Compact mound of green foliage topped with masses of solid matte black flowers with a tiny, bright yellow eye. Provides mass color in borders and edgings, as well as in color bowls and containers.

Deep and dramatic, you’ll be mesmerized by the mystery of this must have, enchanting German Iris. A slight shimmer of purple in the frilly standards is all that stands between Blackwater being pure jet black. You’ll be the talk of the town with this unique showpiece in your landscape!

Unique bicolored tropical has both glossy black and green foliage all on the same plant. Typically grown for its foliage and can be grown as a houseplant or to brighten up a sun room as well. Superb color. Huge foliage makes this a great novelty for shade gardens or for growing in a container. Easy to grow.

Add depth and mystery to your patio or landscape with this striking, deep purple to nearly black version of one of our all-time tropical favorites. Large, glossy black heart-shaped leaves are perfect in a mixed container or nestled among flowering plants in the garden. Elephant Ears love wet conditions, and this attention-grabbing cultivar is stunning as a unique addition to the margins of a waterscape.

Nearly black, charcoal purple flowers line tall spikes that soar above the compact clump of deep blue-green foliage in spring. Smaller size; well-suited to urban landscapes because it thrives with little maintenance. Once established Dark Chocolate is a long-lived perennial that will deliver unique blooms and great form year after year.