Pansies, Tiny but Tough.

After a long winter inside most of us want nothing more than to get outside and get our hands dirty and plant some gorgeous color in our homes to help us feel alive again. But what should you plant? What plant can handle the cold temperatures? Especially a temperature that at times can possibly drop under 32 degrees. Pansies are the answer to those questions.

Pansies are one tough little plant. Not only are they gorgeous and come in a vast array of colors but did you know that pansies can handle a low temperature of 28 degrees. These plants actually thrive and look their best in the cooler temperatures, so relax come visit us here at Van Wilgen’s and pick out some pansies to brighten up your home and your heart. Pansies are a great start to the gardening season. Have fun with them.

Darlene Granese, Greenhouse Manager