It’s almost fall, we are all starting to feel the nip in the air. It’s time to start thinking about making room for life inside our homes. Plant life that is! I love to try and fill our greenhouse this time of year with plants that will make your homes plantastic. Plants not only add greenery and color to your home but also enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Breathe easy-Plants purify the air in our homes. As we take in the oxygen gas the plants release which helps keep our cells and bodies alive, the plants take in the carbon dioxide our bodies release. Our plants also pull other contaminants from the air and then the root micro-organisms convert them to food for the plant. The plants help us and we help the plant.

Improve health-Did you know plants release water vapor into the air? By adding that humidity to the air studies have shown that those of us with many house plants in our homes tend to have lower risks for illness, and generally promote the healing process of those that have been sick.

Enhance concentration-This year especially I have had a few large businesses come in to buy plants for everyone’s office. They truly believe that the enhancement of concentration and boost in the mood the houseplant helps with makes for a very productive company.

As a mother, a few houseplants for your kids going off to college not only makes it feel more like home but lets them be creative with their space while they are trying to make a home away from home. I would start with something easy at first like cactus/succulents, or maybe a ZZ plant until they get used to taking care of things themselves.

Let us help you pick the right plant for the right place.

Make sure you take advantage of our website, we have lots of creative videos, and on our events page we will soon have info on our annual houseplant weekend. Always a great time with new fun workshops and videos on how to be creative to make your home and health plantastic!