We have all heard the phrase ‘April Showers bring May Flowers’ but it turns out there are few things we need to do to freshen up our gardens. April is the perfect time for spring clean-up! Start with simple raking and going for a clean slate in the garden. Prune any broken branches, and fix any uneven ground by adding Van Wilgen’s Topsoil or Compost.

Next, is the all-important new layer of mulch. Mulching is a great way to start off your garden for the season and give it a refresh. Apply a 2-3” layer of mulch to the base of your plants. Be sure to keep the mulch at least 3’’ away from the stem of any plant. Not only does it help settle in the roots, but it will provide warmth, hold in moisture, suppress weeds, encourage growth, and make your beds look beautiful all around.

We understand that everyone has their own style when it comes to mulch. Whether it’s the classic look of Black Mulch or a fragrant Cedar Mulch or something in between, Van Wilgen’s is sure to have something that’s just right for your landscape. Probably the biggest question we get is “how much mulch do I need?”, no problem, just check out our mulch page to access our mulch calculator. Just add in the dimensions of your bed and how thick you would like it and we do the work for you! Would you rather have your mulch delivered? You can order mulch online and schedule delivery right to your home.

Not quite sure what you’re are looking for or need a visual to get your creative juices flowing? Stop by the store to see a sample of our mulches.

Need a bag or two to finish up a big project? Our new Van Wilgen’s bagged mulch is a perfect match for our bulk mulches. Choose from our Cedar, New England Pine Bark, Hemlock, Black, and Dark Bark mulches.

You’d be amazed at what a fresh application can do for your landscape. Once applied, it’ll look like you have a whole new garden.

Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call. We’re here to help!