Quality & Service


At Van Wilgen’s we understand what landscape professionals need. Quality plants, quick service, and flexible hours.

  • We are open 7 days a week, that’s right,  you can fill your order on Sunday and get a jump on Monday mornings job.  

  • Need a late pick up, no problem. We are open until 7pm in Springtime.

  • Need service before 8am-  our team is here to help.

We offer a Pro- plant pickup area so you can get your materials without a lengthy wait.



We offer dropship on Sod and Mulch.  Give us a call for details on services available



One Year Warranty


Landscape Professionals will receive a one year warranty on Trees, Shrubs, Roses & Perennials if purchased with a Van Wilgen’s Success Kit. 

It is our mission to stock the best plant material and give you the best advice to increase your opportunity for success.

For guaranteed success, use Van Wilgen’s Planting Mix along with either Van Wilgen’s JumpStart or Van Wilgen’s RootBoost when planting to get your plants established quickly.  We have worked with some of our most trusted providers to create custom formulations that we believe in, so much so, we put our name on them.  The results from these products are so trusted we are willing to give you a warranty with proof of purchase.  If you are purchasing Trees, Shrubs, Roses or Perennials and have our Success Kit on your receipt we will warranty those purchases for 1 year

Our intentions are 100% with your best interest in mind.  We know this sounds like a “would you like the protection plan?” kind of gimmick.  That’s the furthest from the truth, we know for a fact that your plants will benefit greatly for our Van Wilgen’s success kit.  We have created this chart to make it as easy as possible to determine the correct amount of amendments you should be using.


VW Planting Mix ​

Small Shrubs and Perennials (1gal and 2gal) ¼ bag

Medium Shrubs and Roses (3gal to 7 gal) ½ bag

Large Shrubs and Small trees (7 gal to 25gal) 1 bag

XXL trees  3 bags

Root Boost (Same information on the back of the package)

Small Shrubs and Perennials (1gal and 2gal)  ¼ cup

Medium Shrubs and Roses ½ cup

Large Shrubs and Small Trees 1 cup

Trees 2 cups