Mother’s Day is just around the corner, falling on May 12th this year, and we have the best blooms to help you celebrate! Show Mom your appreciation with our exquisite selection of flowering hanging baskets, lilacs, annuals, and more. Plus, our full selection of roses including David Austins is now available! What says Mother’s Day better than roses? Keep reading below to see some of our favorite plants that are sure to WOW that special woman in your life this year.


Lilacs bloom just in time for Mother’s Day, making them an obvious choice! With amazing fragrance and bright, full clusters of flowers, lilacs check all the boxes. Check out Pocahontas, a stunning early blooming variety (pictured above) with showy flowers that look great as cut flowers! Need one for a smaller space? We have a great selection of dwarf lilac including Baby Kim, a delightfully deer and disease-resistant variety, getting only about high 24-36″ at maturity!


Browse our full selection of roses, now available! Choose from Knock Outs, Garden Roses, David Austins, and more in various colors and sizes. Surprise Mom with her favorite roses planted and ready to go in the garden.


Grab gorgeous hanging baskets through Mother’s Day on sale two for just $80! Regularly $50 each. We also have some amazing annual combo pots ready for you that make perfect, hassle-free patio plants Mom will love.


Bougainvillea: Tough as nails, fast-growing, and puts on a spectacular show of color. These vines are flowering machines that look great climbing a wall, sprawling as a groundcover on hillsides, or pruned and grown in containers.

Mandevilla: Exotic trumpet-shaped flowers occur in colors of red, pink, white, or apricot. Plants bloom continuously from summer through fall! Very fast-growing and beautiful on trellises and spilling over in hanging baskets!


Just in… stunning succulent bowls! These beauties just arrived in a couple of different sizes and are an excellent low-maintenance houseplant option to bring life into any room.


The Growing Candle: Get a gift that keeps on giving! With The Growing Candle, you’ll be giving more than just a scented candle. After you burn through the wax, you can plant the label and grow wildflowers! Choose from different designs and scents to customize this unique gift for that special plant lover in your life.

Dandelion Lights: This fun and popular take on string lights is super cute and makes an excellent decor piece for spring! Available in both solar and plug-in.

Plantable Cards: Give Mom a thoughtful card and gift all in one! Peel off the handcrafted seed paper from the front of the card, soak it in water overnight, plant it, and watch it grow into beautiful wildflowers.

Make a statement this Valentine’s Day with a unique gift! Flower arrangements are beautiful, but how long do they last? It’s time to swap out those cut flowers for a houseplant and say ‘I love you’ with stunning blooms that keep coming back, time and time again. Check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day houseplants, as well as other fun gift ideas to bring out that spring mood.


Orchids: If you are thinking of a quintessential flowering houseplant that comes in a multitude of colors–both solid and variegated–then you’ve come to the right place! Orchids can produce multiple flower spikes on one stem and with some fertilizer and pruning, they will flower every year.

Jade Hearts: This one is sure to make a statement! These Jade plants grow around a heart-shaped trellis, making them a cute gift for the holiday of love. The perfect, easy-care succulent.

Gerbera Daisy: One might not consider daisies to be an indoor plant, but these sun-loving houseplants are extremely hardy to early spring indoor conditions and thrive on the windowsill. This plant’s flowers come in various warm colors like pink, orange, and red. These flowers will bloom until the harsh temperatures of the summer.

Anthurium: These bright red, heart-shaped leaves are sure to catch your eye! They bring a unique tropical feel to your space and are a great Valentine’s Day option. They are easy to care for but do like humidity, so be sure to mist them often!

Valentine’s Day Hoya: Named for its heart-shaped leaves, this hoya is the perfect plant to represent the season of love. These hoya will continue to grow as time goes on and will produce new shoots and leaves. Eventually, this plant will resemble the traditional hoya shape and structure with longer vines draping over the pot’s edges.


Plantable Cards: Give your valentine a thoughtful card and gift all in one! Peel off the handcrafted seed paper from the front of the card, soak it in water overnight, plant it, and watch it grow into beautiful wildflowers.

Terrarium: What’s better than a homemade gift? We have an extensive selection of products to create your terrarium. Hand-pick from containers, plants, and accessories to make a terrarium that the special someone in your life will love!

We hope to see you picking out some Valentine’s Day favorites soon!

When it comes to houseplants, do you feel like you don’t have a green thumb? NO problem we say! Easy Care plants are for everyone. At Van Wilgen’s we want you to be a successful gardener. Our glasshouse hosts many indoor plants that are sturdy, durable, and low maintenance. What have you got to lose? Why not bring a little color and life into your home with one of these indoor plants.

Snake Plant


Air Plants

Areca Palm



Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Arbicola Schefflera

ZZ Plant


We know you can do it!