The same deep, green foliage as the beloved ‘Green Giant’ but Junior is just that, a smaller version – great for the privacy screen that will max out at 20′ tall. The perfect plant for smaller spaces. Perfect for planting in groups to form a hedge, screen or barrier that will require less trimming to keep it in at an easy to maintain height. Easy to grow, very hardy, low maintenance. Tolerates light shade. Deer resistant.

Majestic, shiny, bright green fronds with interesting form and texture is ideal of mass plantings or as specimen patio container.Easily grown in rich, evenly moist, well-drained soil in shade or dappled sun. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, including somewhat drier conditions than many other ferns.

Dark, evergreen needles for a low growing shrub. Great for foundation plantings. Slow growing and spreads much wider than it is tall. Easy to grow and thrives in shady areas. Perfect to group to form an easily prunable evergreen hedge. Red berries will occur on female plants.

From Sedum maestro Chris Hansen comes a more compact form of the hugely popular Sedum ‘Angelina’. Angelina’s Teacup does not produce bloom allowing it to retain its nearly perfect form throughout the year especially when contrasted with ‘Angelina’ that opens up and becomes ratty once in bloom. Perfect for landscape massing and containers, this selection thrills with bronze fall foliage color, too.

This multi-stemmed Quaking Aspen is perhaps most noted for its beautiful white bark, its deep green, glossy foliage that quakes in the slightest breeze, and its golden fall color. Delicate catkins grace the emerging foliage in early spring.

Adaptable and evergreen, this native tolerates such a wide range of landscape conditions that it is a must for the American Beauties garden. While it will thrive in very moist circumstances, Christmas Fern is a godsend to dry, shady spots as its low profile, wide spreading, deep glossy green fronds will grow in these harsh conditions and still look lush. A mass planting of this fern makes a strong, beautiful landscape statement but, whether planted in groups or alone, it still provides great year round cover to numerous valuable landscape critters and constant greenery to the garden, even in winter.

‘Sea Urchin’ may be the ideal Dwarf White Pine for a small space garden because it is one of the slowest, most miniature growing selections available. Incredible deep blue-green color that will thrive in a fully sunny or partial shady area. Along with its beauty, this little wonder is tough, surviving the coldest winters and harshest winds without a problem. 

More narrow and compact than most Blue Spruces, this short needled beauty is perfect for using as a border planting or as spectacular blue-gray yard specimen. Easy to grow, great color and texture. Very hardy and easy to grow.  Outstanding blue needle color is riveting in the landscape. Perfect as a specimen or grouping as a border planting. Narrow form is perfect for smaller spaces.

Possibly the most adaptable needled evergreen in the world, Dwarf Norway Spruce is not only functional but attractive. Slow-growing globulose form is great for foundation plantings and rock gardens. These plants are very hardy and adaptive and love the sun.

Possibly the most adaptable needled evergreen in the world, Norway Spruce is not only functional but attractive. Gracefully arching branches hold pendulous, dark green foliage that hangs down from the main branches loaded with cones. These plants are very hardy and adaptive and love the sun.