This deciduous tree is donned with smooth, oval leaves and a plethora of samaras perfect for birds to feast on. The vase-like shape of this tree will provide you with umbrella-like shade whose color will turn a rusty hue in the fall.

Deer tolerant evergreen is appealing with its blue-green foliage. Sturdy branches make it resistant to winter strain, and are symmetrical to form a cone shape. Great as an accent or grouped to form a screen. Offers nesting for wildlife.

Some of the sweetest looking plants seem to go undiscovered as is evidenced by this charmer. ‘Goshiki’ is a dense growing, pyramidal shaped evergreen with cut, prickly, holly-like foliage that will mesmerize you with its heavy dose of gold flecked variegation that turns cream as the leaves age. New foliage has a distinct reddish-bronze cast, adding to the attractiveness of this easy care plant that thrives in sun or part shade.

Everleaf Genovese is an improved, more compact version of the much-loved Genovese Basil. Bred and selected for continuous harvesting this powerhouse herb is slow to bolt and increases the harvest season up to 8 weeks more than other varieties. A dense, compact habit with short internodes lends itself to a high yield of 2-3″ glossy, cupped leaves. The robust basil flavor is perfect for classic pesto and sauces. Disease resistant, full habit and easy to grow nature makes it excellent for container gardens or a mixed herb bed. It’s easy to pick throughout the growing season just by pinching off young leaves on a regular basis. This plant does not need pampering, in fact, dry, infertile soil will produce the most flavorful leaves! Try mixing a few leaves with fresh from the garden tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil – Delish! Not only is this basil tasty it can also repel garden pests such as aphids, mites and the tomato hornworm, so interplant with other garden vegetables to help keep your garden chemical-free! 

Dense, pyramidal and slow growing, this Univ. of CT discovery is bursting with blue color on its needled foliage that tightly packs its dense branches. Brilliant gold fall foliage color before it sheds its needles for winter

If you desire intense late fall and early winter color in your landscape, ‘Berry Heavy’® is the plant for you. There are lots of other Winterberry on the market but this selection stands out more with its extra large, shining bright red berries and the incredible profuseness of their numbers on a plant with outstanding landscape form. Group these in your landscape in a place where the birds can find them and you can enjoy the show from afar. Don’t be afraid of a moist area because ‘Berry Heavy’® will adapt jusy fine.

Add dependability and some significant texture to your landscape with this easy to grow, the slow-growing evergreen that will certainly grow on you! Dense, compact and rounded, this slow grower features shiny, tiny foliage that you will just love to touch! Easy to grow. Perfect for half-day sun/half-day shade. Tiny, lustrous foliage adds loads of ‘touch me’ texture to the landscape. Perfect for grouping to form a small border planting and excellent for small landscape spaces.

Cheers to this golden-yellow vine that brightens up perennial gardens and containers with its sunny foliage! No, you wont be brewing your own beer stash with this vine, but the lovely ornamental foliage and moderate growth will be a welcome addition to your home garden.