A true harbinger of spring after a long winter, this dense little plant just keeps on pushing up small, purple pansy-like flowers with orange faces on stems so they stand singly above the leaves.  Perfect for spring color, this selection is a strong bloomer and will thrill you when grouped in the front of a garden.  Even better, it is a great little sparkplug for a mixed perennial container that is perfect for your spring deck or patio.

Even people who aren’t fond of tomatoes can find a soft spot for this selection that is a revelation in tomato taste. Everyone thinks they have tasted the best tomato ever, but one bite of this orange-fleshed, large cherry type will have you immediately realigning your favorites. ‘Sungold’ is so addictively sweet it will make a tomato lover absolutely obsessed with eating them all before they even enter the house, while it will soften the hard hearts of those who have never been tomato fans. It may be the only tomato you’d ever think of as a dessert with is sweet, seductive flavor! ‘Sungold’ is a strong producer and a vigorous grower. Like all cherry tomatoes, it can ramble so be sure to give it plenty of room and a secure fence so you can keep all that great taste to yourself!

Small but powerful, this plant tops off at 18″ but loads up with petite, tasty 2″ diameter golden fruit that contains 3x the beta-carotene of other tomatoes. Perfect for your health and container growing, you’ll love it for salads, salsa or sauce!

It would be hard to find a more aptly named tomato that this German heirloom that looks exactly like a monster sized, 8 to 16 ounce, strawberry except for its rich, intense orange hue! While it is a strange shape for a tomato, you’ll love its tremendous taste that is noteworthy for its richness and sweetness and perfect for fresh slicing or preserving. As a grower, it’s hard to beat this selection’s ability to perform in the garden. While the fruit matures late (80 Days after transplant), the plant is vigorous, easy to grow and, like its fruit, a little different looking with a lacy foliage that may make you think this aggressive grower is a little more delicate than it is!

Nearly perfectly globe shaped evergreen has finely textured, bright golden spring foliage. Very slow growing variety with fantastic autumn colors of deep red. This selection is a worthy choice for a rock garden, as a specimen or as an accent plant. Requires little maintenance.

The miniature 1-1.5 lb. fruit of this Butternut gives you just enough of its sweet, deep orange flesh without a bit of waste! Bred at Cornell, it is the perfect garden selection for the north with vigorous, cold tolerant vines and lots of long lasting fruit.  Butternut is the most popular winter Squash and the most versatile. It has a myriad of tasty uses from soups to pasta and everywhere in between. Squash is often mentioned in European history but they are likely referring to gourds in these writings. Squash, like Butternut, are uniquely American and were imported to Europe with the return of the first European explorers

Indian Pink is an excellent source of nectar for hummingbirds when it blooms in June. Plants form rounded mounds of glossy green foliage topped by orangeish-red, trumpet-shaped flowers tipped in yellow. When a large colony is in bloom, it is a spectacular sight.

A continuing show of brilliant daisy flowers of burnt orange with yellow tips and chocolate centers adorn this tall grower throughout the late summer and fall months. Native bees and butterflies flock to its generous nectar while the seed from spent flowers is a native bird bonanza. Easy to grow.

‘Medley Mix’ will combine two kinds of Brown-Eyed Susans, creating a stunning show of fall color. These yellow, red, and orange-colored blossoms will appear through the summer and into the fall. These plants love the sun and will attract butterflies from near and far.