Think of all the good things that English Thyme brings to the table….its fragrant foliage, easy grow nature and multiple culinary uses and you have all the good traits of ‘Little Cutie’ except the smaller package. That’s right,’Little Cutie’ has the added bonus of being a shorter, denser spreading plant making it perfect for use in containers, smaller garden spaces or even for use as an edging plant in a formal herb garden. Along with being easy to dry, ‘Little Cutie’ will add outstanding flavor to lamb, poultry and tomatoes along with being indispensible in soups, stews and stocks.

A superb perennial herb that is one of the backbones of any herb garden. Widely used as a seasoning for most any dish. English thyme loves full sun and well-drained soil and will even tolerate poor soils. Low and spreading with lilac-purple summer flowers that bees love! Perennial.

A textural masterpiece, wooly thyme is the perfect perennial landscape groundcover with its flat growth and spreading habit. Silvery-gray, wooly foliage is just so touchable and is a perfect plant for patio and stepping stone use. Stepping on its teeny, fuzzy foliage releases a strong, pleasant thyme scent that enlivens the garden with its aroma. Wooly thyme is easy to grow, loves full sun, grows well in containers and its foliage can be used for a variety of herbal uses from potpourris to aromatherapy.

There’s a lot to love about this mounding, spreading groundcover. Its form is perfect for grouping in a mass planting, it loves to grow around and between pavers, its fine textured foliage fills the air with fragrance, and it erupts into a carpet of deep purple bloom in the late spring. Best of all, ‘Purple Carpet’ will make you look like a landscape pro without even trying since it is so easy to grow.

You’ll love this plant’s deep olive green foliage that forms a solid, flat, creeping carpet in the landscape. Perfect for well-drained soil, ‘Pink Chintz’ puts on a great salmon-pink flower show starting in late June. Heavenly scented foliage is great is rockery or in groups.

You’ll find this flat, tuft-forming gem hard to resist with its cute, smaller size, its tremendous gray-green foliage, and its soothing, soft pink early summer bloom. A great rock garden plant, ‘Elfin’ is evergreen, drought tolerant, deer resistant, and a selection you shouldn’t be without!

Prostrate growing and lush, this selection’s dark green, fine textured foliage dresses up rockery well especially when covered with its magenta-red flowers starting in late June. This plant loves well-drained soil, attracts butterflies, is deer resistant and evergreen. What a package!

Stunning, light green foliage provides a wonderful contrast with darker foliaged Thymes while forming a thick, low mat that is smothered in clouds of white flowers starting in mid to late June. This evergreen is super for well-drained soil, attracts butterflies, is great in groups or in rockery, and is deer resistant.

What a showy plant! You’ll love this plant’s great texture but you’ll marvel at its tiny deep green foliage edged in the brightest gold. Golden lemon thyme makes a great show in the garden as it mounds and spreads but its real beauty is its array of uses in cooking, teas, aromatherapy, and more! Its strong lemon scent is a breath of fresh air and it’s such an easy plant to grow. It’s perfect for full sun and loves growing in containers on a deck or in a sunny window where you’ll be tempted to cut it repeatedly just for the joy of that strong citrus aroma! Perennial.

You’ll love the look of this sweet looking herb so much you’ll be tempted not to cut it! Fight the urge to leave it uncut because this plant’s thyme scent is deliciously overpowering and its uses are many. Silver-edged is perfect, fresh or dry, and versatile for seasoning loads of different dishes including teas, aromatherapy, potpourris and more. This no-hassle plant craves full sun and forms a beautiful, spreading mound in any sunny area whether in the ground or in a container or window box. Perennial.