Posted on June 22nd, 2017

Everyone is a gardener when it comes to annuals!

Annuals plants only stick around with us for one year but oh my, what a year we can have if we take good care of them!  Annuals are rewarding, fun, and you can be as creative as you like.  Annuals are so easy that everyone can be a gardener.

Picking out your annual flowers is half the fun.  You can choose any color palette you like.  Go classic with all whites and silvers or whimsical with pinks and oranges.  Doesn’t matter.  It’s all up to you.  Some annuals are all about the flower, others are beautiful for their foliage.  Mix and match.  Plant annuals in a container or in the ground.  There are annuals for shade and full sun.  Sky’s the limit!

Annuals are easy but you do have to show them a little love.

  • Plant in a well-draining soil.  Compaction and standing water are the kiss of death for any plant.  Use a good potting soil if planting in a container.  Use a good planting mix if planting annuals in the ground.  Loosen the soil up folks and let the water flow through.
  • Water plants daily.  Yes, water is key but if the soil already feels pretty damp, you get a little break.
  • Fertilize.  Start all containers out with VW Slow Release Fertilizer.  Follow up every 2 weeks with VW Bloom Booster.  Annuals can really handle it.  Fertilize the heck out of them.  We only get to enjoy them for one year so push them hard!
  • Dead Head.  Yes, I know that some petunias claim to be self-shedding.  This is somewhat true but the reality is, they get messy looking if you don’t do a little clean up.  Don’t be afraid to finger pinch off the dead flowers.  Use snippers if the stalk is a little woodier.
  • Hair Cut.  Are your annuals getting leggy?  Give them a good haircut to restore their bounce.  You may have to be a little patient for the bloom to return but in the long run, you will have a healthier, more productive annual.
  • Hint:  If you aren’t the most faithful waterer or just live a busy life, add Soil Moist into the soil as you plant.  These little crystals will help hold the water.  If you have already planted, use the Soil Moist Spikes to help with water retention.

Yes, call yourself a gardener!  If all you do is plant one pot of annuals on your front door step, in my eyes, you are a gardener. 

Come see us at Van Wilgen’s.  We would love to help!

Thanks a bunch…Stacey


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