Spineless and easy to grow, this selection is also easy to pick with its open growing habit making it easy to grab all the golden fruit this vigorous producer can create. Lack of spines means far less fruit scarring and longer keeping on this smooth, tasty selection that produces early and continues long into the season

Glossy heart-shaped leaves form a tight basal mound that serves as the backdrop for stems loaded with flattop clusters of tiny yellow flowers starting in early May. Perfect for grouping and naturalizing in sunny to part shade areas with magnetic butterfly appeal.

Yellowroot is a fantastic woody groundcover that easily spreads to form a 1-3’ tall dense carpet, even in shade. It thrives in average to moist, slightly acidic soil. Small purple flowers bloom in spring and later produce star-shaped fruits that are eaten by birds and other small animals. It is the perfect plant to use as transition between sun and shade, and wet to dry. But, it is perhaps best loved for its outstanding fall color that starts out clear yellow before changing to red and purple.

‘Sugar Baby’ is the standard for small watermelons in the garden featuring dark green rinds and classic watermelon, red sweet flesh when cut open. ‘Sugar Baby’ produces a high yield of 12lb, approximately 8″ diameter fruit that your family will love!

An aggressive, superbly low maintenance groundcover, this selection forms a dense mounding mat of shiny, strawberry-like foliage that comes alive with loads of sunny, bright yellow flowers from early May to mid-June. This evergreen loves tough areas and is perfect planted in groups.

Medium dwarf, medium to large, dark green leaves, predominantly shallow indentations, almost no anthocyanin, yellow, sweet grape. Perfect for small-space gardening. Grapes will hold on plant for months making them stunning and easy to grow ornamental edible.

How can such a small plant have such a huge flower output? I guess we’ll never know but don’t ponder that question too long, just sit back and enjoy a season-long show of bloom that stretches from late April right on through September! Dense, rounded plants with deep green foliage are constantly alive with creamy yellow flowers that are edged in purple and loaded with fragrance. It’s the perfect, easy care plant that begs to be planted in groups and admired!

The Penny™ series of hybrid Violas tolerates more heat without becoming leggy. Incredibly robust for better over-wintering performance. Edible flowers! Penny™ Yellow Blotch boasts huge, bright yellow blooms with central black whiskers that flower continuously from beginning to end of season. Compact, mounded, easy to care for habit that is all color and no fuss!

The new Angel™ Series is a unique cross between hardy Violas and beefy Pansies to bring you these heavenly bursts of early spring color. ‘Tiger Eye’ will delight you with its large yellow petals, contrasting black veins, small central blotch and a dense habit. These huge, tiger striped flowers come in a neat litle package but are a flowering powerhouse, blooming weeks longer than other hardy Violas. 

There is no better way to add the final touch to any salad than sprinkling some peppery tasting leaves and flowers from Nasturtium! ‘Night and Day’ is especially intriguing with its pale green foliage and it’s vibrant, single flowers that are a brilliant mix of Deep Burgundy and ivory-yellow colors. You’ll also love that ‘Night and Day’, along with its great taste, is a perfect plant for growing in the garden or in any container. Its dense, compact form makes it perfect for container growing and its easy-care nature and tolerance of dry soils make it a dream to grow.