Are you looking to expand your perennial gardens with fresh new plants for the summer? Look no further! In the spirit of June being National Perennial Month, we’ve curated a list of our favorite perennials to give your garden beautiful color and summer interest.

Coreopsis ‘moonbeam’

Coreopsis are lacy, airy flowers that rebloom with ease in the summer heat! ‘Moonbeam’ features soft yellow blooms that are in color from late spring/early summer all the way through mid-fall! Keep them dry and hot for best results.

Geranium ‘Rozanne’

An excellent long-blooming option to get sought-after blue flowers in your garden! This stunning plant will give you color from early summer through fall. It is also a great pollinator plant while resistant to common pests and diseases.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisies are a staple in the garden. These cheery white to pale yellow flowers typically bloom during the summer, but the exact time frame depends on the variety. Great for pollinators and cut flowers!

Digitalis ‘Arctic Fox Rose’

A true perennial foxglove! ‘Arctic Fox Rose’ blooms from late spring through summer and is an excellent option for attracting hummingbirds.

Lamium ‘Purple Dragon’

Lamium is the perfect plant if you’re looking for a long-blooming, groundcover option for part to full shade. ‘Purple Dragon’ shows off its magenta-purple flowers from late spring to fall and is also bee-friendly!

Are you looking to expand your perennial gardens with fresh new plants for the summer? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of our Top 7 Summer Perennial Must-Haves to give your garden beautiful season-long color and interest.
  1. Perennial Hibiscus – Show-stopping dinner plate-sized blooms in red, pink, white, including varieties that mix each color on every flower. Create your own backyard tropical paradise!
  2. Coneflowers – This is THE classic native flower. It comes in lots of colors including in pink, neon pink, yellow, red, white, and even orange. Plus, it blooms on repeat.
  3. Lavender – This is a super fragrant choice for that sunny, sandy, summer beach scene with lots of long-lasting flowers.
  4. Coreopsis – A lacy, airy flower that reblooms with ease in the heat of summer. Keep them dry and hot for best results.
  5. Daylily – This indestructible rebloomer does best along roadsides, walkways, and sunny hot locales everywhere.
  6. False Sunflower – You can get tons of long-lasting color from this tall, narrow plant that loves to bake in the afternoon sun.
  7. Black-eyed Susan – These bright yellow flowers bridge the gap between summer vacation and football season. Bring the summer to a close and ring in autumn all in one great plant.