Bird Feeding and Housing Basics

Each year as the cooler temps roll in I stock up on a few things for our feathered friends. I know it may seem somewhat dull but I really do enjoy watching the birds visit each morning. Year after year it seems I appreciate the calm natural beauty they bring to my yard more and more.

Bird feeders can deepen our connection with birds, and also supplement natural food in the toughest months. At the garden center we get asked often….what do you feed them? Personally, I recommend a mix of suet cakes and traditional birdseed that I add to my feeders. Bugs, Nuts & Fruit Suet Cakes are a favorite in my backyard and the suet gives birds a much-needed energy & protein boost during our winter months. Wild Delight bird seed is the perfect compliment to suet cakes. Birds flock to their favorite Nut & Berry and Bugs n’ Berry flavors. Not only are you giving them much-needed nourishment but you get to enjoy watching our beautiful, winter friends, bird lovers rejoice!

When it comes to birdhouses, I always choose a spot close to the safety of evergreen cover, if possible, or at least twiggy shrubbery, but not so close that squirrels can leap across and have at it.

This year I have my eye on an adorable wooden birdhouse covered in birdseed. Once the seed is consumed your birds may nest in this durable house for seasons to come. How simple is that! However, you may be like me and enjoy something more unique too. At Van Wilgen’s we now have handcrafted birdhouses made from recycled wood and metal from weathered barns and houses in Illinois. One is more beautiful and unique than the next. They are meant for outside, however, a lot of times they can also become a work of art for your home.

Now is a great time of year to make your birds happy and healthy. If you have any questions about caring for birds in your back yard give us a call or stop in, we are always here to help.