If you’re like me and you love color all season long, then the annual greenhouse is the place for you. Some of you will want to add a splash of color to an already established garden, some will want to find the perfect color combinations for their favorite patio pots, and others will just want full-on color everywhere. Our staff is ready to help you find your gardening style.

The greenhouse is also the place to find all your Van Wilgen grown herbs and vegetables. What’s better than going out in your garden and picking your own hand-grown herbs and vegetables for all your culinary pleasures. Come in and let us help you make a great garden.

Darlene Granese,  Greenhouse Manager, Darlene@vanwilgens.com, 203-488-2110 x105 • CANP certified 

Please note, below is a sample of some of our favorite annuals that we carry throughout the year, and not a representation of current inventory. To find out what’s in stock, pay us a visit or give us a call. We’re here to help.


The perfect sun loving fall fabulous flower, a showstopper for any autumn garden or container.

Choose from an array of tantalizing shapes, and colors of burgundy, yellow, bronze, white, pink and purples.

Mums(chrysanthemums)also pair well with annuals you may still have in your containers, all will flower until the first hard frost.

It’s easy to see why the flower meaning for mums is cheerfulness, because that’s exactly the feeling they give you to see them every fall.


The most popular and recognized cool weather flower. It’s almost heart shaped overlapping flower petals bloom best in full sun to part shade conditions. Pansies can withstand a temperature as low as 28 degrees, so if our winter is mild enough you may just see them come back in the spring.

Did you know that pansies flower meaning is thought or thoughts? So if you are having thoughts of someone special why not drop them off a pansy.

They are edible too!

Ornamental cabbage and kale

A hardy fall plant that is grown for their large rosette white, pink, and purple curly and ruffled leaves.

Adds a stunning contrast to any planting / container. They even make quite a statement planted up alone.

Prefers cooler temperatures to produce the best foliage colors. And will usually last through Thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas.


Bright colorful daisy type star flower. This is a plant like the mum that screams fall. Although aster’s do not come in your typical fall colors, it’s shades of pink, purple and white add great contrast to your fall mum containers.


I love this plant! This plant also does not come in fall colors, the colors of white, purple, pinks and reds however look amazing in fall containers. The foliage on this plant have a texture like no other that makes it a favorite by most.

Heuchera(Coral Bells)

Great fall foliage plant with boldly veined leaves. This is a plant that is known more for the foliage than its small show of flowers. Love this plant against the dark colors of the red cabbage.

Fall color Million Bells and Bidens

Even though most of you consider these summer plants, believe it or not they thrive in cooler temperatures also. As in all the fall plants these summer annuals will also last until the first frost. So mix and match and have fun with your fall containers.

New Guinea Impatiens

So many colors to choose from.One of the most popular annuals we grow.Dark green foliage and bright flowers brighten up any area with part shade. They do not like to cook in afternoon sun.

So many colors to choose from.One of the most popular annuals we grow. Dark green foliage and bright flowers brighten up any area with part shade.They do not like to cook in afternoon sun.

Bounce Impatiens

Named bounce impatiens because they bounce back after drying out.  We tested these plants out couple of years ago and we really tough on them. They bounced right back just like the name implies. One of Billy’s favorites, he is very impressed with them.


So many different types. There is a color and style for everyone!  Coleus does flower, however, we prefer to pinch them off and enjoy the psychedelic leaf patterns.

Big Leaf Begonia

Choose from Bronze Leaf or Green Leaf, these Begonia’s are great in the shade and have huge leaves.

Illumination begonia

One of our favorites.  This trailing begonia has HUGE flowers and is awesome in hanging baskets.  Great color for the shade.  Just like the song, there is even an Illumination called “Scarlet”.

Non Stop Begonia

Similar to the Illumination Begonia except it is upright and not trailing.  This plant is an awesome performer in the shade and has big, bright, crisp, showy flowers.

Dragon Wing Begonia

A very versatile Begonia, does great anywhere you put it.  We plant these around the property frequently and they never disappoint. Beautiful glossy leaves combined with continuous blooming makes this a must have.

Fuchsia Shadow Dancer Series

An excellent choice for shade gardening.  This uniform and compact series of Fuchsia has a lot of flower power in a small package.  Blooms all summer and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds!

Fuchsia Wind Chime Series

An excellent series of fuchsia, with a ton of flower power all summer.  A must for a shady corner!  Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds!

Browallia Illumination and Flirtation

These Proven Winner Browallia’s are an excellent shade loving plant that are heat tolerant and continuous blooming.  An excellent way to get white and blue into your shade containers.


