Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix

A Mix Butterflies and Hummingbirds will Love- all Summer Long!

If you’re excited to see some butterflies at your home this year, I’m going to share one of my favorite (their favorite too) butterfly and hummingbird attracting container recipes.

1- 4″ Black n Blue Salvia, those hummers can’t get enough of it!
3- 4″ Lantana, in colors ranging from yellow to red to hot pink, butterflies get a crazy color show as well as some delicious nectar!
3- 4″ Verbena, in such bold, fun colors like Denim Blue and Twister Purple, it’s hard to say if it will attract more impressed stares or butterflies!

1-4″ Van Wilgen’s Bloom Booster fertilizer, the more blooms the more butterflies!

Plant your Black n Blue Salvia in the center of your container for your thriller, then surround it with the 3 Lantana, our colorful fillers. Finish the pot off with some Verbena spillers, water it in, and you have yourself the ultimate hummingbird butterfly attraction! To keep your visitors happy all summer, always feed your container gardens, and pick off spent flowers to encourage more to come!

For more butterfly and hummingbird container recipes, come visit us in the greenhouse! We’re full of fresh ideas for sun and shade and color!