True Integrity is a trusty, easy to grow Floribunda shrub rose.  Its mass of salmon, full double blooms are a welcome addition to the landscape, and provide a mild fragrance.  Early blooming with repeat flowering and low maintenance.

Huge, 4″ diameter, fully petaled flowers will grace your garden from late spring through late summer on this reblooming masterpiece from David Austin. With its superb apricot color and its strong, garden filling fragrance to go along with great disease resistance, this is an outstanding choice for any garden!

The Sunblaze® collection is a variety of miniature roses whose petite nature is perfect for deck containers. ‘Salmon’ has beautiful orange colors that cluster on a short, bushy, green shrub. An easy-to-grow selection that delivers bright colors from spring through fall.

(Northern Hardy) Take a trip to the tropics in your own backyard! It’s easy to do just that with a planting of Oso Easy® Mango Salsa, another in the line of outstanding landscape Roses that are incredibly easy to grow and incredibly disease resistant. Mango Salsa boasts a color that will have you reaching for a cooling tropical drink with a striking, salmon-coral hue on its small, multi-petaled flowers. The result is bunches of mango-like color backed by clean, shiny, deep green foliage on a compact, spreading plant that begs to be planting in sweeping groups in any sunny location. Even better than its exciting, summertime hue is the fact that this Rose is so easy to grow, in fact, it, along with its Oso Easy® relatives, are the most rewarding, low maintenance flowering shrubs in the summer garden. The season long color will thrill you and the compact form will do the same! Make sure you feed this plant and all Roses regularly to get the best color and vigor.

A superb selection that possesses long, dark, glossy foliage, compact form, and peachy pink flowers. Bloom appears in mid-May and explodes into huge, globular trusses that just jump out at you!

Flowering from June through August, these stunning salmon to pink tissue-like petals surround a velvety black seed capsule beneath dark purple stamens. Reliable color for sunny borders. Excellent cut flowers.

Beauty™ is covered with bright yellow blossoms in spring and large clusters of salmon-pink berries each fall. Hypericum can be used as a specimen plant or in drifts where they can truly show off. Rust resistant, easy-to-grow and multi-season interest in the garden and floral arrangements.

Many people may ask the question, “Why grow the species of this plant when great cultivars like ‘Annabelle’ are on the market?” While ‘Annabelle’ may have superior looking flowers to the species, they are sterile flowers and their value is negligible to garden critters. This species possesses mostly fertile, but less showy flowers that are a key nectar source for native insects and butterflies. While the flowers are not as incredibly showy as ‘Annabelle’, they still are showy enough in early summer as they emerge to form 3-4″ diameter balls of small white bloom surrounded by the occasional larger sterile flower against the background of big, heavy, deep green foliage. Smooth Hydrangea is easy to grow, thrives in partial shade, is perfect for grouping together to form a mass planting along a dappled sun woodline, and provides essential cover to many backyard birds. Don’t be afraid to hack this plant back hard in the fall as it will rejuvenate itself bigger and better the following spring. 

Vibrant pink flowers with salmon tones have an airbrushed central white halo and a small dark red eye. Overlapping petals create a three-dimensional look to the flowers. The rich, dark green foliage forms a compact habit. Lots of flower buds translate to a long season of bloom, so you can enjoy these flowers for many weeks.