No other plant quite marks the holiday season like the poinsettia. With lots of varieties, colors, and sizes available there’s something for everyone. We’re a fan of these beauties because not only are they great for decorating, but they also make the perfect holiday gift!

To ensure your poinsettia lasts throughout the season, be sure to follow these easy tips to keep your plant happy and healthy.



First things first, don’t let poinsettias get cold on the ride home from the store. Keep trips and exposure to cold as short as possible.


Light & Temperature

Once home, these cheery plants thrive on six hours of indirect light a day. Just be sure to keep it away from doors or drafty windows which could shock the plant. Poinsettias are happiest in warmer spaces.



You’ll want to let the soil dry out a little in-between waterings. The pot itself will feel lighter and you may even notice the leaves of your plant starting to wilt when it’s time to water (similar to a peace lily). When you see this happening, give your poinsettia a thorough watering. It’ll do better with one long drink than multiple little ones.


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