There are so many new things I am excited for you to see the store this season!  Decorative solar lanterns, perfect for your backyard porch or patio.  Wonderful kinetic spinners that add movement to your garden; short ones, tall ones, colorful ones and some that even glow in the dark. Need a pair of boots? We have fun patterns for everyone, including my new favorite, chickens!  You can jump in all sorts of puddles!

Getting down to basics, we have every gardening item you need.  From gloves to hats to tools and everything in between.  We love the colorful Drammstore 1 hoses so much we use them in our growing and retail houses and we would be happy to help you find just the right one for your garden. And because we love our families, we have some really fun stuff for the kids too including an outdoor playground. For our loyal birders,  we are proud to carry birdseed from Sun Country Farms, a great company that developed the worlds’ most economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable birdseed in the world. They also sponsored our Electric Car charger you see right outside our store. For those who like to bring your dog along for your visit, be sure to ask one of our cashiers for a biscuit for your furry friend.  

Happy Gardening!

Elaine Blackstone, Operations Manager,, 203-488-2110 x 109