Formerly called ‘Mesa Form’, this statuesque prairie dropseed comes to us from the breeding efforts at the Los Lunas Plant Materials Center in NM. Originally bred to be a wind barrier, this form has a commanding presence with its sturdy, upright habit, medium green, strap-like foliage and very showy flower spikes that appear in summer. A herbaceous alternative to expensive fencing, ‘Windbreaker’ is also a terrific native substitute for pampas grass.

Narrow fine textured blades create a tight upright habit that is slightly stiffer than the species and more compact. Silvery flowers are held above the foliage in fall and droop to the ground when fat with seeds. Flowers have a pleasant scent and the plant has a striking orange-red fall color.

This clump forming American Beauties grass is one of the signature North American native grasses and has a decidedly fine texture with very thin, deep green grass blades arching over to form a thick dense clump in the landscape. Prarie Dropseed is unique for its tremendous fall color as foliage turns golden as the weather cools with orange hues, and for its open panicled flower in shades of pink and brown that carries a striking coriander scent. Even more spectacular than this selection’s color and flowering is its attractiveness to native birds. Round, tiny seeds drop from mature flowers to the base of the plant giving this sun loving, dry soil tolerating plant its interesting name and providing a bountiful food source. Use this grass singly or in large groups to great effect in your garden and for bird watching!

If you are looking for a remnant of the American Prairie, this widespread native was once the predominant component of that environment and is still a dominant species in many areas. Even better, it is a great performer in the home landscape with a tall, narrow form that is ideal for the back of any sunny garden area. You can’t beat its wide bluish-green foliage for a cooling summer effect and for its ability to show off plants growing in front of it. Stiff, upright stems rise out of the foliage in summer to hold aloft long, feathery seed stalks that really attract a crowd of hungry birds as the seed matures. Plant in groups for a great look that lasts throughout the season and beyond, even into the winter months with bronze foliage and deep brown spent seed

Golden Sunset™ is a fabulous native grass with olive-green foliage and golden yellow flowers that attract butterflies. Indiangrass is very vigorous and works well when interplanted with assertive native perennials and other native grasses, in a more manicured landscape just remove the flower heads after flowering to reduce spread.

Indian Grass is a beautiful addition to any sunny landscape with its upright form and blue-green foliage. Flowering stems, topped with narrow, feathery panicles, rise well above the foliage clump in late summer. Excellent as an accent in gardens or as the “thrill” in mixed containers. Drought tolerant. Native to the U.S., and is virtually care-free. Provides great winter interest.

This outstanding native thrives in many landscape spots while providing food and shelter to some of our most beloved native birds. This sun lover forms clumps with loads of slender green foliage, producing a 2′ mound by mid-summer. Whether in moist or dry soils this plant looks great in groups especially when seed stalks emerge in August and produce purplish-bronze flowers that provide a stunning color contrast to the foliage followed by white, fluffy seed heads that attract a raft of birds. Want more color? Take a look at this plant’s bronze to orange fall foliage color that may be its most outstanding visual feature.

Bluish-green, upright foliage gives a sizzling display of oranges, reds, yellows and purplish-browns in the autumn. ‘Standing Ovation’ thrives in poor, dry soils and its seed heads are prized by native songbirds. It provides winter landscape interest and cover for birds and other native critters.

Cool gray-blue foliage and strong upright stems make ‘Prairie Blues’ an excellent choice for massing in sunny gardens. The stems and foliage are a songbird magnet because they are perfect for bird nesting and cover while their seeds are enjoyed by many local song birds in the fall and winter. In the fall, cool weather turns the cool blue foliage of ‘Prairie Blues’ a striking rosy-orange color that lights up the landscape, in fact, the foliage is so colorful, some even use it for dried flower arrangements! ‘Prairie Blues’ is easy to grow needing little or no maintenance to thrive and it’s an excellent choice for sunny, dry, well-drained soils since it is quite drought tolerant. Its deer resistant nature makes it even more valuable.

It typically matures to 2-4’ tall, and features upright clumps of slender, flat, linear green leaves, with each leaf having a tinge of blue at the base. Purplish-bronze flowers are followed by clusters of fluffy, silvery-white seed heads. Carousel is an ornamental grass which is good for borders, cottage gardens, wild gardens, wood margins, meadows or prairie-like settings. Group or mass. A good low-maintenance selection for sun-baked areas.