Sword-like evergreen leaves with a bright band of gold down the center of each leaf. Clump-form growing to a height of 2 feet. Tall spikes of creamy white flowers in summer. A colorful landscape stand-out year round.

This yucca has beautiful blue green foliage with numerous curly, white filaments for added texture. It has a neat, round habit, smaller than the straight species. The amazing flower stems reach 4-5’ in height and it’s a host plant for skippers. A tough as nails perennial for sunny, dry sites including dry slopes.

A welcome shot of color in the landscape, this tough, drought tolerant selection demands attention with strap-like, long, green foliage illuminated by creamy white striping along its edge. Forming a neat, rounded clump, ‘Bright Edge’ will send flower spikes from its center to soar above the foliage with clusters of creamy white flowers in the summer.

Yucca gets a bad rap as a landscape plant and who knows why!! Maybe because it seems common, maybe because it looks different, but this American Beauties native has a lot of landscape attributes that make it a garden must-have! Extremely tough, drought tolerant and willing to put up with the driest, sandiest soils, Yucca forms a rounded, spreading mound of long, pointed, deep green, spear-like foliage that gives rise to a towering flower stem that elevates above the greenery in early June. Big, white, bell-like flowers open along the stem for up to 3′ of its length attracting a range of colorful butterflies to sample their nectar throughout late June and July. Yucca does well in full sun and is equally at home in the perennial garden as well as the shrub border.

Bright white flowers with a peachy center contrast nicely with the deep purple, nearly black foliage creating a colorful combo for the mixed garden bed. 

The flowers on this easy to grow, very hardy deciduous shrub open pure white with a yellow throat and then change to pink, giving you multiple colors on a single plant The flowers really pop against the bright green foliage. Blooms in May and reblooms until frost while atrracting hummingbirds all the while.

The Wasabi plant consists of a rhizome with clusters of large, long-stemmed heart shaped leaves and white flowers that blossom early spring. Only true wasabi provides all of these incredible health benefits, so beware of imposters! Rhizomes are mature and ready to eat when they’re about seven or eight inches long.

A light-skinned, aromatic grape from Germany, Riesling is touted to be the world’s finest white-wine grape variety. This “honey, I shrunk the grapevine” version will fill a patio container with copious clusters of sweet white grapes. Easy to maintain both indoors and out. Perfect for the urban patio vineyard!

Cream-colored flowers, with purple striations on the lower petal. Don’t worry if you see some holes from caterpillars on the lush deep green leaves. Many moths and the Fritillary butterflies feed on the foliage. Grows best in moist to wet humusy soils in part shade, creating a dense ground cover.

Dependability is this tough groundcover’s middle name, but don’t think just because it so tolerant that it lacks anything in the beauty department! You’ll love its deep green foliage on long stems that bunch together to form a flowing thicket-like mat which provides a perfect backdrop for waves of single, pure white flowers that bloom in early May and keep appearing intermittently well into the summer. Like all Vinca, ‘Alba’ loves a shady spot and is remarkably effective at growing, spreading and holding the soil in spots where it seems as if you can’t get anything to grow. Its carefree nature and great looks make it a must for any difficult shade spot in your landscape.