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Orchid Repotting

Croton: A parade of Fall color

Bringing Garden Herbs in for Winter


Why is fall a great time to plant

3 Golden Rules for houseplants

Our favorite houseplants

Time to freshen up your containers!

Plant of the Week: Perennial Plumbago

Plant of the Week: Alstroemeria

Plant of the Week: The Original Endless Summer Hydrangea

Plant of the Week: Drift Roses

Plant of the Week: Little Quick Fire Hydrangea

Plant of the Week: Superbloom Zinnia

Plant of the Week: Moonbeam Coreopsis

Plants that attract hummingbirds

Hot Tips for plant care in hot weather

Beautify your Patio!


Perennials : One is just never enough.


Roses: Pruning 101

Roses: Planting and Establishment

Roses: Planting and Establishment

5 Tips for Amazing Annuals

Endless Summer Hydrangeamania


Mother’s Day PSA

5 Tips to make your yard sparkle

How to grow a Lemon Tree

Blueberry Beauties


5 tips for spring lawn care



Screening Trees 101


3 Tips for Planting a Lettuce Bowl

Hellebore 101

4 Rules for Planting Bulbs

Rehab Trees & Shrubs from Winter Damage



Spring Plants for your Easter Table

Magical Monstera

Plant a Spring container today!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Succulents Care & Creativity


A Love that lasts, houseplants


Breathe Easy with Houseplants

The terrarium bar is open!




Orchids and Ferns, the perfect pair.


A few of our favorite ‘holiday’ things



Tablescaping for Thanksgiving

Winter Interest


Spruce up your Planter

Dig, Drop, Done!

Pumpkin Gardens

Pumpkin Succulent Centerpiece

Mum Buddies


Plant Spotlight


Tips for Fall Planting



Fall Succulent Bouquet and Bridal Tips


Happiness is a new shipment of houseplants

Right Plant, Right Light

Find your Creative Side with Plants


Make Room for Life

The easiest of easy care plants. 


The Bar is Open!

The yard of your dreams is waiting for you.



Plant of the Week

Vermillionaire Cuphea ~ firecracker plant

Plant of the Week

Knock Out Roses 

Plant of the Week

Lamium and butterfly companion plants 

Plant of the Week

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush and butterfly companion plants 

Plant of the Week

Gazania and companion plants for the sunny dry garden

Plant of the Week

Rocket Man Russian Sage and companion plants for the sunny dry garden


Plant of the Week Series Begins!

Bobo Hydrangea


Cast Iron Annuals



Herbs: Do’s & Don’ts

5 Tips for Happy Healthy Roses

Shade Perennials with Stacey



Tips and Tricks to Growing the Best Veggies

Proven Winner’s Container Favorites


Changing the Color of your Hydrangeas : Sweet & Sour Soil


Patchwork Seeding with Stacey



The first Signs of Spring, Forsythia


Pansy Power!



What Christmas Customer Service Means at Van Wilgen’s



Fall Decorating with Stacey



Pumpkin Planting with Succulents


  Simple Succulent Centerpiece with Stacey



Orchids, Easy as 1,2,3


Relax in Style!


Plant of the Week: Torenia Wishbone Flower

Plant of the Week: Standing Ovation Ornamental Grass

Plant of the Week: Buddleia Lo & Behold Blue Chip Jr.

Plant of the Week: Van Wilgen Grown Limelight Hydrangea Tree

Plant of the Week: Heuchera Dolce ‘Blackberry Ice’


Plant of the Week: Acalypha Fire Dragon


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