‘Sugar Baby’ is the standard for small watermelons in the garden featuring dark green rinds and classic watermelon, red sweet flesh when cut open. ‘Sugar Baby’ produces a high yield of 12lb, approximately 8″ diameter fruit that your family will love!

Seyval Blanc’ is a great ‘back to the future’ plant…it has been around for over 80 years, a French import that has thrived in Europe and the United States, and is still one of the great backyard grapes that no one knows! This vigorous selection is extremely cold hardy and very productive yielding considerable amounts of tapering bunches of small, white Grapes in mid to late September. The best part about ‘Seyval Blanc’ is its versatility for your home edible landscape. Its fruit is exceptional for fresh eating with a pleasant sweet taste with a sharp bite at the finish making it an excellent choice for meals either in the main course or dessert. It also is one of the best backyard Grapes for wine production creating a white wine with intense flavors and aroma. Like all Grapes, ‘Seyval Blanc’ needs the support of a strong trellising system and loves well-drained soil in sunny, good airflow location for best production

Cold weather vigor is this Grape’s calling card making it one of the best to grow in more northern edible gardens. While a strong grower, ‘Foch’ does not skimp on the fruit, producing narrow, long bunches of vibrant, deep purple Grapes that mature in the early seasons, usually in early to mid-September. Even though ‘Foch’ produces fruit that is tasty for dessert use, it’s in the area of wine making that this Grape excels. The fruit produced by this hybrid of American and French Grapes yields a wine of light to medium structure that features the taste of dark beerries that is destined to become a staple at your dinner! Since ‘Foch’ is a wide ranging plant, make sure you provide a strong wooden trellis structure to support it and expose it to the great airflow it needs to be healthy and productive.

Multiple uses make this grape an all-purpose winner for your edibles garden. Easy to grow and very productive, ‘Steuben’ produces a bumper crop of long, tapered clusters of deep blue to almost black colored grapes that ripen in late September, usually a week to 10 days after ‘Concord’. This fruit is among the most attractive of all dessert type Grapes and will thrill you with the amount they can be used fresh or in jams and jellies. ‘Steuben’ will also do yeoman’s work in the field of liquid refreshment as it’s well known to produce red or white-colored dessert wines that are the perfect ending to holiday meals. The wine produced by ‘Steuben’ Grapes has become a tradition at Thanksgiving in many parts of the country with its spicy aroma and sweet, fruity taste. ‘Steuben’ is easy to grow and prefers the same sunny, well-drained soil with great airflow conditions that are popular with all other grapes and be sure to provide it with a heavy-duty trellis structure for support.

A superb red seedless selection, this introduction features sweet flavored, medium to large clusters of berries. Vigorous, relatively disease resistant, mid-season ripening.

Expect to be amazed! These cutting-edge plants are “mini-me” versions of the dark-berried grape variety most famously used making Champagne. Although a workhorse in contributing fruity aromas to wines, you’ll relish the sweet, few-seeded grapes fresh off the vine! Full grown at 18” to 24” tall. Non-GMO/GEO.

Amazing miniature clusters of grapes on a dwarf grapevine can be grown indoors or out—a small plant that’s easy to care for with continual fruiting. This variety of grape is typically used to produce champagne or wine and can be enjoyed fresh, or used as a simple garnish. Sweet, tart flavor.

Possibly the best known white, seedless grape for the home garden, ‘Niagara’ has always dependably delivered bountiful yields of sweet, juicy grapes that mature in early September. ‘Niagara’ has been widely used in wines, champagne and juices but it is mouth watering when eaten fresh and is perfect for preserving in jams and jellies, too! ‘Niagara’, like all grape vines, can get big and it could use a supporting, heavy duty trellis or pergola for best production and ease of care.

This tasty treat will seem like it’s from another planet but it can be from your own yard since this selection is so easy to grow! ‘Mars’ is one of the best Grapes to grow for the backyard gardener because it is one of the most resistant to the normal fungus problems that can plague them like black rot and mildew. Even better, this strong, vigorous grower is just as strong of a producer with hefty bunches of cylindrical, deep blue Grapes that mature in mid-September. Their sweet taste, seedless fruit, and skin that readily separates from its flesh make ‘Mars’ a real treat for fresh eating or any other kind of dessert use. Be sure to plant ‘Mars’ with a strong supporting trellis for the best health and productivity of the plant.

Large, tight clusters of crisp, juicy, sweet, yellowish green fruit. Excellent flavor and quality is high in acid. This superior grape makes excellent raisins. Vigorous, heavily productive vines. Flow er buds are hardy to -10°F to help avoid damage due to late spring freezes.