One of the world’s most famous roses and with good reason! Floriferous to a fault, this Hybrid Tea produces sweet, fruity-scented coral-orange blossoms throughout the growing season that are perfect for cutting.

Hybrid tea-shaped buds in striking shades of coral and orange accented by a deep yellow base swirl open to full, fragrant, apricot blossoms. Each bloom matures to salmon-pink, adding interest with the impressive range of tropical colors. Ever-blooming clusters of buds and flowers are held on sturdy canes, making Sweet Fragrance the perfect choice for cutting. A vigorous and upright grower with exceptional disease-resistance.

(Northern Hardy) Take a trip to the tropics in your own backyard! It’s easy to do just that with a planting of Oso Easy® Mango Salsa, another in the line of outstanding landscape Roses that are incredibly easy to grow and incredibly disease resistant. Mango Salsa boasts a color that will have you reaching for a cooling tropical drink with a striking, salmon-coral hue on its small, multi-petaled flowers. The result is bunches of mango-like color backed by clean, shiny, deep green foliage on a compact, spreading plant that begs to be planting in sweeping groups in any sunny location. Even better than its exciting, summertime hue is the fact that this Rose is so easy to grow, in fact, it, along with its Oso Easy® relatives, are the most rewarding, low maintenance flowering shrubs in the summer garden. The season long color will thrill you and the compact form will do the same! Make sure you feed this plant and all Roses regularly to get the best color and vigor.

The remarkable bright coral to flamingo pink flowers pop against the glossy, dark green foliage. This continous blooming rose produces lots of showy, full blooms with a high petal count. Excellent container plant as well as a great landscape plant.

(Northern Hardy) Wow! What a bullet proof beauty! Anthony Tesselaar’s newest Flower Carpet® introduction will have you doing a double take when you first see it. The first you’ll notice is incredibly dark, shiny foliage that looks artificial. The next thing you’ll notice is an aggressive spreading form that is perfect for covering ground in mass plantings and hillside areas. Finally, you’ll marvel at the profusion of single, coral colored flowers that seem to constantly grace the plant and the incredible hardiness and disease resistance the plant boasts. Add it all together and you have a new Flower Carpet® Rose that’s worth getting excited about!

Your Easy Elegance Calypso Rose is sure to astound you with its abundance of fluffy double blooms of bewitching “elegance” that are so “easy” to care for. The floriferous blooms appear in clusters upon the glossy, green foliage. Varying shades of apricot grace the delicate petals of Calypso, which begins its bloom in early summer and continues on until frost.

Brilliant color and superb disease resistance will make this latest addition to the Knock Out® Rose family an absolute winner in your landscape. Shiny, deep green foliage serves as the backdrop for rich orange to coral flowers that bloom from spring through fall.

(Northern Hardy) Coral Drift® craves attention and it gets it with a mind-numbing display of vibrant coral-orange, semi-double blooms that keep on coming from mid May to mid fall! Whle perfect for small spaces in the ground or grouping to fill larger ones to form a low maintenance groundcover, Coral Drift® may be even more showy with its medium to dark green, clean, disease tolerant foliage and need to bloom continuously, in a mixed deck container where its blooming power and well behaved stature will garner constant nods of admiration!

Apricot Candy’ is sweet yet spicy. Soft, ruffled edged light Apricot petals contrast nicely with the soft green foliage on its long stems. The fragrance that surrounds this Hybrid Tea, however, is decadently fresh and spicy. Perfect for cut flowers in every room! Above average disease resistance and proven performance across a broad range of conditions.

A time-tested, proven performer, America™ blooms proudly throughout the growing season with masses of coral-pink flowers on new or old wood. This selection loves the heat of the summer to put on its best show, but always has a divine, spicy aroma that fills the air whenever flowers are present.