Let’s all be honest, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, what is the number 1 gift we tend to give? If you were thinking of flowers you are right! Cut flower arrangements can be absolutely beautiful and grandiose, however, while they are pretty, they tend to only last for 7-12 days. Many people don’t realize, but there are a ton of beautiful houseplants that last way longer than cut flowers. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day houseplants:


If you are thinking of a quintessential flowering houseplant that comes in a multitude of colors–both solid and variegated–then you’ve come to the right place! Orchids can produce multiple flower spikes on one stem and with some fertilizer and pruning, they will flower every year.

Gerbera Daisy

One might not consider daisies as an indoor plant, but these sun-loving houseplants are extremely hardy to early spring indoor conditions and thrive on the windowsill. the flowers of this plant come in a variety of warm colors like pink, orange, and red. These flowers will bloom until the harsh temperatures of the summer.

Valentine Hoya

Named for its heart-shaped leaves, this hoya is the perfect plant to represent the season of love. These hoya will continue to grow as time goes on and will produce new shoots and leaves. Eventually this plant will resemble the more traditional hoya shape and structure with longer vines that drape over the edges of the pot.

Rieger Begonia

These begonias are a beautiful winter-spring flowering plant that come in an assortment of colors like red, pink, and yellow. These plants make perfect windowsill additions and will add a touch of bright spring color to the home well after Valentine’s Day has passed.


We hope to see you picking out some Valentine’s Day favorites soon!