Looks like a New Guinea Impatien and sounds like Impatien but loves the sun!  Enjoy the look of a New Guinea but in your full sun spot!

Geranium Caliente Series

Just like the name says, HOT!  These guys love the heat and preform all summer long.  Self-cleaning equal’s very low maintenance which is why we love to use these containers, window boxes and hanging baskets.  They can handle a lot of abuse from the summer heat and wind.

Geranium Calliope

Has a double flower and takes your normal geranium to the next level.  Preforms all summer in the hottest and driest conditions.  Awesome in containers.

Geranium Sophie Cascade

Bill Van Wilgen’s favorite Geranium.  You will see these used in our huge baskets because of how easy these are to maintain as well as their performance in the summer heat.  Sophie will offer a waterfall of light salmon-pink colored blooms.  Classic European ivy geranium.

Tropicanna Canna

Bronze leaf and Green Leaf, these have a huge flower power in a compact plant.  Great for a flowering thriller in your container or use it in your landscape.  These love the summer heat are deer resistant, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies!

Gazania Big Kiss

Very large vibrant flowers all summer long.  The tougher the conditions the better these plants do.  Likes the summer heat and prefers to dry out between waterings.  The flower petals open up during the day and curls up at night.

Gerber Daises

Classic looking daisy flower that screams summer time.  Great for cut flowers.  Very bright colors, excellent for a center piece on a table.  Gerber’s are great air purifier.

Vinca rosea

Dark green foliage with small round flowers that look similar to an impatien flower.  Loves full sun and summer heat.  Very underrated and underutilized plant.  Great in containers.  We call plants like this “parking lot plants” because it can handle about anything.

Portulaca Happy Trails Series

Awesome summer performer.  Perfect for hot, dry and full sun conditions.  Has a trailing habit with semi double flowers that are huge compared to most other portulaca.  Super bright, intense and vivid color range.  Great flower for cemetery plantings.

Thunbergia Orange a Peel and Yellow a Peel

The best Black Eyed Susan vine on the market.  Very true orange or yellow color with a perfect black dot in the middle of the flower.  Self-deadheading, very vigorous grower that loves the summer heat.  Grab a trellis and watch it grow!

Cuphea Vermillionare

Hummingbirds galore. This new Proven Winner is a hit amongst us.  You wouldn’t believe how many hummingbirds visited this plant.  Upright v shaped habit with tons of flowers.  The common name for this one is Cigar Plant because of the long tube shaped flower.


One of the truest blue flowers in a plant.  This plant trails with a fuzzy, silvery-green foliage and a beautiful blue flower.  Loves the extreme heat and summer sun.


There are a lot of different styles of Lantana.  Upright, spreading, tall, short and many different colors. This is another summer heat lover that will not disappoint. This plant is a champ and will thrive on neglect. Lantana attracts birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds!


Great plant to add flowering height in your containers.  This is low maintenance self-shedding plant that comes in blue, pink and white.  Preforms great in the summer heat.  Angelonia has fragrant foliage and is deer resistant.


Known as Fan Flower because the petals of the flower fan out on one side.  This is a tough plant who prefers summer heat and can handle going dry.  Originally found in the bush of Australia and was bread for its toughness.

Aloha Million Bells

This is the best series of Million Bells we have found.  There is a great color range and every color comes on a uniform, consistent, compact plant.  Named Million Bells because of its flower power, you are sure to enjoy this all summer.  Self-shedding so no deadheading.  If your Millions Bells are getting scraggly, give them a haircut, apply Van Wilgen’s Control Release Fertilizer and let them flush out fresh new growth and flowers.  Great in containers, hanging baskets, window boxes or any combination.

Bacopa Giant Snowflake

Small coin like leaves that become so covered in white blooms you almost don’t know they are under all that color.  No deadheading necessary.  The only thing about Bacopa is DO NOT let it dry out. We recommend VW Container Mix when planting with Bacopa because of the water holding capabilities.

Superbells Lemon Slice

Proven Winners version of Million Bells.  This is one of our favorite PW millions bells because of its unique yellow and white pinwheel looking flowers.  One of the most popular Superbells, looks great in combos.  Attracts hummingbirds.  Do not be afraid to give a haircut mid-season.

Superbells Holy Moly

New this year, this Proven Winner looks so COOL!  Abundant flowers on cascading growth.  Self-shedding makes this plant easy to take care of.  We think this combined with the new PW Sedum called ‘Lemon Coral’ makes an awesome, bright combination.  Do not be afraid to give a haircut mid-season.

