Warm weather is here! We all love this time of year as fresh and colorful plant material continues to arrive in the greenhouse and nursery yard. With things changing every day, it’s always nice to know we can look forward to some familiar sights like a colorful greenhouse. For many of us this past year, getting out in the garden is what kept us positive.
Between lockdowns, uncertainty, vaccines, and everything in between, it’s been one heck of a pandemic for all of us. That’s why it’s so thrilling to see the CDC’s latest recommendations for folks who have been vaccinated. With the newest guidelines in mind, we’ve made some changes to our own COVID safety measures. If you’re planning a visit, here’s what you can expect:
As always, we have the safety of our customers and staff in mind and will continue to adjust and adapt as we learn more information. If you have any questions, concerns, or if there is anything we can do to make your visit feel safer, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!
We appreciate you all bearing with us and doing your part. Together, let’s stay grounded!
More than ever, it’s time to stay grounded.
We see you out there — counting the days on the calendar. Sitting in the sun whenever you can. Joining every garden group on social media. You even started a new Pinterest board.
You can’t wait for “all of this” to end — to be out… free… doing something real… and being anything but virtual. We know you’re ready, so we’re ready.
While this may be Spring 2021, it’s also Spring 101 for VanWilgen’s. Not only are we getting back to basics, covering the “101” of gardening all year, we’re also celebrating year 101 of our multi-generational farm and garden center. 2020 stepped on our milestone anniversary, but like you, we’re dealing with it and claiming a ‘re-do” — making the most of the year ahead.
So, together, let’s stay grounded.
Now Arriving: Van Wilgen’s branded Mulch
We’re excited to share that thanks to the popularity of our own bagged soil, we’ve developed Van Wilgen’s bagged mulch. Working with local providers and nearby packaging facilities, we were there to see our bags come off the line and we’re ready to put them in your trunk, hatchback, or truck bed. As with all Van Wilgen’s products this mulch not only has our name, it has our commitment to quality.
Ready. Set. Grow!
Based on the ringing phone, it’s going to be a busy spring in our yard… and yours. To help you get a jump on the season, we jumped in early. Our greenhouses are full, our pallets are stacked high and the team you know and love are all here — smiling under their masks. Because the supply chain can still be unpredictable, we encourage you to get supplies, pots, and materials early. Connect with us by email or social media, to be the first to know as new products arrive.
Most importantly, stay safe. Soon, we will all be sharing real smiles, hugs, and closer than six feet. Until that wonderful time arrives, stay grounded.


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