Creeping phlox is a great rock garden plant and a great ground cover. It’s a native plant that is deer-resistant and required part to full sun.

At Van Wilgen’s, we carry four colors: white, purple, pink, and blue. What I love about this plant is how easy it is to grow. Just use a topsoil peat moss compost mix when planting it.

It’s a low-maintenance plant that can cover difficult areas of your landscape that also livens up a walkway or flowerbed edge. It’s a great early season pollinator plant as the bees are first waking up – its blooming serves as a wonderful early season nectar source.

Creeping phlox is good for erosion control and you can dig it up and split it every few years. There is no need to deadhead the flowers and as they go by you’ll have a nice, green mat for the fall.

Fertilize it in the spring and fall and you’ll have beautiful creeping phlox blooming again the following year.

Fertilize in spring and fall to have a great year the following year, plant tone.