Blooming in June on new growth, individual flowers are borne on long showy racemes and open as a lovely shade of dark lavender before fading. A beautiful flowering vine which can easily cover an arbor or pergola, creating a cool, shady place. Producing an interesting seed pod in late summer, this vine has lovely multi-season interests and is more reliably cold hardy than other wisteria.

If you love the Wisteria bloom but hate the fact that it can be one of the most noxious, overpowering, invasive plants in the landscape, why not try this outstanding, native alternative that gives you outstanding bloom without most of the headaches. ‘Amethyst Falls’ is far less aggressive than other Wisteria, yet still produces a twining woody vine that deserves a heavy duty arbor or support. Soft, gray-green compound foliage emerges later than many plants in late April or early May followed immediately by big bud clusters that elongate and open in mid to late May revealing grape-like clusters of deep lilac to purple flowers. It’s an incredible show of bloom that you, along with any neighboring native insect and butterflies, will love. Even better, ‘Amethyst Falls’ blooms dependable at an early age while most of the Asian imports seem content just to foliate you to death! This American native is so superior to the imported variety it makes you wonder why anyone would grow any other Wisteria. This container size is exclusively offered to American Beauties program buyers!

My Monet Purple Effect brings new color, more flowers, and better adaptability, while sharing all the charm and beauty of the original My Monet® weigela. Its variegated cream and mint green foliage takes on purple (as opposed to pink) tones, and it is much better able to withstand the rigors of both cold and warmer climates. Though it is slightly larger, it can be used in much the same way: as a delightful companion to perennials, as a colorful edging, in a container, or anywhere you need a spot of clear, clean color.

Expect to be amazed! These cutting-edge plants are “mini-me” versions of the dark-berried grape variety most famously used making Champagne. Although a workhorse in contributing fruity aromas to wines, you’ll relish the sweet, few-seeded grapes fresh off the vine! Full grown at 18” to 24” tall. Non-GMO/GEO.

Amazing miniature clusters of grapes on a dwarf grapevine can be grown indoors or out—a small plant that’s easy to care for with continual fruiting. This variety of grape is typically used to produce champagne or wine and can be enjoyed fresh, or used as a simple garnish. Sweet, tart flavor.

Flip Side® is cloaked in 8-inch, fragrant, deep purple flowers that attract a nonstop parade of pollinators. It’s also a strong rebloomer. Flip Side® got its name because the greyish olive-green leaves are dusky purple on the lower surface. Great for containers and a cool plant for warmer regions.

Silver variegated, tiny reddish-green foliage forms a cute little mound that is covered with delicate violet blooms from early spring and sporadically through the rest of the year. Attractive but not invasive, it is proven quite drought tolerant once established and is happiest in full to part shade.

White or blue flowers can be found scattered among the dense deep green foliage. Don’t worry if you see some holes from caterpillars on the lush deep green leaves. Many moths and the Fritillary butterflies feed on the foliage. Grows best in moist to well-drained soils in part shade, creating a dense ground cover.

This little gem looks dainty but it hides incredible toughness behind this veneer of small size and delicate beauty. Small, round foliage emerges in early spring, purplish-green and showy forming a small, dense, spreading mound that is attractive without flowers. Combine the foliage color with the small, lavender violet flowers that begin to appear in early May and you have a colorful little package that butterflies love and that tolerates partial to full shade without missing a beat. This plant loves to be planted in groups toward the front of landscape areas or in small spaces, and even provides some fireworks when grown in a mixed container on a deck, and is an essential element to any American Beauties shade garden.

So cute! Heart-shaped foliage has a compact habit. Bright purple flowers bloom non-stop from April until the first frost of the winter! Kept moist with partial shade, this plant will not disappoint.