A signature native plant for the eastern woodland, Eastern White Pine is easy to grow and provides a multitude of landscape uses. Its long, soft needles are held in bundles of 5 and cover the plant thickly yet still give the plant a fine texture. This plant is widely used for barrier plantings, but it makes an outstanding single specimen that loves moist, well-drained soil while providing outstanding nesting area for a laundry list of native birds along with a food source from its production of cones and seed. Keep it from high salt areas and it will grow rapidly to be an appreciated, dominant evergreen in your landscape.

Finally, a seed sourced Blue Spruce that is actually dependably blue!! That’s something worth celebrating and you will once you check out this plant’s pleasing blue needles that stiffly whorl around stiff, ascending branches to create an upright, pyramidal tree that is hard not to admire. ‘Baby Blue’ can be used as a specimen or grown together to create a stunning large hedge or windbreak. ‘Baby Blue’ will thrive in full sun and well-drained soil, just remember to give this big boy some room to grow then stand back and admire the color!

Pendant branches rise at the tips giving this tall, narrow, upright evergreen a unique look. Distinctive foliage adds to its uniqueness with deep green, silver backed needles. Easy to grow. Tall, narrow form is attractive. Unique, bi-color needled foliage. Perfect for use as a single specimen or for grouping to use as a large windbreak. Deer resistant.

More narrow and compact than most Blue Spruces, this short needled beauty is perfect for using as a border planting or as spectacular blue-gray yard specimen. Easy to grow, great color and texture. Very hardy and easy to grow.  Outstanding blue needle color is riveting in the landscape. Perfect as a specimen or grouping as a border planting. Narrow form is perfect for smaller spaces.

Deer tolerant evergreen is appealing with its blue-green foliage. Sturdy branches make it resistant to winter strain, and are symmetrical to form a cone shape. Great as an accent or grouped to form a screen. Offers nesting for wildlife.

A compact, pyramidal spruce that is very slow-growing. It is widely used in the landscape because of its low maintenance, slow growth habit and rugged dependability.

Possibly the most adaptable needled evergreen in the world, Norway Spruce is not only functional but attractive. Gracefully arching branches hold pendulous, dark green foliage that hangs down from the main branches loaded with cones. These plants are very hardy and adaptive and love the sun.

Some of the sweetest looking plants seem to go undiscovered as is evidenced by this charmer. ‘Goshiki’ is a dense growing, pyramidal shaped evergreen with cut, prickly, holly-like foliage that will mesmerize you with its heavy dose of gold flecked variegation that turns cream as the leaves age. New foliage has a distinct reddish-bronze cast, adding to the attractiveness of this easy care plant that thrives in sun or part shade.

One of the neatest looking upright Junipers out there, ‘Blue Point’s’ blue-green needle-like foliage and extremely dense branching habit make its oval form sharp and clean with nary a branch out of place. Vigorous looking but slower growing, ‘Blue Point’ is perfect for specimen use or used in a group as a border planting.