This Aussie created selection arrived on US shores in 1959 and has been a backyard fruiting favorite ever since. It’s easy to see why with its great fruit size, taste and versatility. This big, deep red skinned Pear matures starting in late August and continuing into late September producing a fruit that is very sweet and juicy with a white flesh that delivers a bit of grittiness that adds to the eating experience without being bothersome. ‘Red Bartlett’ is very productive and very easy to store for later use in baking projects and is one of the ideal Pears for canning. ‘Red Bartlett’ can be pollinated by any other non-Asian Pear

One of the best Pears for the home garden, ‘Moonglow’ is so easy to grow with its disease-resistant nature. On top of that, it also is one of the best producers in the backyard orchard delivering basket upon basket of medium to large sized, dull yellow brushed pink fruit that features the least gritty white flesh of any Pear with a sweet, juicy taste that makes it ideal for fresh eating or canning. ‘Moonglow’ fruit matures from mid-August to mid-September and can be pollinated by any other non-Asian Pear. Dwarf, compact form.

Semi-dwarf. The deep skin color of this mid- to late-season pear makes it great for salads and desserts. Also keeps well in storage. Superb flavor.

Semi-dwarf. This vigorous grower is also a vigorous producer with an exceptional crop of large, russeted fruit maturing in early October. ‘Bosc’s’ tender flesh and smooth texture is perfect for fresh eating while also being well suited for canning and preserves.

Semi-dwarf. This vigorous, productive tree bears fruit at a young age which ripens well on the trees. Fruit is large, golden-yellow, with a wonderful quality. Buttery, juicy, highly flavored fruit.

An ornamental, fruit-bearing tree that graces your landscape with white flowers before settling down to the job of making fruit. White, crisp flesh with coarse texture is prized for fresh eating and in sauces and preserves. A great selection for smaller landscapes! Fruit is ideal for fresh eating or canning, ripening from mid September to mid October.

This vigorous, upright selection is one of the most dependable fruit producing Pears available and has been since the 1800’s! Early ripening, this large yellow blushed red fruit is perfect for fresh eating and canning

This self-fruiting Asian Pear flowers in early spring and loads up with small fruit that matures in late August with pale yellow, white fleshed fruit that is sweet, firm, crisp, and juicy. Great fresh and a very long keeper in storage.

You’ll wonder where this heirloom Pear has been all your life once you taste its juicy, pineapple-like flavor when it matures in August! Great taste and plenty of it with big, red blushed yellow Pears that are perfect for canning and preserves too.

Summercrisp’ is an exceeedingly cold-hardy, early season Pear introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1987. As its name suggests, it features a summer harvest generally with fruit ready to pick in mid-August. The sweet, 3-4″ long Pears are best enjoyed right off the tree with crisp flesh and medium green skin with a slight red blush or even when they becomes fully ripe as indicated when its skinl starts to yellow. If harvested before the skin yellows and stored in refrigeration, the fruits can last up to 6 weeks making it stand out among other Pears for keeping. Sweet and crisp, these Pears are excellent for summer fruit salads but is not as desireable for canning because its grit becomes more detectable when the fruit is processed. Resistant to most diseases and pests, ‘Summercrisp’ is a great selection for the edible gardener who wants to grow Pears with a minimum of pesticides. ‘Summercrisp’ does require another Pear variety to ensure proper cross-pollination and heavy fruit production.