On any given day you can visit the garden center and overhear customers asking for ‘’dwarf” plants. Usually, when the term dwarf comes to mind we think of small shrubs and flowering plants. Well, surprisingly those aren’t the only dwarf plants we offer at the garden center. We have a great selection of dwarf trees!

We like to refer to them at Van Wilgen’s as “Small Space Trees”. If you are like me and have a small yard but want to plant trees there are some awesome options out there. Here is a list of my top ten favorites. Many of them I have planted in my yard and love them! I invite you to come and visit the garden center and check them out.

  1. Limelight Hydrangea Tree- Awesome white flower color from summer to fall. Van Wilgen Grown
  2. Rising Sun Red Bud-Great early spring color, first to flower. One-of-a-kind foliage color!
  3. Thundercloud Plum-Small pink flowers followed by purple leaves. Van Wilgen Grown
  4. Coral bark Japanese Maple-Winter is when it’s at its best! Coral-pink bark all winter long!
  5. Scarlet Fire Dogwood-New disease-resistant hybrid. Deepest pink flower for a kousa. Great texture to bark and excellent fall color.
  6. Little Poncho Dogwood-The name says it all. For those that want a Kousa dogwood but don’t have a lot of space! Mine at home flowers for 6 weeks plus!
  7. Rhode Island Red Japanese Maple-great upright maple but on a very small scale. Deep red foliage all season.
  8. Baby Blue Spruce-this grafted spruce has the deepest blue color and keeps it!