Superbells Evening Star

New this year, Evening Star has a beautiful lavender flower with a yellow star pattern and deep purple throat.  We can let the petals do all the talking on this one.  Also consider combining with the PW Sedum ‘Lemon Coral’ for a  bright combo.  Attracts hummingbirds!

Supertunia Bordeaux

Supertunia is Proven Winners version of Petunia.  Supertunia’s are trailing, self-shedding and have an awesome color range.  Bordeaux is by far one of the BEST petunias EVER!  This plant will bloom its head off and have a great fragrance.

Supertunia Vista Bubblegum

This Proven Winner looks just like bubblegum!  Light pink flowers on a very vigorous, mounding plant.  Awesome in your landscape and great in large containers.  Definitely a big bang for your buck, hands down one of the best landscape petunias.

Supertunia Raspberry Blast

This Proven Winner is one compact, yet vigorous Petunia that flowers its head off.  Great to use in the landscape or in containers.  We love Raspberry blast because if its habit and its bicolor flower.  Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Verbena Lanai Twister Purple

Verbena is a great butterfly attractor.  Beautiful Purple and white flowers are abundant on this trailing annual.  The Lanai series is great in the summer heat and does not require dead heading.  This variety is deer resistant.

Verbena Lanai Twister Red

Verbena is a great butterfly attractor.  Beautiful red, pink and white flowers are abundant on this trailing annual.  The Lanai series is great in the summer heat and does not require dead heading.  This variety is deer resistant.

Verbena Lanai Blue Denim:  Is one of the best trailing blue Verbenas out there.  Verbena is a great butterfly attractor.  The Lanai series is great in the summer heat and does not require dead heading.  This variety is deer resistant.

Ageratum Artist Blue

Small, fluffy, blue button-like flowers are abundant all summer.  There is no dead heading required.  Excellent attractor of birds, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Mosquitos do not like Ageratum so use abundantly on your porch or patio to resist those pesky little bugs.  Ageratum is also deer resistant.

Geranium Fidelity Dark Red

Your CLASSIC red geranium.  Nothing says New England like red geraniums.  Combine with blue Lobelia, or blue Ageratum along with white Million bells for a Red, White and Blue combination planter!

Heliotrope Fragrant Delight

Its name does not do it justice.  Fragrant Delight Heliotrope smells fantastic.  It is a sweet vanilla scent and its bright purple flowers slowly turn to lavender as they mature.  Attracts butterflies!

Euphorbia Diamond Frost

This little plant is taking over the container gardening world. Awesome little plant that looks similar to Baby’s Breath. This plant has an overabundance of small white flowers. When used in containers Diamond Frost will grow in-between all you other plants and add a cloud of white. It take your container from ordinary to elegant.  Darlene makes sure everyone knows about her obsession with this amazing little performer.

Lobelia Techno Heat Electric Blue

Finally, a lobelia that can handle the heat.  This plant has extremely fine and delicate foliage that gets covered in intense cobalt blue flowers.  It has a semi trailing habit that works great in any combination.

Dahlia Hypnotica Series

Dahlinova was named because of its ability to hypnotize and intrigue.  Fantastic color range in this series, we love to watch these come into bloom in growing.

Sedum Lemon Coral

This is a new Proven Winner to us.  It seemed silly to us, an annual sedum but when we trialed this, we were blown away.  If this little guy was hardy for our area it would take over the sedum bench.  Very bright yellow foliage that is spiky.  Very drought and heat resistant little plant.  This will make any container pop!

Dichondra Silver Falls

A very vigorous trailer.  It has silvery coin shaped foliage and looks awesome trailing over the side of any container, as a ground cover or in a rock garden.  This is one tough plant!

Sweet Potato Vine

There are so many flavors!  Green leaf, bronze leaf, tricolor leaf.  This vigorous trailing plant looks great in containers and along borders.  Select the variety of Sweet Potato Vine based on how large of an area you have to work with as it can grow very large.  A little sweet potato goes a long way!

Dracaena Spike

Did you know that “that green spiky thing” is a Dracaena?  Everyone asks for this classic thriller for the middle of your container!  Can’t go wrong with this plant, very easy to grow.

Cordyline Red Star

Change it up this year, throw a new spin on the classic Dracaena spike.  This has sword shaped leaves that are red to burgundy.  Heat and drought tolerant, very easy to grow.

Tete a tete

One of the longest bloom times for bulbs. It’s a smaller version of its cousin the daffodil. Beautiful bright yellow flower to brighten up early spring. Plant me in the garden after done enjoying to enjoy for years to come.


There is nothing like walking into the greenhouse in the morning to the overwhelming fragrance from Hyacinth. The bloom doesn’t last all that long indoors but what a great way to start thinking spring in the house. Plant me in the garden after done enjoying to enjoy for years to come.


