Goldcrest’ might be the smallest Foxglove you ever grow but it might also be the most floriferous! Straight from England, this hybrid produces a dense mound of strap-like, deep green foliage by mid spring that gives rise to multiple flower stalks that tower above the foliage carrying fat buds. These buds begin to open in mid June and the plant is soon covered with spikes of sharp looking, apricot blooms with a blush of peach or red coloring. ‘Goldcrest’ is alive with color early and it seems to keep blooming forever due to its sterile flowers that ensure that the plant will be putting little energy into seed production and lots of energy into producing more bloom. In fact, ‘Goldcrest’ will keep in bloom right on into late summer, a feat that those bigger Foxgloves can’t even begin to accomplish! ‘Goldcrest’ is easy to grow in any well-drained, moist full to partial sun spot. Group it in the middle of your garden and get ready for a long, rewarding show!