It’s the time of year to start talking about Christmas Trees. Although given the chilly weather we are having it’s easy to get into the spirit. Let’s give it a try! Here is a guide to help you select the perfect tree for this Christmas from Van Wilgen’s.


Fraser Fir

-Needles are short dark green with a silver underside.

-Soft to the touch.

-Very fragrant with excellent needle retention.

-Branches are strong, great for heavy ornaments.

Douglas Fir

-Needles are long light green in color

-Soft to the touch

-Very full in shape

-Extremely fragrant- it smells like oranges!

-Best needle retention

Blue Spruce

-Needles are deep blue in color

-Sharp to the touch…Kids & Pets be careful!

-Strongest branches…Perfect for heavy ornaments

-Pleasant fragrance

-Good needle retention


Turkish Fir

-A Van Wilgen Favorite!

-Needles are dark green with a silver underside.

-Needles are larger and showier than Fraser Fir.

-Soft to the touch.

-Best fragrance and needle retention.

-Sturdy branches are perfect for heavy ornaments.