A compact cool weather plant that is super fragrant. Opal Innocence is one of the best to put your face in and take a whiff. Nemesia will peter out in the summer heat but give it a few haircuts and enjoy again in the fall.


Nothing says spring like the bright blooms of Daffodils. It is one of our favorites. The blooms last quite a while, especially in a cool location. Best part about blooming bulbs in the spring, plant them in the garden when you are done to enjoy in the future.


So many different colors. Yellow, white, red, orange. Tulips would rather be on the cooler side so it can extend the length of bloom. Again, plant in your garden for years to come. Watch out for the deer!

Grape Hyacinth

An abundance of purple/blue small flowers. Another plant that prefers to be cool to extend its bloom time. Grape Hyacinth are short but pack a lot of flowers.


Everyone loves hydrangeas. Usually ready around Easter the Hydrangeas you find in our greenhouse are a great way to enjoy large blue, white and pink mop head blooms indoors until the weather lets our hardy hydrangeas come to life outside. Protect them from any temps below 50 degrees.


So bright and cheery. Primrose, we joke, looks like romaine lettuce when there is no flowers but the bright rainbow this plant has to offer is very impressive. This plant without a doubt makes you think “SPRING”


Luck of the Irish. Oxalis is the Fancy name for clover. We even have a 4 leaf clover around St. Patty’s Day. We also grow dark leaf varieties as well. Not really know for its flower but they do have small flowers.


Persian Buttercup. This has to be one of the most amazing blooms on a plant. They do not like warm weather and do stop blooming once it does warm above 60 degrees but the sheer petal count and bright colors are worth cherishing.

Martha Washington geranium

This is considered an old time classic. One of the longest crops to grow but the reward is a cool weather geranium that has intensely colored blooms. One of those plants that you can tell what it is right away from its distinct smell.


Everyone’s favorite. We love when the pansies come up to the greenhouse. This means winter is over and spring is here. Those huge blooms looking up at you just puts a smile on your face. The best is sneaking a peak of these happy little guys back in growing. Extremely tough plant that can handle very cool nights.


Just like pansies but with smaller more abundant blooms. Violas just make you smile. They are great to stick in little nooks and crannies and small containers. Stick one on the windowsill for early spring color and a smile. Also a very tough plant that can handle cool nights.

Easter lily

Bring this as a gift to any Easter host and they will appreciate. Dark green foliage with huge white blooms and very fragrant. There is nothing that signifies Easter more than the Easter lily.

Asiatic Lily

Bright and Fun. These compact lilies add a pops of color at Easter time. Start a new tradition of giving these to your Easter host. These can be planted in the garden to come back year after year. Bonus!

Osteo Daisy

This is a tough little daisy. These guys can handle cool temps while showing off beautiful daisy flowers. Color range is mostly in the purple family but some new colors have come out recently like oranges and yellows.


Tons of tiny blooms that are super sweet and fragrant. This is a great addition to a container with pansies or violas. Can handle cool nights but their fragrance begins to be extremely pungent in the morning when things start to warm up.

Snap Dragons

My favorite is the Montego series, compact and full of bright blooms. There is the classic tall style called the Rocket series as well. We will have a mid-sized grower called the Sonic Series, we grew them last year and they were 18-24” and full of very bright flowers. Great early season plant!


The best petunias are grown cool. We grow all of our petunias in a greenhouses that we set for cool night temps. We make sure they are nice and compact with lots of branching to get the most flower power. Proven Winners Supertunia’s are our favorite! They have an amazing color range, some have a fragrance, they are self-shedding and they trail. Even though they are ok to go out early, they will give you a summer full of performance. They will benefit from a haircut here and there throughout the summer if they are getting long and thin. The other thing is it is difficult to over fertilize a petunia. Our recommendation is to use VW Slow release Fertilizer every 2-3 month and use VW water soluble every 2-3 weeks.


Small coin like leaves that become so covered in blooms you almost don’t know they are under all that color. Bacopa can go out pretty early, just protect them or bring them in on nights colder than 35 degrees. This is another plant that will go all through the summer. The only thing about Bacopa is DO NOT let it dry out. We recommend VW Container Mix when planting with Bacopa because of the water holding capabilities.

Euphorbia Diamond Frost

This little plant is taking over the container gardening world. Awesome little plant that looks similar to Baby’s Breath. This plant has an overabundance of small white flowers. When used in containers Diamond Frost will grow in-between all you other plants and add a cloud of white. It take your container from ordinary to elegant. It can take intermittent night down to 35 degrees.