

It is strongly encouraged for you to contact us at the first signs of distressed plants. Either bring in pictures, show us on your smartphone/iPads, or email us your pictures and we will help to diagnose or troubleshoot any issues you may be having.  We heavily encourage you to give us the opportunity to look at a photo of your plant before you remove it to bring in for replacement.  There are several varieties of plants that notoriously break dormancy late in spring–butterfly bush and Hydrangeas for example are some of the last plants to come to life in spring; we would not want you to use your replacement on a plant that may not need replacing.  This is something to consider as we will not replace a replacement, so it is important for us to work with you to determine what went wrong.

Are you a garden club member?  If you are, we can easily look up your plant purchase history.  If you are not a garden club member we suggest you sign up to make your life much easier when looking up your purchase history.  You also receive points that can be used towards future purchases.  If you choose to provide us with your email, you will receive educational info as well as updates on sales and events.  Click on the garden club page to find out more details.

We are here to help.  Let us know if you’re having a problem with any plant and we would love to help.

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