lphenomenalWith the recent extended period of dry weather, I thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight some of our Van Wilgen Grown, drought-tolerant perennials. While during the planting period these plants require water, one established these plants can survive on minimal supplemental water.
English Lavender -Lavender is a great drought perennial. It really prefers the driest soil possible. We carry a variety of sizes and these plants are extremely fragrant that also make a great cut flower.
Sedum – These plants are commonly known as stonecrop. They typically grow between 12-18″ tall and will bloom in late summer through early fall. These plants are excellent pollinators for bees and butterflies. We have several different varieties to choose from and their flower color range from different shades of pink. It is a great plant for any fall garden.
Sempervivum – These plants are commonly known as Hens and Chicks. They are extremely drought tolerant and look just like desert succulents. They spread over time hence giving them their name of Hens and Chicks. We carry a cool line of sempervivums that are called Chick Charms which come in an array of bright colors.
Artemisia – These plants are commonly known as wormwood. They have silvery soft foliage that forms a great mound in the garden. They will grow 6-12″ tall and 18-24″ wide. They look great when planted in a mass in a border or cottage garden.
This is a small sampling of our drought-tolerant perennials. I encourage you to come to visit our garden center to see our full line of plants and see what would be the best fit for your garden!