Poinsettia Varieties & CARE TIPS

Poinsettias are a Christmas staple and come in a diverse array of beautiful colors and sizes, many of them available here at Van Wilgen’s. With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are looking for gift ideas for family, friends, and coworkers. Poinsettias make the perfect gift for a business Christmas party, or simply for festive decoration in the office or home, or home office!

With our Poinsettia Wrapping Station up and running for this Christmas season, it is easy to create an amazingly festive gift. Simply choose one of our diverse Poinsettia colors, and our expert gift wrapper will help you choose a complementary wrap. For an extra twist, add one of our new holiday gift cards!

Poinsettia Care Tips:

  • Let the soil dry before rewatering, don’t drown your poinsettias!
  • Thrive in a warm 68 to 72 degrees – limit exposure to the cold as well as drafts. No placing next to doors or open windows.
  • Bright but not direct sunlight – 6 hours of indirect light per day. A sunny window is perfect!
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Poinsettia varieties:

Classic Red

A deep, rich, red. An instant Christmas classic!

Classic White (Cream)

A creamy, pale white. Pairs well with classic red.


Classic poinsettia in a delicate rosy pink color!

Painted Blue

Blue spray paint on classic white, adds a unique flair.


Bright red bracts with yellow and green variegated foliage.

Jingle Bells

Huge dark red bracts splashed with cream!


Marbled varieties can be a mix of pink, white, and red.


A variety with bountiful and more compact bracts! Available in bright pink, pure white, and red.

Winter Rose

An older style that is growing in popularity again! Features red, wavy petals.

Which style is your favorite? We hope to see you soon!