Steel-blue tufted foliage is accented by hundreds of pink, fragrant flowers. Easy to grow this colorful groundcover has excellent branching and is tolerant of hot dry conditions once it becomes established. The world’s very first Sedum and Orostachys hybrid! 

This Weigela really lives up to its name! The wide leaves wing out in pairs, starting with a faint flush of pinky red in spring, and gradually acquiring more red tints by late summer. Easy to grow and easy to care for. Best used as a border.

Fascinate the senses this season by adding Stunner™ Weigela to your outdoor retreat. Vibrant pink blooms pop against sleek dark purple foliage creating a showy, elegant look. Stunner™ is compact, so you’re free to tap into your inner designer and plant it along a walkway, in a mixed bed or on the patio in a decorative container. And because it’s easy to grow, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy its power of attraction.

If you blink, you may miss one of the many flashy colors of Strobe™ Weigela. From spring through autumn, you’ll see bright pink flowers against green and bronze – then orange – then crimson red foliage. One of the features we know you’ll love about Strobe™ is its naturally tidy, mounded form, making it very easy to care for.    

Good vibes will only begin to describe your outdoor space after you bring home Afterglow™ Weigela. Each spring, beautiful cream and pink blooms cover dark foliage for a one-of-a-kind look. And because it’s low maintenance, compact and naturally tidy, you’ll have more time to sit back, kick your feet up and relax.

A great new plant to provide color throughout the growing season with beautiful, dark burgundy foliage and an abundant display of reddish pink flowers that any hummingbird will love!! Foliage color intensifies as autumn approaches!

Northern growers have long appreciated the hardiness of Fine Wine, but we’ve always wished it was better. This plant solves our dilemma; it maintains the superior hardiness but comes with darker foliage and better flowering.

Sonic Bloom® Pure Pink weigela is the newest addition to this popular collection of top-performing reblooming weigelas. Like the others, its big, bold, trumpet-like flowers appear in late spring along with conventional weigelas, but the show doesn’t stop. After a brief rest, waves of perfectly pink flowers appear up through frost. The larger Sonic Bloom® weigelas are the perfect choice for a flowering hedge or a backdrop to any landscape or garden. Easy care, long blooming, and deer resistant.

A flower powerhouse in a small, garden-friendly package! Snippet weigelas are the best thing to happen to this spring-blooming favorite in years: they rebloom abundantly and naturally grow as a dwarf, rounded mound. They fit perfectly in just about any sunny spot in your landscape to add appealing structure and months of color. Snippet Dark Pink weigela has thick, deep green foliage that perfectly sets off the vivid pink blooms. They appear in late spring along with other weigelas, but then they continue to bloom all through summer with waves of fresh flowers. No deadheading required!

A hardy dwarf selection from the Czech Republic, Snippet Lime® weigela with fresh, lime-green foliage and pure pink blooms. It also reblooms quite nicely and can be cycle-pruned to deliver a flowering crop to retailers all season long.